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In addition to correspondence, the richest source material for studying the way Edmund Valtman thought about his immigrant experience is constituted by his diaries covering many years between 1946 and 2004. Two quotations may serve as examples of such thoughts: The first one depicts an event in Edmund Valtman's life that took place in May 1951:

If my memory is correct, on a beautiful May day I took the train from Hartford to Washington, DC. For me it was an exhilarating experience. For the whole length of the trip, I looked out the window observing the passing landscape while at the same time absorbing the new dimensions of the unending landscape and its variety. For me it was the New World. (Manuscript text entitled "Remembrance" in Edmund Valtman Papers, IHRC3763, Box 1, Folder 1 )

Over the years I have learned things in many ways that I can't possibly mention all - some from my editors, some from my colleagues in cartooning, from people of daily life. All this and some of what I have brought with me, deep in me - to join with something new and invigorating has made me what I am today and what, I hope, I'm able to give back to America. ( Edmund Valtman Papers, IHRC3763, Box 6, Folder 1 )

Pulitzer Prize winner, 1962
21 years at the Hartford Times, 1972

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