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The Polish American Immigration and Relief Committee was established in 1947, with central offices in New York , to assist Polish displaced persons after World War II. Its founder and first president was Felix Burant. The organization developed a network of international representatives in Brussels, Nuremberg , Munich , Geneva , Paris , Rome and Vienna . It was affiliated with the Catholic Resettlement Council and registered with the Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid of the United States Department of State, later becoming a member of the American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service and of the American Immigration and Citizenship Conference. Between 1947 and 1966, it assisted over 45,000 refugees from Poland to resettle in the U.S. and over 5,000 in other countries. It continued to provide assistance to exiles from Poland (and also to a smaller number of those from other European countries under Soviet domination) throughout the Cold War and into the 1990s.

Title page of thesis submitted by T.T. Krysiewicz at Fordham University, New York in 1951. (PAIRC, Box 28)
List of PAIRC officers and Foreword from T.T. Krysiewicz' thesis, p.2-3
Illustration reproduced from the T.T Krysiewicz' thesis, p.12
Illustration reproduced from T.T. Krysiewicz' thesis, p. 21


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