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Tracing a Common Past:
European History between Meuse and Rhine Rivers

Running March 2, 2009 - May 4, 2009

This exhibit features wonderful information about European history between the Meuse and Rhine Rivers. It details the role of cities as centers for cult and culture with a minor focus on the city of Luxembourg. There is also additional information about the French and German languages and their influences upon various official government documents. Plus there is more to read concerning the education of girls in the early modern history and the development of religious teaching orders.


Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Various artifacts and texts on display.

Exhibit 3

Several place-name signs in German and French languages.

Exhibit 4

Depiction of Angela Merici founder of Ursulines teaching order, among her students.

Exhibit 5

Display boards detailing the education of girls.

Exhibit 6

A 1840 Painting by Eugen Neureuther dipicting Porta Nigara during that time.

Exhibit 7

Information concerning charters and official documents in which various languages had influences upon.