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The Maurice A. Roberts Fellowship for the History of Immigration Law & Policy

The Immigration History Research Center established an endowed academic fellowship fund named in honor of Maurice A. Roberts (1910-2000), widely regarded as America's "Dean of Immigration Law." Mr. Roberts's extensive papers and library are preserved at the IHRC. Second only to the U.S. government, the IHRC is the nation's foremost research repository of historical documentatino on immigration policy and law. Included are voluminous collections of correspondence, reports, resource files, legislative digests, and more. Among these are the archival records of Immigration & Refugee Services of America (255 lin. ft.), U.S. Committee for Refugees (40 lin. ft.), Interpreter Releases (source files, 125 lin. ft.), and Immigration Briefings (source files,10 lin. ft.). Each of these major collections intersects with the work of Mr. Roberts and complements his own papers in constituting an unparalleled source of research material.

This fellowship will annually support a graduate student who has research interests in immigration policy and law. The fellowship, to be awarded to a graduate student enrolled at the University of Minnesota, will be regularly announced on a national level and will gain identity as a prominent educational award for emerging scholars.It will be identified prominently as a memorial tribute to Maurice Roberts, one with long-lasting importance for preserving his legacy in shaping the knowledge and practice of immigration law.

Your Help is Needed

Please help endow this special and lasting tribute to the "Dean of Immigration Law."The Maurice A. Roberts Fellowship for the History of Immigration Law & Policy is aided by generous matching opportunities.The University's 21st Century Fund will match interest generated by this fund.

Establishment of the fellowship requires an initial gift or pledge of at least $25,000, with an ultimate goal of $150,000 in gifts and pledges to endow the award at the appropriate annual level.

Please consider an online contribution or pledge today

Follow the University of Minnesota Foundation's link to make an online gift or pledge through the University of Minnesota Foundation's secure site. Type in the designation "IHRC: Maurice A. Roberts Fellowship (Fund 6411)" in order to have your gift directed to this particular fund.



About Maurice Roberts: During his long public service career, with the INS (1941-55), the Justice Department's Immigration Litigation Unit (1955-68), and the Board of Immigration Appeals (1968-74), Maurice A. Roberts participated in some of the most important immigration cases in U.S. history. In 1974, he became editor in chief and later editor emeritus of Interpreter Releases, the nation's premier digest of immigration law and policy now published by West Group. He was also the author of numerous articles and papers in the field of immigration law and procedure. Much of the public's understanding of immigration law has been the result of his work.

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