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Digitizing Immigrant Letters

Context for letter of Nov. 25, 1915

World War I resulted in many refugees and cut off correspondence between relatives. This letter is very interesting as a few parts of it have been censored. The writer displays anxiety over not knowing what catastrophe has occurred with his brother in America ; that neither of them know what has happened to them. The effects of the war are in the letter and the brother has no idea as to what happened to their farmstead and all the refugees. Although there was an effort to aid the refugees by the Tatianovsky Committee, it resulted in more tragedies. The writer is inquiring about the situation in America , reaction to the war, is reconciliation near, wages, prices on goods, and asks his brother to give them news if he's still among the living. The writer further describes their dire situation and the disposition of their family; he's still looking for employment since they left home August 25 th and had to leave everything behind.

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