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Meet IHRC Fellowship Recipients

Charlotte AlbrechtCharlotte Albrecht, Francis Maria Fellow in Arab American Studies, PhD candidate, Feminist Studies major

I was first drawn to Arab American history through an interest in my own family's history -- my mother's family immigrated to Kentucky from Lebanon at the turn of the 20th century, and I always wanted to understand how the Lebanese navigated the segregated U.S. south.As this extracurricular interest turned into a serious focus for my graduate work, I feel very fortunate to have been at a university with the incredible resource of the Immigration History Research Center. I feel extremely humbled to have received the Francis Maria Fellowship. It has allowed me to travel to Lebanon and further my Arabic language studies, research at archives at the Smithsonian Institute, and participate in Middle East Area Studies and Arab American Studies conferences. Additionally, the validation of receiving a fellowship specifically for Arab American Studies cannot be understated.