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Grants in Aid Awarded to Recipients

Congratulations to recipients of previous grants in aid from the IHRC/A!


  • Danielle Battisti (University of Nebraska - Omaha)  - Whom We Shall Become: Italian Americans and the Politics of Immigration Reform, 1945-1965.

  • George Paganelis (California State University, Sacramento) The Role and Contributions of Greek Americans in the history of California agriculture.

  • Maddalena Marinari (St. Bonaventure University - New York) - Without Papers: Undocumented Italian Migrants, 1880s-1970s.

  • Barry McCarron (Georgetown University) - The Global Irish and Chinese: Migration, Exclusion, and Foreign Relations Among Empires

  • Martin Nekola (Prague) - Post-WWII Cooperation of Exile Groups from Eastern Europe.

  • John Ryan (University of Northern Colorado) - Evidence for the Evolution of an Integrated Italian-American Identity in the Massachusetts Immigrant Press during the Second Half of the Twentieth Century.



  • Paivi Hoikkala (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) - Finnish Americans, socialism and the labor movement in the early 20th century: The role of women.

  • Laura Ciglioni (Universita degli Studi della Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy) - The Order Sons of Italy in America and the image of Italy in the United States in the early 1960s.

  • Maarja Merivoo-Parro (Tallinn University, Estonia) - Estonian American community of WWII displaced persons through the eyes of the Second generation.

  • Volodymyr Iushkevych (Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv, Ukraine) - Unfortunate children: The problem of national identification of Ukrainian "Displaced Children," 1945-1953.

  • Ramona Holmes (Seattle Pacific University) - Estonian Song Festivals in WWII Displaced Person Camps.


  • Denise Jenison, "In Accordance with the Finest Traditions of American Democracy": Arab Americans, Zionists, and the Debate over Palestine, 1940-1948"

  • Emily Pope-Obeda, "Deportation from the United States, 1910s-1930s"

  • Margaret J. Rencewicz, "Conflict and Schism in Catholic America, 1870-1939"

  • Gulsah Torunoglu, "The Historical Roots of Muslim Women's Social and Political Activism during the Arab Spring"

  • Michele Presutto, "Revolution Just Around the Corner: History and Debates of Italian American Radicals in the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1913"


  • Melissa Borja, "'To Follow the New Rule or Way': Hmong Refugee Resettlement and Religious Change, 1975-1990"

  • Yehonathan Brodski, "Philip Hitti and the Making of the Modern Middle East"

  • Irene Elksnis Geisler, "The Gendered Plight of Terror: Annexation and Exile in Latvia 1940-1953"

  • Volodymyr Iushkevych, "Ukrainian Displaced Person'Relief: Assistance of American Government and National Emigrant Organizations to Ukrainian DPs"

  • Maria Kaliambou, "The Book Culture of Greek-Americans"

  • John Tofik Karam, "Area Studies through Diasporic Eyes: Philip Hitti and the AUB Alumni Network in Brazil"

  • Heather Lee, "Inventing Chinese Food: Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Consumer Culture in the United States, 1882-1965"

  • Ji-Hye Shin, "Insanity on the Move: The 'Alien Insane' in Modern America, 1882-1930"


  • Ulla Aatsinki, "Finnish Roots, American Wings? Efforts to Socialize Finnish-American Children by American Schools”

  • Rachel A. Batch, (Croatian-American)

  • Joel Brady, “Religion & Austro-Hungarian Migration”

  • Dezeree Hodish, (Ukrainian-American) "Slavs and Steel: The Role of Social Organizations in the Construction of Industrial Cities"

  • Shira Klein, "The Migration of Italian Jews between 1938 and 1950"

  • Adam Krowka, "Estonian Immigration History and Language Use in the U.S."

  • Louie Milojevic, (Yugoslav-American) "You-Go, You-Stay: Yugoslav-Americans, Brotherhood and Unity in Cold War America"

  • Hanna Numilla, Finnish-American identity as expressed in ethnic press

  • Sylvia P. Onusic, “Slovenes Along the Little Conemaugh: Coal Mining to a Better Life”

  • Yannis Papadopoulos, (Greek-American) "Ethnic Elites and the Making of
    “Homeland”: The Case of Greek and Jewish Americans"

  • Carl Rahkonen, “Music Composed and/or Published by Finnish-Americans”

  • Janet Reilly, “Diasporas as Peacemakers: The Impact of Home and Host State Policies in the Liberian Diaspora's Participation in Homeland Peacebuilding”

  • Hauke Siemen, “The Baltic Emigres’ Political Activities During the Cold War”

  • Ann J. Toumi, "Historical Novel about Finnish American Women"



  • Michele De Gregorio, "From the Shipyards of Trieste to the Streets of New York: The Triestini Dockers and the Italian Roots of Antifascist Movement in the United States”

  • Jüri Estam, "Estonian World Council and Estonaian American National Council Tallinn, Estonia"

  • Stacey Fahrenthold, “Defining Ourselves, Teaching the Youth: The Arab-American Federation Movement and Diaspora Nationality, 1935-1950"

  • Aleksandra Loewenau, "Polish Catholic Priests in Dachau Concentration Camp"

  • David Palter, "A Shared Project: Race and Education in Early-Twentieth Century San Francisco"

  • Ellen Pozzi, "Immigrant Libraries"

  • William Samonides, “Greek Immigrants in Urban Northeast and Midwest”

  • Joseph T. Sciorra, “Allessando Sisca and Internationally Popular Neapolitan Music Composed in the US”

  • Kristel Tammik, “Digital Archives of Estonia”

  • Kathryn Wegner, “Constructing Citizenship: Education Immigrants, and Americanization in Chicago, 1910-1940”



  • Karl Altau, “Joint Baltic American National Committee”

  • Joao Fabio Bertonha

  • Carl Rahkonen

  • Adam Seipp



  • Halyna Sarancha

  • Kenyon Zimmer



  • Danielle Battisti

  • Ieva Zake


  • Kathleen DeHaan

  • Susan Larson, “Women’s Maintenance of Finland-Swedish Identity in North America"

  • Anne Rasmussen



  • Francois Avenas, “The Image of Italians in the Press”

  • Lucilla Briganti, “The Role of Italian Immigrants in the Third International, between the Years of 1919 and 1941”

  • Nicoletta Franchi, “The Presence of the Tuscans in the Order of the Sons of Italy in America”

  • Mary Anne Trasciatti, “A Rhetorical Analysis of the Americanization of Italian Immigrants”



  • Eeva Salonen, “Finnish American Cooking during Waves of Immigration Compared to Today”



  • Judy Chesen, " Cultural History of Food as it Affected African-American, German Immigrant and Italian Immigrant Women in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati, in the Nineteenth Century”

  • Peter D’Agostino, “Americanism Through the Prism of Ethnicity: The Rise of Ethnic Nationalism in the Italian-American Community of Chicago Between the Two World Wars”

  • Ivan Dubovickŷ, “Czech American Activity During the Two World Wars and the Struggle for Independence at the Turn of the 20th Century”

  • Fraser M. Ottanelli, “Migration and Militancy: Italian Anti-Fascist Immigrant Workers, 1919-1941”

  • Maria Parrino, “Italian-American Women’s Autobiographies”

  • Michael Topp, “Italian-American Syndicalism and Federazione Socialista Italiana, 1909-1922



  • Madeline Goodman, “Evolution of Ethnicity, Nationality, and Fascism”

  • Carole Rozzonelli, “Emigration from Piedmont to the United States”



  • Alexander, June Granatir, “Immigrants and Great Depression”

  • Boelhower, William, “Expanded Edition of Immigrant Autobiography in the United States”

  • Lynda DeLoach, “IHRC Research Collections Analysis”

  • Dietsche, Mry Lynn, “La Festa: Transmission and Change in the Religious Culture of Chicago’s Catholic Italians, 1900-1980”

  • Susanna Garroni, “Immigrants' Politics. The Case of Italians in Buffalo, New York and Barre, Vermont, at the Turn of the Century”

  • Joseph T. Hapak, “Recruiting a Polish Army in the United States, 1917-19”

  • Matjaž Klemenčič, “Slovene Immigration in the U.S.A.”

  • Susan Catherine Lews, “Ethnicity Among Descendents of Immigrants from Finland in Astoria, Oregon”

  • Donald Edward Pienkos, “Efforts of Polish Americans on Poland's Behalf-Resettlement Activities of Polonia Organizations following World War II”

  • Libuše Volbractová, "Cultural Identity, National Consciousness, Political Culture, and Homelife in a Process of Acculturation and Accommodation of Various Czech Minority Groups"


  • Mildred Beik, “Immigrants and Class Consciousness in a Twentieth-Century Company Town, Windber, PA, 1897-1940”

  • Jean-Christophe Coffin, “The Italian Immigrants and the French and American Labor Movement, 1890-1920”

  • Andrzej Kapiszewski, “Polish-Jewish Relations in the United States”

  • Adria Bernardi, “Working Toward and Oral History of Highwood, Illinois”

  • Adam Walaszek, “Polish Immigrants in Industrial America, 1880-1930: Ethos of Work, Attitude toward the Labor Movement”

  • Peter Kivisto, “Crisis in the Homeland and Ethnic Mobilization: Finnish American Responses to the ‘Help Finland’ Campaign”

  • Fred Gardaphe, “Fact in Fiction: Research in Italian American Fiction” and “The First Generation: Historical Study of Italians in Chicago and the Midwest”

  • Alaine Pakkala, “The Music of Finnish Americans, 1880-1930”

  • Peter Melnycky, “The Trauma of Immigration: The Canadian Writings of Sava Chernetsky”

  • Stanislaus Blejwas, “Politics and Culture—The Adam Mickiewicz Chair of Polish Studies at Columbia University: 1948-1954”

  • Mark Hutter, “The Study of Identity and Family Reconceptualizations through Immigrant Autobiographies”

  • Ewa Morawska, “Insecure Prosperity: Jews in Smalltown Industrial America, 1880-1940"

  • Maria Parrino, “Italian American Immigrant Autobiography”

  • Elizabeth Szabo, “Hungarian Lutherans in America”

  • M.B. Biskupski, “The Political Geography of American Polonia, 1912-1918”