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Digitizing Immigrant Letters

Context for letter of March 1, 1931

Many immigrants sent money and clothing to their relatives. The writer is very grateful for the monetary and material support he's received and especially the kindness extended to him and his family from his brother and especially his Granovsky's wife [who is an American]. The writer expresses hope to see his brother while they're still alive, God willing. He also is grateful to his brother for his advice on how to improve his farmstead so that it would bring him income and not a loss. We learn that there is a farm crises which despite his good intentions and advice from his brother, has put him into debt and that he desperately needs to get out of debt in order to improve his farmstead. We learn that his situation might improve as there is land for sale from an estate. We also learn in detail what kind of domestic and farm animals he has and his hopes to pay up his debts.

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