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Digitizing Immigrant Letters

Context for letter of May 25, 1914

In this letter the writer is concerned about having offended his brother by not writing. His time was occupied even during Holidays. He talks about how hard life is but God won't abandon them. It appears that the writer misunderstood the reason his brother took out an insurance policy and is concerned that his brother is thinking of dying and tries to convince him not to. He writes about how well he and his sisters get along, even the neighbors are jealous. At his brother's request the writer describes in detail the death of their mother; who was present and purchase of burial plot. He then writes about the purchase of plots of land and planting, a wedding, his sister's leaving and him being left all alone. A division of land will occur (the gathering of small plots into a large mass) and the writer sees this as a terrible thing. He writes about a relative's death and funeral. He ends the letter asking forgiveness for such sloppy writing because his hands are shaking and tells his brother to be healthy, write quickly, and send a photograph.

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