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Meet IHRC Fellowship Recipients

Andrew Hoyt, UNICO National Graduate Fellow in Italian American Studies, PhD candidate, History major

I have come to the IHRC archives at the University of Minnesota because of the excellent materials which are available here.  For a student of migration there are few places like the IHRC and few communities of scholars that can compare to the people I have come to know around Andersen Library.  The support given to me through the UNICO National Graduate Fellowship in Italian American Studies has allowed me to focus on my research at a stage in my career where I might be otherwise bogged down in TA assignments and other activities.  To be given such an award is to feel invested in, to feel that one’s peers and the professionals in one’s field find one’s research and ideas to be interesting, provocative, and worth further exploration.  Additionally, such support engenders further success by increasing the strength and legitimacy of my CV and by providing me with the time to work on articles for publication peer review journals, a critical step in the transition from student to professional scholar.  I hope to use the UNICO National fellowship as a building block for a long career in migration studies, a career which will always be tied to the IHRC and the wonderful people and experiences that have shaped my graduate experience at the University of Minnesota.