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The Elmer L. Andersen Library gallery is free and open for public viewing 8-4:30 Monday-Friday.

The Spirits of Sherlock Holmes

July 12-October 15, 2010

The Spirits of Sherlock Holmes exhibit was created to celebrate the world-famous literary detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. By using all possible definitions of the word "spirit," visitors can discover the countless ways in which Doyle's super sleuth has influenced American culture over the years. Created entirely from the University of Minnesota Libraries' Sherlock Holmes Collection, The Spirits of Sherlock Holmes exhibit demonstrates the Elmer L. Andersen Library's dedication to preserving archival materials and educating the public on historical figures.

Spirits of Sherlock Holmes
When entering the exhibit, visitors will notice the eerie florescent lights and the narration of a Holmes mystery, suggesting that the spirit of Sherlock Holmes is still lives in the Andersen Library.
Sherlock Holmes Figurine

Detailed wooden figurines of Holmes stand along copies of the mystery stories that made him world famous.

Sherlock Holmes themed stuffed animals and dolls demonstrate his popularity amongst American boys and girls.

Holmes Dolls

Holmes' Plates

A lover of good food and drink in the stories, Holmes, and his trusty sidekick ,Watson, appear on many dishes and coffee mugs.

Doyle created numerous quality novels that inspired other authors to write about their admiration for his literary work.

Holmes's Fans and Critics

Doyle and Spiritualism

Later in his life, Doyle became a ferverent supporter of Christian Spiritualism in order to cope with the many deaths in his family. Consequently, Doyle stopped writing mysteries and began writing books advancing the ideals of Christian Spiritualism.

Finally, the exhibit ends with a clock that bears an engraving of Sherlock Holmes, signifying the timeless appeal to everyone's favorite detective.

Holmes' Clock