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Many of the items on this page directly benefit collection funds at the IHRC and are identified as such.


Note Cards

Images from the IHRC archives show children in ethnic costumes. Set of 8 different note cards. See card examples and order information on page 2.


A Sociological Survey of the Finnish Settlement of New York Mills, Minnesota and Its Adjacent Territory, Revised (by Ralph Henry Smith, compiled by Darrel G. Nicholson) $20, order form

"Smith's work provides a snapshot of the economic cultural, religion, political, recreational, and health conditions of the Finns in the Triangle. He reports on the Great Depression, Karelian Fever, the split in the cooperative movement, and Prohibition, much of his information obtained by interviews. [excerpt from review by Ivy Nevala in New World Finn, April-June 2006.] Profits from the sale of the book benefit the Timo Riippa Fund in Finnish American Studies at the IHRC.

Revised and expanded Historical Atlas of Central Europe

The U of Washington Press has issued a revised and expanded edition of the Historical Atlas of Central Europe (formerly East Central Europe) by Prof. Paul Magocsi, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and Chair in Ukrainian Studies, University of Toronto. The Friends of IHRC offers to the public the paperback version of this atlas, with new maps and 11 new chapters that focus on newly independent countries. This is an excellent resource for historians and genealogists.


The Polish Year by Zofia Kossak, $10, order form

Within this book, Kossak selected certain customs and rituals that she felt best brought out the "one-of-its-kind" Polish connection to paganism along with the liturgy of the church. Besides the customs and rituals, the author also brought forth loosely-connected reminiscences from the color and sound of the given month within the book.

The sales of this book benefit the Polish Americal Studies Fund at the IHRC.

Sampo Publishing, Inc. Closeout Inventory:

  • Finnish Americana, A Journal of Finnish American History and Culture (published yearly--selected issues available)
  • First a Finn Kid, by Eva. H. Erickson, 1994.
  • I Didn’t Know It Was Mine, by Arnold Erickson, 1996.
  • Juhani Aho’s Shavings, Ralph V. Larson, editor, 1998.
  • Memories of a Sailor, His Angel & Me, by Irja Wenstrom, Greenacres City, FL, 1995.
  • Welcome to Shadow Lake, by Martin E. Koskela, 1996.
  • VIDEOTAPE: Amerikan Poijat in Minnesota (St. Paul, MN: John Hyers Video, 1991).

(Half price on the above closeout items benefits the Michael G. Karni Scholarship for grants-in-aid of research at the IHRC. See book descriptions and order form for Sampo Publ. closeout.)


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