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40 Years after Stonewall: The Gay Movement in America

Running May 14th - July 11, 2009

This exhibit commemorates the 40th anniversary of the riots in New York, Greenwich Village which many cite launched the modern Gay rights movement. After constant harassment and police raids, patrons of the Stonewall Inn fought back. Through the materials of the Tretter Collection, the movement is explored from its beginnings from WWII to present day and detailing historic and noteworthy events that has made the movement what it has become today.

Stonewall Picture 1


Stonewall 2

These advertisments are examples of homoerotic undertones that found their way in newspapers and magazines.

Stonewall 3

Examines the first organizations dedicated to fighting for Gay rights in the U.S.

Stonewall 4

This display case holds various artifacts throughout portions of the movement.

Stonewall 5

Newspaper articles and publications detailing some of the struggles that members of the GLBT community have faced.

Stonewall 6

An ad to raise awareness about the discovery of AIDS during the Regan administration.

Stonewall 7

This panel examines the changes that the movement undertakes as the tone shifts from liberation to an equal rights.

Stonewall 8

This panel discusses the changes that are occurring around the U.S. pertaining to gay marriages.