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Research Projects

For the last several years, the IHRC has developed many digital projects to expand access to its existing archives and to preserve "born digital" sources generated by contemporary immigrants.  Our Digitizing Immigrant Letters project translates and digitizes letters exchanged by migrants and their families in Europe and North America between 1850 and 1970.  The IHRC also launched the digital archiving project Minnesota 2.0, which preserved Facebook discussions about immigrant identity and life created by young Mexican, Somali, and Hmong immigrants to Minnesota.  We followed that project with the Sheeko project, an oral history project with Somali youth in the United States and London.  The materials for both Minnesota 2.0 and Sheeko are publicly available and have been used by teachers, students, researchers, and community groups. Our most recent project is a digital storytelling project called Immigrant Stories: Digital stories by Immigrants and Refugees. Participants create short personal videos, using video, images, text, music, and audio to tell their story.