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The materials in the collection span the time period of 1945-2004, the bulk of it dating from the 1960s and 1970s. Correspondence comprises the majority of the materials, both personal and work-related.

The letters from the years 1949-1951 tell us about the difficult beginnings so familiar to most immigrants. The collection contains a large number of rejection letters Edmund Valtman received in response to his submissions of sample cartoons for consideration by various newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, etc. One of the respondents recommended Edmund Valtman that "quite frankly, however, it appears that your greatest degree of success from an art viewpoint - and a monetary one too - would be in the field of children's books" (Valadimir Trei, "The Business Stimulator" publication of the Carr Speirs Corporation of Stamford, Connecticut, November 15, 1949, Edmund Valtman Papers, IHRC3763, Box 6, Folder 1 ) ).


Children's book illustrated by E. Valtman,

published in Geislingen DP camp, Germany, (ca. 1946-1949)

p. 4 from "Eesti laste joulumees"
p. 8 from "Eesti laste joulumees"
A rejection letter, 1949

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