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2011 Volunteer Appreciation & Special Recognition Awards

Thank you to volunteers & partners!

The Immigration History Research Center is pleased to recognize efforts "above and beyond" that support our mission. The IHRC's Keystone Award recognizes long-term contributions and leadership that have helped define the IHRC. Certificates of Appreciation are awarded for unique contributions to the IHRC.

Congratulations to our February 2011 recipients!

2011 Awardees for recognition by IHRC
L-R: Michael Joyce, Ilze Garoza, Mustafa Jumale, Evelyn Davidheiser, Donna Gabaccia (director), Dan Kunitz and Dave Klaassen were recognized during the ceremony held February 21, 2011. Also recognized was the organization: the Estonian Archives in the U.S., Inc. (board members pictured below).
Board members of the Estonian Archives in the U.S., Inc.


Special thanks to these volunteers & partners in 2010

Michael Anuta
Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje
Molly Rojas Collins
Rita Drone
Edyta Dudek
Tessa Eagan
Ausma Giga
Anna Hobbs
Walt Jacobs
Kris Kiesling
Blanche Krbechek
Ihar Labacevich
Alexander Lushnycky
Kelly MacWilliams
Zane Mikelsone
Halyna Myroniuk
Darrel Nicholson

Baiba Olinger
Mike Rakes
Janis Robins
Jason Roy
Heather Steen
Rob Strnad
Marta Swica
Darren Terpstra
Klaas van der Sanden
Eva Widder
Andy Wilhide
CLA-OIT Tools for Discovery grant
Friends of the IHRC board members
IHRC Faculty & Student Advisory Council
Minnesota Historical Society
National Archives of Estonia

Projects & initiatives throughout 2010

Vecoli Chair Projects

Digitizing Immigrant Letters
A Heart Connects Us
Minnesota’s Immigrant Life Writings

Fesler-Lampert Chair Project

Minnesota 2.0

Collection & Administration Projects


Rudolph J. Vecoli collection
A. William Hoglund collection
George Papademetriou collection
Estonian collections, new finding aids for 110 collections
Tatiana & Grebenstchikoff collection
Vitaut Kipel collection

Print Capacity

Latvian Print
Polish Print
Ukrainian Print

Published Uncle from America (Kenneth Dexter Miller)

Redesign of IHRC Patron Services Processes

Temporary Card Catalog Conversion from Paper to Electronic