RSC-Articles (Brief)

  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Abarbanel, Stephanie.                                           1990      Women Who Make a Difference:  Reaching Out to Refugees.

  Abbay, Krisna.                                                    1992      Leadership and Management: A Comparative Study of MAAs.

  Abbot, Joan.                                                       1993      Ger Her: Hmong Wedding Singer.

  Abhay, Thao Nhouy.                                             1959      Courts of Love and Poetry.

  Abhay, Thao Nhouy.                                             1959      Marriage Rites.

  Abrams, Arnold.                                                  1971      Lao's Meo Tribesmen: A Nation of Refugees.

  Abrams, Arnold.                                                  1970      The Eye of the Storm: With the Meo Tribesmen in Thailand.

  Abramson, David M.                                              1984      The Hmong: A Mountain Tribe Regroups in the Valley.

  Abramson, Shareen, and Gordon Lindberg.                  1985      Achievement of Southeast Asian Students and its Relation to School Resource Program.

  Abramson, Shareen, and Gordon Lindberg.                  1982      Report on the Educational Progress of Hmong Students in Fresno Unified School District Elementary


  Ackerberg, Peter and Christine Hudgins.                      n.d.        KillingsAgain Raise Issue of When to Release Violence-Prone Patients.

  Ackerberg, Peter.                                                 1979      Laos Nomads Find Cities New Jungle.

  Adams, Jim.                                                        1981      Refugee's Hope: Minnesota Concern.

  Adams, Monni.                                                    1974      Dress and Design in Highland Southeast Asia:  The Hmong (Miao) and the Yao.

  Ades, Marie, Vinh The Do, Kham One Keopraseith,          1984      The Indochinese in America: Guidelines for Counseling.

  RathBen,  and Anh Bui.

  Adler, Patricia M.                                                  1985      Ethnic Placement of Refugee/Entrant Unaccompanied Minors.

  Adler, Shelley R.                                                  1991      Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome Among Hmong Immigrants: Examining the Role of the


  Aeppel, Thomas.                                                  1987      Cranking Bureaucratic Wheels to Reunite a Refugee Family:  Documents are a Crucial Link in


  Agence France-Presse.                                         1982      Lao Rightists Act to Emulate Sihanouk.

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Aging.                                                              1981      A Profile of the Pacific/Asian Elderly.

  Aging.                                                              1989      Old Pines in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.

  Aging.                                                              1989      Utah Increases Access to Services forthe Asian Elderly.

  Agnew, R. Gordon.                                               1939      The Music of the Ch'uan Miao.

  Ahern, Don.                                                        1986      Durenburger Seeks Restriction on Southeast Asian Refugees.

  Ahlberg, Brian.                                                    1984      Lack of English Skills Remains Major Obstacle for Hmong.

  Ahoy, C. and M. Jung                                            1985      Community Health Nurses Working with Refugee Populations.

  Ahrens, Diane.                                                    1982      St. Paul Hmong:  New Struggles in a New Country.

  AIDS Prevention and Risk Reduction Unit.                     1989      School District AIDS Policy Development: Federal and State Guidelines.

  Airriess, Christopher A. and David L. Clawson.              1991      Versailles: A Vietnamese Enclave in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  Airriess, Christopher A., and David L. Clawson.             1992      A Vietnamese Enclave in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  Alder, Jerry, et al.                                                 1980      The New Immigrants.

  Allen, James P., and Eugene J. Turner.                        1988      Where toFind the New Immigrants.

  Alley, James Curtis.                                              1982      Life Threatening IndicatorsAmong the Indochinese Refugees.

  Alliance Khmere.                                                  1993      Cambodge Politique.

  Alter, Joel.                                                         1982      An Analysis of the MinneapolisPublic Schools Limited-English Proficiency Program for Hmong Students.

  Amerasian Project.                                               1985      Selected Bibliography on Indochinese Refugees: Children and Adolescents.

  Amerasian Resettlement Program.                             1990      Amerasian Resettlement: Enhancing the Homecoming.

  American Academy of Child Psychiatry.                      1976      Questionnaire to Child Psychiatrists on Treatment of Vietnamese Orphans:  What We Need to Know.

  American Banker.                                                 1984      Twin Cities Credit Union for Hmong May Be Their Solution for Finding Loans: Helps Overcome Language

                                                                                     Problems for Members of Indochinese Tribe.

  American Friends Service Committee.                         1984      House of theSpirit.

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Amiot, Joseph.                                                    1778      Lettre du P. Amoit Missionaire de la Chine sur la reduction des Miao-tsu en 1775.

  Amnesty International, U.S.A.                                   1990      Burma (Myanmar): Prisoners of Conscience in Myanmar.

  Andersen, Karen.                                                 l983       Great Branches--New Roots: Explores Hmong Family Life.

  Anderson, Carolyn J.                                             1986      A Collection of Hmong Games.

  Anderson, D. Michael.                                            n.d.        Southeast Asian Refugee Family Stress, Coping and Adaptation.

  Anderson, Dave.                                                  1984      Hmong Get Advice On Opium Shipments.

  Anderson, Myrdene.                                             1983      Vietnamesernes Syn Pa SundhedOg Sygdom (Vietnamese views of health and illness).

  Andrianoff, David I.                                               1976      Hmong Retribalization.

  Anjard, Ronald P. Sr.                                             1989      A New Collectible Art Form:  The Pau Dau.

  Anthony, Michael.                                                 1982      Indochinese Bands Present Evening of 'Refugee Rock'.

  Archambault, Charles.                                           1977      New Year Ceremony in Laos.

  Armbruster, Shirley.                                              1984      The Hmong: A Struggle in the Sun.

  Aronson, Louise.                                                 1986      Cambodian Refugees and AmericanHealth Care.

  Aronson, Louise.                                                 1987      Health Care for Cambodian Refugees: The Role of Refugee Intermediaries.

  Aronson, Louise.                                                 n.d.        Health Care for Cambodian Refugees:  The Role of Intermediaries.

  Arpin, Jacques A.                                                1987      Ethnopsychiatrie:  Les Gardiens de la Culture--Des Effets de la Migration Geographiquesur le Troisieme

                                                                                    Age (Ethnopsychiatry:  The Guardians of Culture--Effects of Geographic Migration in Late Adulthood).

  Ascher, Carol, and Darryl Alladice, compilers.               1982      Refugees in the United States: A Bibliography of ERICDocuments.

  Ascher, Carol.                                                     1982      Counseling in a Multicultural Educational Setting.

  Ascher, Carol.                                                     1987      Trends and Issues in Urban and Minority Education, 1987.

  Ascher, Carol.                                                     1985      The Social and PsychologicalAdjustment of Southeast Asian Refugees.

  Ashenbrenner, David.                                            1992      Neighbors from Southeast Asia: Butchering, the Hmong Way.

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Asia Resource Center.                                           1992      Publications from Vietnam.

  Asia Watch.                                                       1990      Violations of the Rules of War by the Khmer Rouge.

  Asia Watch.                                                       1993      The Case of Doan Viet Hoat and Freedom Forum: Detention for Dissent in Vietnam.

  Asia Watch.                                                       1990      Human Rights in Cambodia: Testimony of Kenneth Roth, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch

                                                                                    Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

  Asian American Press                                           1993      Wisconsin Plans to Give Hmong Job Service Funding to Other Groups.

  Asian American Press.                                          1991      Law Enforcement Expert Challenges Minnesota Daily Decision to Print White Student Union Hate Speech.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      WHO Urges Will to Fight AIDS in Western Pacific.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Landlords and Hmong Leaders Tackle Housing Discrimination.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      National Rights Group for Asian Americans Opens.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Williams Criticizes Arlo James for Gang Comments.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Lao PTA Burglarized.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Former U.S. Congressmen Visit Jailed Burmese Dissidents.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      America's Unions Condemn Immigrant Bashing.

  Asian American Press.                                          1991      Asian Woman Assumes Mantleof 1991 Nobel Peace Prize.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Understanding Key to Helping Hmong.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      China Plans Ways to Counter Dalai Lama Influence.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      U.S. Senator to Look into Problems of Buddhists in Vietnam.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      U.S. Human Rights Envoy Visits Tibetan Prison.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Tibet Buddhist Master, Osel Rangdrol Mukpo to Visit Minneapolis Meditation Center.

  Asian American Press.                                          1991      Changes Planned for Milwaukee Police After Discrimination Found.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Tibetans Oppose Beijing's Bid to Hold 2000 Olympics.

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Clinton Urged to Raise Tibet Issue at Seattle.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Clinton Pays Tribute to Vietnamese Girl Who Reunited Her Family.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      State Orders Hmong Association to Hold New Elections for Board.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Immigrants Are Not the Cause of Our Nation's Problems.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Despite Mines and Fighting, Cambodians Returning Home.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Amnesty International Urges Release of Burmese Political Prisoners.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Report: Tibetans Arrested in Qinghai Province.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Asians Projected to RemainNation's Fastest-Growing Group.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Japan, Thais Will Help Rebuild Burma.

  Asian American Press.                                          1993      Whites Seek to Remove School Board Members Who Approved Asian American Housing.

  Asian Business & Community News.                          1992      Human Rights Activist Renews Call to 'Wake Up' to Hong Kong Abuses.

  Asian Business & Community News.                          1992      US Leaders Against Forced Repatriation.

  Asian Business and Community News.                       1986      Folktale Anthology to Preserve Homeland Traditions.

  Asian Business and Community News.                       1991      Racism and the Law: The Challenge of Protecting Civil Rights.

  Asian Business and Community News.                       1991      White Supremacist Activity Upsets Many U of MN Asian Students.

  Asian Business and Community News.                       1991      The Real Costof Civil Rights Violations.

  Asian Business and Community News.                       1992      World Conference of Free Vietnamese Appeals to World on Vietnam.

  Asian Business and Community News.                       1991      InvestigatorsSay Hate Crimes Can, Must Be Stopped.

  Asian Counseling and Referral Service.                       1986      Developing Culturally Relevant Services for the Minority Elderly.

  Asian Pacific Family Outreach.                                 [1979]     Niaj Txhis Piv Txoj Lus (Hmong Proverbs).

  Asian Pacific Resource Center.                                1986      Asian Names and Bibliography of Asian Pacific Communities Newsletters.

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Asian Pages.                                                      1993      MPR to Broadcast Documentary Examining the Lives of Tibetan Exiles in Minnesota.

  Asian Record.                                                     1982      Laos Rightists Act to Emulate Sihanouk.

  Asian Student.                                                    1965      The Meos of Laos.

  Asiaweek.                                                         1979      Laos: Under the Gun.

  Asiaweek.                                                         1978      The Agony of the Hmong.

  Associated Press.                                                1986      Hmong Refugees Taught to Repair, Restore Stained Glass.

  Associated Press.                                                1986      Durenburger Letter Draws Criticism.

  Associated Press.                                                1986      Haven Asked for Asian Refugees.

  Associated Press.                                                1983      Hmong Job Plans Proceed Despite Residents' Protest.

  Associated Press.                                                1986      Hmong Men Learn to Restore Stained Glass Windows.

  Associated Press.                                                1981      Doctors Probe Baffling Deaths.

  Associated Press.                                                1986      Hmong Refugee Begins First Dayon Minneapolis Police Force.

  Associated Press.                                                1986      Artist Teaches Skill to Hmong.

  Associated Press.                                                1981      Report: Man-made Chemical Found on Foliage in Laos.

  Associated Press.                                                1983      Rule Book in Hmong Cuts Violations.

  Associated Press.                                                1982      Seattle Police Report Find of 4,000 Opium Plants.

  Associated Press.                                                1987      State May Encourage Hmong to Leave.

  Associated Press.                                                1987      State May Urge Hmong to Live Elsewhere.

  Associated Press.                                                1987      Vietnam to Let Refugees Leave for U.S. under Orderly Departure Program.

  Associated Press.                                                1986      Hmong Policy Already in Place,State Department Tells Senator.

  Associated Press.                                                1986      Durenburger Asks That Future Hmong Refugees Not Be Settled in Minnesota.

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Association des Etudiant et Residents Vietnamiens de      1979      Le Viet-Nam et Son Mode de vie.


  Atkinson, Donald R., Joseph G. Ponterotto, and Arthur      1984      Attitudes of Vietnamese and Anglo-American Students toward Counseling.

  R. Sanchez.

  August, Lynn Kao.                                                1984      Southeast Asian Refugees of Rhode Island: A Demographic and Health Profile.

  Aung-Thwin, Michael.                                            1990      Irrigation in the Heartlandof Burma: Foundations of the Pre-Colonial Burmese State.

  Avimor, Shimon.                                                   1982      Contemporary History of Cambodia under an Israeli Perspective 1949-1975.

  Aylesworth, Laurence S.                                        n.d.        Psychosocial Effects of Cultural Displacement among Vietnamese, Hmong, Cambodian Refugees in


  Aylesworth, Laurence S.                                        1980      Stress, Mental Health and Need Satisfaction Among Indochinese in Colorado.

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  Jack Lufkin.

  Baizerman, Michael, and Glenn Hendricks.                    1988      Refugee Youth in the Twin Cities: Aspirations of the Hmong, Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese.

  Baker, Ann.                                                        1988      Protests are Forcing Roseville to Take Hard Look at Projects.

  Baker, Ann.                                                        1987      Refugee Kids Renew Culture at Special Camp.

  Baker, Nicholas G.                                                1981      U.S. Programs for Indochinese Unaccompanied Minors.

  Baker, Nicholas G.                                                1981      Social Work Through an Interpreter.

  Baker, Nicholas G.                                                1982      Substitute Care for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors.

  Baldus, Mary Clare                                               1990      Koos Haum Cou Laus - Active Elders.

  Baldus, Mary Clare.                                               1993      CUHCC Opens Chemical Dependency Treatment Center.

  Ballard, Jerry.                                                     1972      Mountain People on the Run.

  Bamboo: A Newsletter of the Refugee Arts Group.         1992      Bamboo: A Newsletter of the Refugee Arts Group.

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Bamford, Paulime.                                                 n.d.        Material Available From the Refugee Assistance Program - Mental Health: Technical Assistance Center.

  Banasik, Sandra.                                                  1980      Hmong Literacy in the USA: A Stepping Stone to English Literacy.

  Banasik, Sandra.                                                  1980      Hmong Literacy in the Camps in Thailand--Considerations.

  Banaszynski, Jacqui.                                             1983      Firefighter Helps Produce Solution to Language Barrier.

  Bangkok Post.                                                     1978      Are the Meos Finally Beaten?

  Bangkok Post.                                                     1992      Fighting in Laos Forces 1,000 to Flee to Thailand.

  Bangkok Post.                                                     1984      Haven Sought for Fleeing Refugees.

  Bangkok Post.                                                     1978      Meos `Go for Broke' to Escape Suppression.

  Bangkok Post.                                                     1991      Refugees Among Seven Laotian AIDS Carriers.

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                                                                                    Adaptational Strategies.

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  Barney, G. Linwood, and William A. Smalley.                 1952      Report of Conference on Problems in Meo Phonemic Structure.

  Wednesday, July 07, 2004                                                                                                         Page 8 of 146

  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Becker, Elizabeth.                                                 1985      Vietnam's Attack Deals a Blow to `Third Force'.

  Becker, Elizabeth.                                                 1986      The Hanoi Pact.

  Becker, Elizabeth.                                                 1984      Kampuchea in 1983.

  Becker, Elizabeth.                                                 1983      Recovery After Pol Pot Relapses to Poverty.

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                                                                                     to Live'.

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  Beijing Review.                                                    1989      Minority Dancers to Visit U.S.

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  Bell, Sue, Michael B. Whiteford.                                 1987      Southeast Asians in the United States: Anthropologists and the Refugee Situation of the Past Decade.

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  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

  Belsie, Laurent, and Neal Menschel.                           1987      New Homein the Heartland: Hmong Family Makes the Shift From Southeast Asia to Small-Town


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  Wednesday, July 07, 2004                                                                                                       Page 11 of 146

  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

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                                                                                    Arlington:  Recommendations for Improving Delivery and Overcoming Barriers.

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  Wednesday, July 07, 2004                                                                                                       Page 12 of 146

  Author                                                            Year     Article_Title

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                                                                                     Liminality, Acculturation,and Transition.

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                                                                                    Development of a Hmong Messianic Script.

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