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Letters selected from the Alessandro Sisca Papers

Alessandro Sisca (pseudonym, Riccardo Cordiferro) was a journalist, playwright, poet and radical anarchist. Born on 27 October 1875 in San Pietro in Guarano (Cosenza), he immigrated to the United States in 1892; there he co-founded the literary journal La Follia , among other journals, together with his father. Following the death of his wife and their two children in 1898, Sisca married Lucia Fazio in October 1899. This selection of seven letters, dating from 1898-1900, culled from a very large collection of letters, personal and business-related documents available at the IHRC Archives, describes a constellation of issues related to the personal relationship of Sisca and Fazio while living apart in the United States. Written in Italian by Fazio and Sisca, these letters discuss family and housing issues as well as their turbulent relationship. In one letter, for instance, Fazio writes, “Since Wednesday, I have written to you every night. Last night I also wrote to you and I mailed the letter this morning, and today I'm writing to you again, I think you haven't received my letters, isn't that true? And you, when did you ever write to me so few lines, why this neglect? You want to reproach me, and you're wrong; I've been on pins and needles because I have had no news from you, and on top of that you mortify me too.” [18 February 1899] These are among the most dramatic expressions of emotions in late nineteenth century letters that we have discovered at the IHRC.
Alessandro Sisca



Lucia Fazio -- Letter to Alessandro Sisca, 1898/12/11
Lucia Fazio -- Letter to Alessandro Sisca, 1899/02/18
Lucia Fazio -- Letter to Alessandro Sisca, 1899/03/07
Lucia Fazio -- Letter to Alessandro Sisca, 1899/06/22
Lucia Fazio (Cordiferro) -- Letter to Alessandro Sisca (Riccardo Cordiferro), 1900/06/22
Lucia Fazio -- Letter to Alessandro Sisca, 1900/10/06
Lucia Fazio -- letter to Alessandro Sisca (Riccardo Cordiferro), 1900/10/08
Alessandro Sisca (Riccardo Cordiferro) -- letter to Lucia Fazia, 1900/10/18

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