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The Elmer L. Andersen Library gallery is free and open for public viewing 8-4:30 Monday-Friday.

As I See It: Images from the Lives of Twin Cities Youth

Running October 14, 2008-December 9, 2008, the display captures sights and sounds from the everyday experiences of young people in the Twin Cities, placing Somali culture and traditions in the context of life in urban Minnesota. The exhibit features material from "As I See It: Documentary Images by Students at Ubah Medical Academy," an Arts Midwest residency exhibition. Participants recorded their lives and community through a documentary photography project led by noted Somali photographer Abdi Roble, whose personal work currently comprises the largest body of archival material documenting Somali identity in the world. The Andersen Gallery exhibit also features youth documentary projects coordinated by the Sheridan Shooting Stars and Minnesota Historical Society.

Geel (Gourd Container) and Dhurban (Drum)

The Dhurban frequently accompanys musicians or poetry spoken. The Geel is used as a carrying container. However, when shaken the shells make it a musical intrument as well.

Prayer Rug and Qu'ran

The Qu'ran is the holy scripture of Islam and prayer, a central part of Somali life, is taken place five times a day either in a mosque, at home, school, or work.

Sheridan Neighborhood Organization

Giraffe and Zebra

Two comman animals found in Somalia.

The Lion's Share

Retold by Said Salah Ahmed and illustrated by Kelly Dupre. From the Kerlan Collection.

Children's Reading Area

Somali culture highly values poetry and spoken traditions and preserve history in print, poetry, story, and music.