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Volunteer Appreciation & Special Recognition Awards

Thank you to volunteers & partners!

The Immigration History Research Center is pleased to recognize efforts "above and beyond" that support our mission. The IHRC's Keystone Award recognizes long-term contributions and leadership that have helped define the IHRC. Special Certificates of Appreciation are awarded for unique contributions to the IHRC.

Congratulations to our March 2012 recipients!

L-R: Judy Rosenblatt, Karen Varian, Tessie Bourdamis, Donna Gabaccia (director), John Andreozzi, Göran Stockenström, Eva Widder, Walt Jacobs, Hy Berman, Klaas van der Sanden, Mary Ringberg, Ted Ringberg, Erika Lee.


IHRC Keystone Award

    • Hy Berman

IHRC Career Achievement Award

    • Göran Stockenström

Special Certificate of Appreciation

    • Friends of the IHRC organization
    • Walt Jacobs
    • Erika Lee
    • Alexander Lushnycky
    • Ted and Mary Ringberg
    • Klaas van der Sanden
    • Eva Widder

Special thanks to these volunteers & partners in 2011

Kafia Ahmed
Linda Andrean
Michael Anuta
Sonia Cancian
Mohamad Dirie
Jodi Elowitz
Wladimir Fischer
Saida Hassan
Ta'Meika Jackson
Mustafa Jumale
Matjaz Klemencic
Dan Kunitz
Ihar Labacevich

Karin Lichters
Halyna Myroniuk
Dong Oh
Maia Palang
Gerli Raadik
Mike Rakes
Justin Schell
Virgil Slade
Annie Spring
Annemarie Steidl
Rob Strnad
Darren Terpstra
Peeter Valjas
Andy Wilhide

Projects & initiatives throughout 2011

Vecoli Chair Projects

Digitizing Immigrant Letters
A Heart Connects Us
Minnesota’s Immigrant Life Writings
Vienna Conference 2012

Fesler-Lampert Chair Project

Minnesota 2.0

Collection & Administration Projects

Archival Processing

Rudolph J. Vecoli collection
A. William Hoglund collection
George Papademetriou collection
Estonian collections, new finding aids for 110 collections
Tatiana & Grebenstchikoff collection
Vitaut Kipel collection
Carl Ross papers
Interpreter Releases

Print Processing

Latvian Print
Polish Print
Slavic Print
Ukrainian Print

Digitized Ukrainian Folk Ballet scrap books

Published Uncle from America by Kenneth Dexter Miller

Temporary Card Catalog Conversion from Paper to Electronic (phase 1)

Poster Session: U of M 2011 Quality Fair

Poster Session: Minnesota State Fair

Co-sponsorship of Naturalization Ceremony in March 2012


Recipients recognized in previous years

IHRC Keystone Award

In 2011
In 2009
In 2008

IHRC Career Achievement Award

In 2010
    • Halyna Myroniuk

IHRC Special Certificate of Appreciation

In 2011
In 2010
    • Vicki Albu
    • Trent Alexander
    • Anna Hobbs
    • Nahid Khan
    • Andrea Neumann
    • Andy Wilhide
In 2009
    • Michael & Elaine Anuta (photo)
    • Katherine Fennelly
    • Mari Magler
    • Bahjo Mahamud
    • Kirsten Rome (photo)
In 2008
    • Tessie Bourdamis
    • John Lambros
    • Mary Ann Novak
    • Steve Potach
    • Judy Rosenblatt
    • Richard Stachow (photo)