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Creator: Bachman Family
Dates: 1939-2005
Abstract: Collection consists of newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, map of Galician ancestral villages, published articles, print out of "Mennonites in Galicia Database" containing genealogical information.
Quantity: .5 linear in.
Language: English
Collection ID: IHRC266


Collection acquired from Glen Linscheid of Butterfield, Minnesota in 1994 and 2007. The collection was processed in February 2015 by Katie McCormick.


Alma Bachman Linscheid was born on July 11, 1922, in Neuhof, Galicia, Poland (formerly Austria). Her family fled to Germany and continued to move to different villages to avoid communist forces. After many attempts of escaping the communist forces, communist control relocated them to a village where they had to dig up telephone cables to be sent to the Soviet Union. The Linscheid family then worked on a farm under Russian management. The Mennonite Central Committee provided an opportunity for the Linscheid family to come to America. Upon arrival in America, the Linscheid family worked on Dr. Basinger’s farm near Mt. Lake to repay their passage. Elma Olga Bachmann emigrated from Poland to Germany, then to America in 1950. Her father Peter Bachmann, brother Edmund and sisters Ottilie and Elsie came to America at the same time. Elma married a local farmer, Robert Linscheid in 1952. The Rupps, born in a Polish Mennonite community, escaped Russian occupation and fled to Austria in 1945. They spent two years in an MCC camp in Germany before emigrating to America in 1947. The Rupp family arrived in Minnesota where they worked on a farm near Mt. Lake before moving to Butterfield. Mr. Rupp worked on turkey farms for the Butterfield Produce Company. Son Victor remained in Poland where he went to college and attained his doctorate in optical engineering. The Polish government then granted Victor a passport to America along with his wife and daughter.



The Bachman, Linscheid, Rupp Family collection is available for public research.


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The Bachman, Linscheid, Rupp Family Papers, General/Multiethnic Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota

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Family history

Detailed Description of the Collection

BOX 1.

FOLDER 1. Biographical materials about Bachman family 1939-1984
Newspaper article about Elma Bachmann, photographs of Bachmann family members, article about Henry Rupp and family, Map of Galician ancestral villages, correspondence between Wikor and Miecie Rupp and Glen Linscheid, published article by Glen Linscheid.
FOLDER 2. Genealogical information (1998-2005)
Print out of the “Galician Family Study Database of Mennonites in Galicia” containing information on the immigration of Mennonites from Galicia to the United States
FOLDER 3. Genealogical information and newspaper photocopies (1998-2005)
Multiple newspaper articles regarding Pope John Paul II and the relationship between Catholics and Mennonites, Galician Family Study from Mennonites in Galicia Database, list of Galician families from 2005, “Along the Galician Grapevine” annual newsletter regarding the 1880s migrations from Galicia to America.


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