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  The records contain a variety of materials pertaining to the organization's activities, from case files of individual refugees, financial records of the organization, and documentation of the agency's tasks aimed to help their clients with various aspects of their integration into the host society (such as the New York driver's manual in the Polish language) to correspondence with other resettlement and refugee assistance organizations and also with the concerned agencies of the United States government. The latter segment of the materials provides a glimpse into the development of the U.S. policies on refugee resettlement as the PAIRC gathered government publications, memos and congressional records relevant to its work.  
1944 Work permit/record used for foreign forced labor in Germany. (PAIRC, Box 15)         Title page of "Driver's Manual" used by the PAIRC assistnig Polish refugees, 1975. (PAIRC, Box 28)
    Union member card used by Polish displaced persons in DP camps in Austria, 1946. (PAIRC, Box 15) ID used in the U.K. to register aliens during World War II. (PAIRC, Box 15) "Seaman's Book" (passport) issued by Polish Consul General in London to a Polish sailor in 1945. (PAIRC, Box 15)
Cover letter and a publication sent to the PAIRC by the U.S. General Accounting Office, May 26, 1992. (PAIRC, Box 28)
  P. 25 of the "Driver's Manual"


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