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Digitizing Immigrant Letters

Letters from the Mike Vukasinovich Papers

The Vukasinovich collection contains 4 letters written to (or dictated for) Mike Vukašinovic by his mother in Plavnice, a village near Bjelovar in north-west Croatia. There is also a bankbook, a check made for 4.75 U.S. dollars for Milko Vukasinovich dated in 1920 and a coroner's report. Mike apparently died in a St. Paul hospital at 54, from coronary pneumonia, in 1935. The letters are written in plain Croatian dialect and convey a strong message to come home and to care (and work) for the mother who repeatedly points to her bad health, as she inquires about his plans to return. It also informs about exceptional occurrences in the village and family news, mostly inauspicious (of a murder, of an ongoing dispute in court), and ongoing economic crisis. Obviously Mike had some legal trouble back home and there were problems with neighbors in the village. The letters reveal some of the actual issues and challenges of migrants and their peasant relatives of the time and the hardships during economic crisis. The text contains rhetoric about morality, family and ›home soil‹, but also strategies to influence far away kin.

Mike Vukasinovich - letter from his mother, December 1, 19?? (No. 1)
Mike Vukasinovich - letter from his mother, no date (No. 2)
Mike Vukasinovich - letter from his mother, date illegible (No. 3)
Mike Vukasinovich - letter from his mother, no date (No. 4)



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