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Family photographs document Edmund Valtman's time outside his employment and offer a glimpse of the way the family spent their leisure time, often connected to activities of the Estonian American community. The economic side of the Valtman household can be studied in the financial records included in the collection. Lastly, there are the many folders containing reproductions of Valtman's cartoons, copies of publications with articles and interviews featuring the artist, and also some original drawings.

Valtman's original drawings and other artwork can naturally be found at other institutions and also in private hands. The Library of Congress has a collection of Valtman's cartoons in its Prints and Photographs Division. Other repositories and collections containing Valtman material include presidential libraries and papers of politicians whom Valtman depicted in his cartoons. The correspondence files in the collection at the IHRC contain numerous letters from United States presidents, congressmen and other politicians requesting the original drawings for the cartoons featuring their personalities after the cartoons had been published in various newspapers around the country. Apparently, most of them had no hard feelings toward the artist, despite his rather critical and sometimes ridiculing drawings and comments. Valtman's critical portrayals and their humorous annotations were appreciated and welcomed in the concerned politicians' collections. Edmund Valtman accumulated a large collection of heartfelt letters thanking him for his drawings from the likes of Lyndon B. Johnson, Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger.

Thank you letter from former President L.B. Johnson, 1972
Thank you letter from Henry Kissinger, 1972
Cartoon that pleased Henry Kissinger, 1972

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