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The Web is changing every dimension of scholarly life, altering not only the way scholars search for information and do research but the way they make the results of their research available to each other and to wider publics. Increasingly, too, the IHRC webpage itself resembles a “working paper” or constantly updated newsletter. It is very much a work in progress that will almost always reward the regular visitor and reader.

The IHRC sometimes fields inquiries from persons around the nation and the world who have learned about the special events we sponsor and who would like better access to those presentations. Please email who can put interested scholars into contact with participants in IHRC seminars and special events.

Uncle from America By Kenneth Dexter Miller

The IHRC is proud to have been a collaborative partner with members of the Kenneth Dexter Miller family and American Fund for Czechoslovak Relief to process a manuscript in the IHRC's Kenneth Dexter Miller Papers and publish it as Uncle from America, an account of Miller's engagement with the people of Czechoslovakia as well as Czech and Slovak Americans between 1912 and the early 1960s, with chapters describing Miller's work with the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia in 1917-1919. Edited by Daniel Necas with a foreward by Elizabeth Miller Hiteshew and Kenneth Dexter Miller Jr., an introduction by Nathaniel Davis and biographical essay by Daniel Necas. A limited number of copies were printed for distribution to selected libraries and other institutions. The manuscript link is for a downloadable PDF file. (Announcement) (Manuscript)

The Minnesota School of Immigration and Refugee Studies
Article By Donna R. Gabaccia. 90 years of immigration studies at the University of Minnesota


Italian Voices: Making Minnesota Our Home By Mary Ellen Mancina-Batinich.

The IHRC is proud to have been a collaborative partner with Alex and Mary Batinich to process the manuscripts of Mary Ellen Mancina-Batinich, a high-school teacher and principal in Chicago. Active in Italian American organizations and a tireless oral historian, she captures the stories of Minnesota’s Italian Americans in this rich compendium of everyday life from communications across the state between 1900 and 1960: Miners, factory workers, boardinghouse keepers, labor radicals, homemakers, amateur actors, and their sons and daughters. Edited by Florence Mae Waldron and with a foreward by Rudolph J. Vecoli, Italian Voices is available from the Minnesota Historical Society Press.


SOLD OUT : Immigrant Heritage Recipe Collection

A “deliciously tasteful” cookbook that brings together 130+ diverse recipes from the IHRC’s ethnic collections AND the center’s friends. Compiled and edited by Mary Ann Novak, Cindy Herring, Judy Rosenblatt. Preface by Donna Gabaccia. Limited edition, spiral bound.


University of Illinois Press Book Series: Studies on World Migrations, edited by Former IHRC Director Donna Gabaccia and MSU Professor of History Leslie Page Moch

The purpose of the book series is to publish and to call attention to the best and most innovative studies of human mobility and migration, whether written by historians, social scientists or humanists and regardless of chronological or geographical focus. The series seeks to encourage a more global, interdisciplinary and integrated understanding of how human mobility helped knit together the many regions of the world over time. At the same time we recognize that excellent national and local studies will continue to provide important building blocks for the construction of comparative and even global perspectives on how these interconnections change over the centuries.

The series seeks to bring national studies into dialogue, to encourage world and global histories of migration, to place national studies of emigration and immigration in comparative perspective, and to provide a foundation for theoretical work on mobility. The series welcomes case studies, comparative work, and essay collections. The editors welcome inquiries and requests for information about the submission of proposals and manuscripts. Please contact

Donna R. Gabaccia
Department of History
1116 Heller Hall, 271 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

Leslie Page Moch
Department of History
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI 48824 USA

EDITORIAL BOARD: Rachel Buff, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; David Eltis, Emory University; Nancy Foner, Hunter College/CUNY Graduate School; Steve Gold, Michigan State University; Dirk Hoerder, Arizona State University; Franca Iacovetta, University of Toronto; Akram Fouad Khater, North Carolina State University; Leo Lucassen, University of Leiden; José Moya, Barnard College; Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh; Patricia Pessar, Yale University; Sucheta Mazumdar, Duke University; Joe William Trotter, Carnegie Mellon University.



Leo Lucassen, The Immigrant Threat: The Integration of Old and New Migrants in Western Europe since 1850 (2005).

Nancy Green and Francois Weil, Citizenship and Those Who Leave: The Politics of Emigration and Expatriation (2007).

Val Colic-Peisker, Migration, Class and Transnational Identities: Croatians in Australia and America (2008).

Mary H. Blewett, The Yankee Yorkshireman: Migration Lived and Imagined (2009).