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Digitizing Immigrant Letters

Context for letter of July 22, 1913:

This is possibly the first letter the writer wrote, in 1913, to his older brother, Alexander A. Granovsky, who left Berezhtsi , Ukraine in 1913 for America . We learn that the writer received notification of money from Granovsky despite some problems with the receivers name misspelled. The writer describes his anxiety over not receiving any letters from America and his apology for not writing because of problems at home; aside from herding farm animals and sisters taken ill, then the mother, and the brother needing to do all the work, but in the end everything was fine, except for heavy rains. He continues to inform his brother about visitation of friends and sisters. In this letter we learn about the villagers leaving for America for economic motives. The 19 th century wave of immigration continued during the Austro-Hungarian rule until the outbreak of World War I. The writer describes in detail those boys and girls who are leaving their village for America and soon no one would be left. He asks his brother to send greetings to their boys in America and also sends his greetings and states everyone is alive and well.

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