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Digitizing Immigrant Letters

Context for letter of Jan. 12, 1939

This letter is both one of great joy and sadness. In it the writer gives his reasons for not writing and describes how, after a long break in their correspondence, he discovers that his brother was alive after having received a newspaper, Novyi Chas (New Times), and reading an article about a Canadian journalist's interview with his brother in New York . The letter contains lengthy information about the writer's family, how his health has declined, and the accident befallen him preventing him from doing any work. The writer includes a photograph of his children. The letter continues with detailed description of the poor condition of their farmstead, their bare subsistence in farming, how much land there is and the upcoming komatasia (combining of small farmlands into one big mass). This appears to be the last letter Granovsky receives from his brother Serhii in 1939. World War II has severed their connections and their correspondence will resume only in 1962.

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