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Working Papers

The Web is changing every dimension of scholarly life, altering not only the way scholars search for information and do research but the way they make the results of their research available to each other and to wider publics.

Increasingly, the IHRC webpage itself resembles a “working paper” or informal publication. It is very much a work in progress that will almost always reward the regular visitor and reader. Is there information you’ve sought and not found? Let us know:

The IHRC sometimes fields inquiries from persons around the nation and the world who have learned about the special events we sponsor and who would like better access to those presentations. Please email who can put interested scholars into contact with participants in IHRC seminars and special events.


Global REM (Race, Ethnicity, Migration) Seminars in Fall 2009:

Alexander, J. Trent and Annemarie Steidl. "Gender and the 'Laws of Migration': A reconsideration of nineteenth-century patterns"

Gabaccia, Donna and Elizabeth Zanoni. "Gender Transitions among International Migrants, 1820-1920"

Leinonen, Johanna. "Invisible Immigrants or Eternal Tourists? Intermarried Finns and Americans in Finland"

Pilcher, Jeffrey. "The Sun Never Sets on Las MaƱanitas: The Global Migration of Ethnic Restaurants"

van Kempen, Michiel. "Shattered Heads: On the earliest Dutch West Indian migrant’s text"



Videos are also available of many of the Global REM (Race, Ethnicity, Migration) Seminars:

Abdi, Cawo. "Transnationalism & Gender Dynamics in Minnesota Context"

Aberrezak, Hakim. "Burning the Sea: Desperate Journeys Across the Mediterranean"

Browne, Donald. "Ethnic Minority Electronic Media: Wall, Bridge, Both or Neither?"

Busse, Erika. "Marinera, the Dance of Courtship: Culture, Gender and the Construction of Peruvian-ness in the U.S."

Cancian, Sonia. "Letters and the Migration Experience of Kin and Lovers in Postwar Italy and Canada"

Craddock, Susan. "Circulations of Medical Knowledge"

Fennell, Vera. "Preliminary Thoughts on Race and Foreign Policy: Sino-African Solidarity in Three Keys"

Fennelly, Kathy and Crystal Myslajek. "Measuring Government Openness to Immigration"

Gabaccia, Donna. "Foreign Relations: An International History of U.S. Immigration"

Gabaccia, Donna. "The Minnesota School of Immigration and Refugee Studies"

Garcia, Cindy. "Salsa Mexicana: Between Translocal Politics and the Global Stage"

Iacovetta, Franca. "Gatekeepers: Reshaping Immigrant Lives in Cold War Canada"

Isett, Chris and Hartmann, Doug. "Nationalism, Humanism, and Globalization in the 2008 Beijing Olympics"

Maegi, Bernard. "The First Postwar Boat People: Baltic Displaced Persons, 1945-51"

Sivert, Eileen. "Displacing Marginality: Migrant Literature in Quebec"

Tsedev, Unur. "Human Trafficking: Mongolian Perspectives"

Werry, Margaret. "Trafficking Race: Policy, Property and the Tourist State"

Wright, Michelle. "Postwar Diaspora & the Physics of Blackness"