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Now: "Houlton’s Legacy: The Magic of Dance"

Running December 11, 2008- February 20, 2009

This exhibit features selections from the University of Minnesota Libraries’ Performing Arts Collection. Personal notes and choreographic sketches from Loyce Houlton, photos of the company, original costumes, props, and set designs from performances such as A Dancer’s Twilight Tales, the Nutcracker Fantasy, Crisis, and Carmina Burana. This exhibit also has continuous viewing of live performances from the past to the present.

Magic of Dance


A Costume from the Nutcracker Fantasy, 1964


Various photographs from Kaleidoscope 1976:

Left: Swan Lake

Top: Puritan Pilgrims

Right: Shoeshine


Programs from the Nutcracker Fantasy, 1967-1982

production notebook

The production notebook from the Nutcracker Fantasy outlining stage setup, lighting, and props. 1969


Carmina Burana is based on 13th century poems written by scholars and vagrant monks. It involves over 25 movements.


A life-sized bike prop used in a production.