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The Pen Still Moves Freely: Robert Bly's Revolutionary Calling

Running March 4, 2009 - May 9, 2009

This wonderful exhibit is presented by the Upper Midwest Literary Archives and features the renown poet Robert Bly. Robert Bly was Minnesota's first Poet Laureat. He also was a publisher, translator, Vietnam protestor, founder of Great Mother and New Father Conferences and a Minnesota native. Take a step into the life of Robert Bly and see his many works within the displays.

Bly Intro

Bly Studio This is an example of the rustic style studio in which Robert Bly composed many of his works.
Great Mother and New Father Many of the creative works presented in Great Mother and New Father conferences are displayed along the wall.
Bly Work

In addition to producing poems, Robert Bly also produced many publications as seen here.

Bly Translation This is a collection of some the translations of other famous poets Robert Bly has worked on.
Bly Even in an early stage in his life there are examples of Mr. Bly's aspirations to publish his poetic works.
Bly Publications Robert Bly's influence travels far and wide. Here are some examples of his influences on the Men's Movement as well as several broadcastings and publications he has been a part of.
Bly's Life This display dipicts some of the moments wthin Robert Bly's life. There are some images of his college days, to days when he was in the navy, and finally artifacts later in his life.