Anthony (Nino) Capraro, Papers, ca. 1896-1975

Immigration History Research Center
University of Minnesota

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Capraro, Anthony (Nino)
Papers, ca. 1896-1975
ca. 15 linear feet
Preliminary Inventory


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Acquired from Mrs. Marie Capraro (and family), 50 Forbes Avenue, Northampton, Massachusetts, 01060 (by Prof. Rudolph J. Vecoli, IHRC). Preliminary inventory formatted for the Internet by Student Assistant Ezalina Hamzah and Executive Secretary Cindy Herring in 2001.

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Biographical Sketch

Born in Sciacca, Sicily, on Jan. 11, 1891, Anthony (Nino) Capraro was the son of a wine and leather merchant.  He came to the United States as a child, settling with his family in New York in 1902.

As a teen-ager Capraro joined a group of Italian-American anarchists .inspired by Enrico Malatesta.  Among his friends were the journalist Carlo Tresca whose murder in 1942 in New York is still unsolved, and the poet Arturo Giovannitti.  Both were anarchists.

Arrested in 1908 in connection with his political activities, Capraro spent three years in the jails of New York State.  After his release, he became one of the major organizers of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America and a collaborator of Sidney Hillman and August Bellanca.

While directing the 1919 strike of textile workers in Lawrence, Capraro was kidnapped and beaten.  At that time he was also a correspondent for the New York Call, a Socialist daily newspaper.  Later he edited his own newspaper, Utopia, in Rochester, N.Y.

During the 1920's, he was active in the effort to save the lives of Sacco and Vanzetti.

He became a spokesman for antifascism among Italian-Americans and helped Italian exiles who came to the United States.  As an arbiter in labor disputes, he founded the Greater Clothing Contractors Association in New York City in 1932.

Upon his retirement in 1953, Capraro devoted himself to the study of Cervantes.  He had lived in Northampton for 10 years.

Max Salvadori, professor of history at Smith College, described Capraro as it “one of the most effective organizers among Italian-Americans in the labor movement." He said his friendship with Capraro dated back to 1938, when Salvadori first visited the United States.

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Scope and Content

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Preliminary Container List

Box Contents
1 “The Advance" - correspondence to The Advance, Sept. 20, 1943, by Capraro
concerning Fascism.

"Amico, Salvatore" - Personal friend of Capraro, correspondence with him and about him, 1944.

"Berndt, Erna Ruth - and Paquita" - correspondence 1960-1968; attempts to help Paquita, young Spanish woman, to immigrate to U.S. and work in the clothing industry. Also relevant to one Francisca Lopez Vazquez. (Letters indicating Capraro living in Spain in 1961.)

"Binghampton, N.Y. (Velona Kidnapping)." Correspondence, 1921-1922, concerning kidnapping and "face-burning” of Fortunato Velona, ACWA organizer, who was engaged in a strike at the Ideal Clothing Co., 1921.  Also included, copy, of E-J. [Endicott-Johnson]Workers' Review, Vol. III, No. 2 (April 20, 1921), with notations and underlining.

"Calogero Capraro Family Picture" - taken in Sciacca (Sicily) "about" 1896.
Enclosed are four prints and one negative.

"'Capraro, Anthony - the unconscionable liars on the Vietnam war - victims and perpetrators" - Editorial page from the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, Mass., Oct. 18, 1969.

"Bambace, Mother Josephine" - photo-copy of her Death Certificate and receipts, relevant to a cemetery plot, 1941-1945.  Photographs (people unidentified).

"Chavez, C.E." - correspondence to Cesar Chavez, April 5, 1974, with check of $5.00 for UFWA.  Capraro stated that he was boycotting Gallo wines.  UFWA literature also in file.

"Craton, Anna Washington" - correspondence 1921-1922 with Anna Craton an apparent ACW organizer.

"Dana, Dr. H.W.L." - correspondence, 1919-1930, relevant to "Amalgamated
Textile Workers" and "Young People's International League,” Lawrence,

"De Sanguine, Antonio (Frank Forges) correspondence, 1938-1939.  Forges was a one-time co-editor of La Stampa Libera, and anti-fascist. Materials include newspaper obituary on his death.

“Forte, Gus” - written contract and cancelled checks for labor performed by Gus Forte, 1935-1936.

"Fouchard, Jean"-one piece of correspondence, Aug. 26, 1945, in French.

"Friedrich, Kurt"-Christmas card and wedding invitation, 1940 and 1941.

"Frisina (Leonardo)Chamber of Labor (Italian)" - correspondence, 1927-28, pertinent to a conference by Arturo Giovannitti.

"Frisina, Ettore" - correspondence, 1928, reference to Capraro's Utopia

"Galgani, G. (G.  Gentile)" - one postcard, Sept. 27, 1911.

"Garner, Leona" - correspondence, 1941-1942, of a personal nature with some reference to the "war" and "F.D.R."

"Giacobbe, Dino" - one piece of correspondence, Nov. 25, 1939, concerning Giacobbe’s finding work.

"Galleani, Umberto" - correspondence, 1939, dealing with the struggles in Spain, Italy, and Germany.

"Giovannitti, Arturo" - correspondence, 1927-1939, including one piece of correspondence from Arturo's son, Lenin Giovannitti, June 6, 1937.

“Gold, Michael" - correspondence (2 pieces) Nov.-Dec. 1927, concerning Capraro's desire to have a paper published by Gold, from New Playwrights Theater, Inc., N.Y.

"Grella, Maresciallo Maggiore" - correspondence, 1950.  Grella was with the Carabinieri in Naples, and a brother-in-law of Romolo Giacobbe, who worked with Capraro.

"Innella, James" - correspondence, Nov. 23, 1927, letter from Capraro placing Innella's name on his newspaper's mailing list.

"Ippolito, Guiseppe [sic]" photograph, n.d.

'Italian Labor Council of America" - correspondence, Aug. 11, 1926, concerning Capraro's plan for an Italian Trade Union Council, and a carbon copy of "What Is and Why an Italian Labor Council of America."

"Italian Prisoners of War - Correspondence" - correspondence, 1944-1946.

"Jackson and other Union Crooks" - copy of "Interview of Benjamin Freeman with Reference to Corruption Among Union Officials, Etc.," April 24, 1933.  Greater Clothing Contractors Association, Inc.

"La Guardia, Mayor F.H." - copy of a letter, and notes, to La Guardia, from August Bellanca concerning possibility of Mayor's appointing an Italian American from the American Labor Party as a Magistrate, Dec. 24, 1941.

“Leon, Dr.Rulx- Consul General of Haiti" - personal correspondence, 1944.

"Liautand, Pierre L." - personal correspondence, 1945, in French.

"Li Volsit, Thomas, M. - Dining Car Steward" - letter of thanks, Jan. 30, 1973.

"Lizzio, Alfred - Rochester, N.Y." - correspondence, 1937, personal.

"Lupis, Giuseppe" - cancelled check and receipt for subscription for Il Mondo, 1939.

"Manumit Correspondence" - 1932-1933, related to the Manumit School, N.Y.

"Willow Brook Cooperative Association" - correspondence and papers, 1932-1934, pertaining to Willow Brook School, started by Nellie Seads.  Capraro was Executive Secretary of the Association.

"Marchisio, Judge Juvenal - American Relief for Italy, Inc." - correspondence, 1944-1945, concerning Greater Clothing Contractors Association, Inc., effort in Italian relief project.

"Mazzini Society" - correspondence, 1943, membership card, and issues of "Mazzini News" (Nos,. 3-13, Mar. 5-May 15, 1941).

“Mazzini Society (-see Carrara and Paccardi also)" - correspondence, cards, meeting minutes, "Mazzini News," 1941-1943.

"Mazzitelli, Oscar" - correspondence, 1922-1944, labor matters.

"Mercier, Louis - Cap Haitien, Haiti" - correspondence, 1945, concerning a copy of National  Geographic on Haiti.

"Mameli, Hugo" - postcard and note of Christmas Greetings, 1940.

"Marinaccio, Dominick" - personal correspondence, 1938. one piece mentions Corsi and attempts at finding Marinaccio a job.

"Mancuso, Orazio" - correspondence, 1928 (.2 pieces) that describe Capraro's problems in establishing the newspaper.

"Mangano, J." - One letter from Capraro, March 29, 1930, acknowledged receipt of a copy of Proletario.

"Martorana, Antonino" - Receipt, Feb. 17, 1937, for money sent by Capraro.

"Massolo, Arturo" - postcard, March 23, 1937, of mills at Lawrence, Mass.  Massolo stated it was a panorama Capraro could never forget.

"Mineola House Documents" - documents pertinent to house in Mineola, N.Y., 1923-1928.

"Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings" - 1950-1953, concern labor.

"Molinari, Luigi" - correspondence, 1909-1922 (9 pieces, mostly cards) Molinari, Director of L'Universita Popolare, Milan.

"M. Morgantini Club, Newark, N.J." - one piece, March 24, 1942, describing the club.

"Brother(?)" - correspondence and papers, 1932-1937, relevant to funeral expenses and cemetery plots for Capraro's mother and brother.  Enclosed is his mother's passport.

"Morton, Sank" - correspondence, and cancelled checks, 1935-1942.  Morton apparently worked for Capraro.

"Muscarella, Paul (Rochester, N.Y.)" - correspondence, 1939, and two issues of The Italian Weekly, Aug. 3, 1939 and Aug. 10, 1939.

"New York Times" - letter of June 6, 1941, with an article and response, in which Capraro criticizes the Times for an article on Hitler (seemed to convey a pro-Hitler stance).

"New York Post" - letter, Sept. 24, 1938, to Editor about Hitler.

"Newark (Local 24) 1926" - correspondence and papers, 1926-1930 concerning above "Local's" affairs (ACWA).

"Newark (Local 24) under Harry Taylor, et. al." - correspondence and papers, 1929-1930 as to above, especially corruption of local under Taylor.

"Nyaradi, Dr. Nicholas - Lease" - correspondence and papers, 1949-1974.  Letters include material on Hitler, as well as a lease (1949) on an apartment rented from Capraro's son-in-law by Nyaradi.

"Palmer, Russell" - poem, May 31, 1920, written by Palmer, and article, Dec. 14, 1939, that discussed an article written on Franco by Palmer.

"Piccirilli, Attilio, President (Leonardo da Vinci Art School)" - correspondence, 1939, (2 pieces) which makes reference to Capraro's possible aid to L.D.A.S.

"Poletti, Charles" - two news clippings on Poletti, 1938.  Successful Democratic and American Labor Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor of New York.

"Potofsky, Jacob" - correspondence, 1922-1958.  Potofsky served as Assistant General Secretary of ACWA.

"Plati, Jos." - correspondence, ca.1925-1928, personal and labor oriented.

“Poprowski,, Benjamin " - correspondence, July 26, 1931, by Capraro, concerning a personal debt.

"Rochester - Capraro - Local 63 Controversy" - correspondence, clippings, etc. 1928-1929 relative to above (extensive folder).

"Roosevelt, President F.D." - letter (-1938) and pro-war effort telegram (Dec. 8, 1941) written to the President by Capraro.  Also article (1941) on the President and his mother.

"Rolland, Hugo - 1964-65-66-67-68" - extensive correspondence, 1964-1974.

"Abate, Erasmo (Hugo Rolland)" - correspondence and newspaper articles, 1921-1945.  Issues of Il Mattello, L'Adunata, and Giustizia.

"Roy, Dr. Louis E..,Port-au-Prince, Haiti" - correspondence, 1945-1969, primarily concerning the "Ligue Nationale Anti-Tuberculeuse."

"Rower, George E." - correspondence (1 piece) Jan. 2, 1946, in which Capraro mentioned his antifascist sentiments.

2 "Ruotolo, Onorio" - Christmas greetings, 1939, from Leonardo da Vinci Art School, two cancelled checks from Capraro (1941), and article on Ruotolo (1966).

"Sabelli, Franco"    correspondence, 1929, various publications discussed.

"Sala, Giovanni" letter to Marcovitz (,possibly by Sala), March 9, 1937, discussing strike activity.

"Sala, J. Roland" - letter, Jan. 12, 1942, to Capraro thanking him for help (?), Roland in N.Y. Magistrate's Court.

"Salvadori, Dr. Massimo" - correspondence, 1938-1974, including discussions on Fascism.

"Salvatore, George" - one piece of correspondence, Oct. 18, 1929, about(?); Atlantica letterhead.

"Sacco and Vanzetti - Atlanta Investigation" - correspondence and literature, 1922-1963.  Also, extensive correspondence with Angelino Mole, while in Federal Prison in Atlanta (concerning Capraro's aid in seeking a parole for Mole).

"Salvemini, Dr. Gaetano" - correspondence, 1938-1946.

"Sbarra, Felix" - correspondence, 1925-1951, relevant to union affairs.

"Stanford Planning Board" - primarily reports, clippings, etc., 1965.

"Stoelting" - correspondence and cancelled checks, 1933-1934.  Herman Stoelting was a General Contractor.

"Stoy, Robert H." - correspondence, 1940-1941, asking Capraro for help with Jim Flynn and Sidney Hillman.

"Sutro, Samuel (correspondence on Palestine question from Italy - 1948)"- correspondence, timetables of activities, and papers pertinent to above.  Also included letters from August Bellanca.

"Sutro, Samuel and Minnie" - correspondence, 1961-1962, while Capraro was in Spain.  Mention was made of Capraro's investigation into business posibilities Spain may offer American Sportswear,Co.

“Sutro, Samuel”- financial documents or Capraro s, handled by Sutro,1951.

“Sutro, Samuel (Baltimore Correspondence) (Later) 1962-1963" - correspondence 1962-1963 pertaining, in part, to immigrants to U.S. for work in clothing industry.

"Tadini, Avv. and Signora Maria" - correspondence, 1948-1951.  Tadini was an attorney involved with clothing industry in Italy.

"Tavoglione, John B. (Pittston, Pa.)" - one letter, Dec. 26, 1940, includes a sonnet written about labor.

"Teem, Peter" - correspondence, 1926-1927; Teem was suspended from the union.

"Torpey, John J." - one letter, June 1974, "Thank you note."

"Toscanini, Arturo al Conte Carlo Sforza" - photocopy of a letter, Oct. 1, 1943, from Toscanini to Sforza.

"Trifiletti, Peppino" - letter to Capraro, Sept. 1908, addressed to Sing Sing State Prison.

"Tomassini, Teseo" - two pieces of correspondence, 1930, relevant to union matters.

"Valentini, Ernesto" - correspondence, 1924-1927, relevant to labor and political affairs.

"Valenti, Girolamo (Il Popolo)" - predominantly cancelled checks, 1939-1942 for Il Popolo and La Parola.

"Vignola, Michael" - two pieces, May 1941 ' Vignola was Superintendent of Clothing Factory of Prison, Lewisburg, Pa.

"Vink, Gertrude (Kings Park State Hospital)" - one piece, Feb. 8, 1937, inquiry when Capraro will pick up belongings at the hospital.

"Valicenti, Joseph" - copy of a report, n.d., entitled: "Official and Personal Record of Joe Valicenti" accused of misappropriation of union funds.

"Vicchi, Romola" - two pieces, 1950; letter to Marie Capraro and Christmas greetings.

"Volpe, Tommaso" - correspondence and clippings 1930, pertinent to Rochester Local.

"Weinstein, Murray" - one cancelled check, from Capraro, to American Labor Party, Jan. 23, 1939.

"Will, Mrs. Mary Ertz" - three pieces of correspondence, 1927, relative to Capraro's speaking at the "Labor Open Forum," Rochester.

"Wilton Clothes, Inc. (Payments for Budelman's 2 suits)" - correspondence and checks, 1943, relative to above suits.

"Zegarelli, Joseph (Utica, N.Y.)" - two letters, 1938, concerning the situation of the workers of Utica.

"Alba Nuova" - three issues: Sept. 1921; Oct.-Nov. 1921; and Dec. 1921 (Vols. 1-4).  Included are four artist's sketches of a political cartoon.

"Antifascismo and copy of letter to Prof.  Diggins" - included are three copies of a paper 
"Antifascismo," 1923, by Capraro.  No letter as indicated on folder.

“Azeffa, La Bolgia"-newspaper photo of Italy's Labor Mission to U. S. , 1918; and one issue of Ai Socialisti Del Re, No. 1, Dec. 15, 1918 (N.Y.).

"Baldwin, Roger (American Civil Liberties Union)" - three pieces, 1930 and 1938. Capraro inquired about a job, and Tresca mentioned.

"Ballato, John” - one "postcard," 1941.

"Bellanca, John" - correspondence, 1939, regarding one Alfred Bonelli.

"Bellanca, Andrew (including letter to John Bellanca on Nunzio Sanfilippo)" - correspondence, 1936-1938, pertinent to employment of Capraro's nephew, Sanfilippo, at the Bellanca Aircraft Corp.

"Bemporad, Enrico" - one letter, Feb. 14, 1940, of thanks to Capraro.

"Bills Paid (Receipts)" - correspondence, receipts, etc., 1920-1936.  Includes receipts of dues paid to ACWA (and correspondence).

"Bloma, Orazio" - correspondence (3 pieces), 1927, concerning Capraro's need for help "from his friends" in maintaining his newspaper.

"Brower, Walter” - newspaper article and clippings, 1937, relevant to Brower, who served on the law committee of the American Labor Party.

"Bridgeport, Conn.  Situation" - correspondence and reports, 1924, relative to the ACWA joint board of Conn.

"Capraro, Alogero (?)" - postal receipt, 1911.

"Capraro, Alfonso (Conservation Dept. matter)" - Penalty Statement Jan. 1939, by above for having hunted without valid license.

"Catalanotti, Joseph" - new clipping and article by Capraro on meeting of ACWA members of Italian descent, 1942.

"Catholic Church" - news clipping, 1939.

"C.I.O." - new clippings, 1938.

"Cerafis, Michael" - three pieces of correspondence, 1932, concerning politics, among other things.

"Ciaccio, Salvatore" - correspondence, 1925-1928, union affairs.

"Capraro-Tresca Correspondence on Capraro-Cuneo Debate" - six letters, 1921 pertains to above, as well as Sacco-Vanzetti, and other issues.

"Capraro, Anthony, case of James Mathews-12648-34th Precinct vs. Capraro" newspaper clipping, Oct. 19, 1934; Capraro won the decision.

"Crime and Punishment" - predominantly newspaper clippings, 1937-1951, on subjects of war, crime, politics, and labor.  Of special note are: Lotta Di Classe, (N.Y.) Vol.I, No. 2, Jan. 8, 1927 (full issue); and Giustizia, (N.J.) Vol. 33, no. 9, May, 1950 (full issue).  Included also is miscellaneous correspondence, ca.1927-1941. One piece, dated March 22, 1927, is a letter (quite descriptive) in defense of Capraro.

"Cianca, Alberto" - correspondence and papers, 1939, relative to Cianca, Editor, Giustizia E Liberta (Paris, France).

"Child Labor Amendment"- one news clipping, 1937.

"Ciaccio, Ernest (Ernie Warner)" - two pieces of correspondence, 1939, of personal nature (sends regards, etc.).

"Corsi, Edward" - correspondence and papers, 1937-1942.  Included are two papers, "We Are Bound to be Americans," by Capraro; and "The Italians of New York," a radio talk by Corsi.

"Constitution - State of New York" - newspaper clippings, 1931.

"Capitalism in the U.S." - newspaper clippings, 1921.

"Censorship" - newspaper clippings, 1921.

"Church and Labor" - one clipping, July 23, 1922.

"Common Laborers Union - Local 631 - Hartford, Conn." - correspondence and papers, 1927.

"Cost of Living" - clippings, 1920-1921.

"Colombian Treaty" - clippings, 1921.

"Communism vs.  Socialism' - primarily clippings, 1921; however, also included are: "Communism versus Victor Berger's Socialism," by Capraro, and a letter to The Call, 1921, from Capraro, on Socialism.

"Communist Party of Italy" - correspondence, 1921-1922; Amadeo Bordiga, Luigi Repossi, and L'Ordine Nuovo dominate the contents.

"Communism in Italy" - clippings, 1921.

"Confederazione Generale del Lavoro-Italy" - clippings, 1921.

"Ku Klux Klan" - clippings, 1920-1921.

"Look, Dr. Percy J., Andover, Mass." - attempts, 1960, to locate above Doctor by letter.

"... Curiosities" - various news clippings, 1913-1926, covering such subjects as strikes, labor, D'Annunzio, etc.  In English and Italian.

"Lawrence, 1919, Strike - A.J. Muste" - correspondence, 1920-1921.  Muste was General Secretary of the ACWA.

"Lawrence, 1919 Strike - Ratzel" - correspondence, 1919.  Letters often convey thanks to Capraro for his help and friendship in the "cause."

"Lawrence, Mass., 1912 Strike" - clippings and periodicals relevant to above.  Included is Strike Bulletin, Cloth Weavers' Union, Local No. 72 (Penn.), 1919; as well as, The International Socialist Review, April, 1912.

"Labor and the Courts in the U.S." - news clippings, 1921-1922.

"Lenin Clippings" - newspaper clippings, 1924.

"Matteotti, Giacomo" - clippings, 1924. 

"Matteotti, Giacomo" - clippings, 1924. 

"Matteotti, Giacomo" - clippings, 1924. 

"Matteotti, Giacomo" - clippings, 1924.

3 “Mexico" - news clippings, 1921 and 1924.

"The Mining Industry in U.S." - news clippings, 1921-1922. 

"Miners Strike in England" - news clippings, 1921.

"Marine Workers Strike" - news clippings, 1921.

"Rapisardi, Mario"  news clippings pertaining to the poet's death, 1911(?).

"Reaction in Italy" - "Resolution passed at the People's House, Nov. 30, 1918," refuting Alceste de Ambris Farulo and others as traitors to the proletariat.

"Reaction in the U.S." clippings, 1921, primarily on labor.

"Smith, Hon.  Alfred E." two letters, 1928, concerning the recognition of the U.S.S.R. The Naturalized Citizens Bureau, Democratic National Commission, replied.

"Sormenti, Eura" - one letter, 1927; and clipping, 1943.  Letter concerns politics, etc.

"Sturzo, Don Luigi" - one issue of L'unita del popolo, Vol. 5, No. 30, July 24, 1943; and correspondence and papers, 1943-1944.  Correspondence with Sturzo and papers relevant to a resolution on the liberation of Sicily.

"Tresca, Carlo (Rubens-Poyntz Case) (Telegram on Dr. Tresca death)" clippings pertinent to kidnapping of Juliet Poyntz, 1938, and telegrams relevant to death of Carlo s brother, 1942.

"Tresca, Carlo" - personal letter, ca.1938, and an issue of a publication, ca.1938, on Tresca, and Fascism.

"Tresca, Carlo" - correspondence, 1927, and carbon copy of "Manifesto del Partito Redenzionista Siciliano," by Capraro, 1914.

Ledger - contains "Income tax Deductible Items" - 1941-1951, mentions sums paid 
to  Mazzini Society, La Parola, among others.

"Abrahams" - Michael and Ben Abrahams, personal correspondence, 1939. 

"Allegra, Pietro" - correspondence, 1914, discussing politics, etc.

"Allegra, Pietro" - correspondence and court summons, 1930-1932, concerning money owed to Allegra.  Allegra was also Secretary of the Anti-Fascist Alliance of North America. 

"Artoni, G." - one letter, May 24, 1919; strike mentioned.

"Anonymous Letters - From Newark, N.J." - three unsigned letters, 1939, discuss labor matters.

"Abarno-Carbone Case" - news clippings, 1915 and 1921.

"American Federation of Labor" - news clippings, 1921-1924.

"Anglo-American Relations" - news clippings, 1921.

"American Capitalism and War" - news clippings, 1918-1921.

"Anarchism and Anarchists" - news clippings, 1921-1922.  Included is L'Avvenire Anarchico" (Pisa), XII, Aug. 1921.

"Basolio, Joseph" - two letters, 1939.  Personal, but mention "labor."

"Bambace, F. Shelly" - correspondence, 1925, asking Capraro for help in finding work., Letters of a personal nature.

"Battaglia, Salvatore" - correspondence, 1917-1919.  Letters written while Battaglia was in the service during WWI.

"Bird, Ira W." - correspondence, 1921.  Bird was an American writer in Italy, corresponding with Capraro and the communists and socialists in Italy.

“Buongiovanni, J.R." - correspondence, 1925, concerning Sacco-Vanzetti defense committee.

"Buttis, Vittorio" - correspondence, 1919-1920, with Avanti letterheads.

"Capraro, Marie B. - old Family Correspondence" - correspondence, ca.1921-1939.  Family personal correspondence (includes letters written by Capraro's children).

"Cancellieri, Frank" - letter from Capraro, April 23, 1920 (unmailed). Mentioned  Tresca, Bellanca, etc.

"Cannata, Giuseppe" - correspondence, 1923 and 1925; discusses labor, Fascism, etc.

"Capraro Family" - correspondence, 1909-1913, with Capraro's mother and brother.

"Cardini, N." - correspondence, 1925; anti-Fascist.

"Cammarata, Pietro" - correspondence, ca.1914-1921, primarily written while Cammarata was in the service.

[Cerefisi, Michael] - correspondence, primarily 1910-1913, with one postcard, 1931.  Very extensive, and covers many subjects.

[Cerefisi, Michael] - Extensive correspondence 1910-1931; similar to above.

"Ciofalo, Andrea" - personal correspondence, 1917-1918, including one letter to Capraro from his wife, 1925.

"Coco, Francesco (Jo)" - correspondence, 1919-1920; union business.

[Conally, John] - correspondence, 1922; basically personal with some discussion of current living conditions.

"Consiglio, Alfredo" - one letter, Dec. 11, 1912, from L'Era Nuova (Paterson, N.J.)

"Crecraft, Richard G." - one letter, 1940, of a personal nature.

"Crivello, Antonino" - one letter, March 3, 1925, discussing literary works.

"Cuomo, Taddeo" - correspondence, 1919-1921; concerned with labor--Workers' Cooperative Union, Friends of Soviet Russia, etc.

"Di Gregorio, Giovanni" - correspondence, 1923-1926; labor matters.

"Di Silvestro, Antonio" - two letters, 1925, mentions Sacco and Vanzetti.

"Elia, Roberto" - two letters, 1919, discussing art, etc.

"Feinburg, Yetta" - correspondence, 1921; mentions labor--strikes and the ACWA.

"Frigeri, Alessandra" - one letter, Oct. 26, 1939; personal letter to Marie Capraro.

"To and From Arturo Giovannitti" - correspondence, 1922-1923; covers personal and labor matters.

"Guadagni, Felice" - two letters, 1924 and 1925; one is from Angelo Taramaschi, an Italian wrestler.

"Galotto, Romildo (from)" - correspondence, 1920-1921; discusses labor matters.

"Letters from family in the course of the summer 1936" - personal family correspondence, 1935-1936.

"McBride, James F. (Troy, N.Y.)" - correspondence, 1924-1925; McBride was manager of the Shirt and Collar Makers'  Union, ACWA (Troy, N.Y.).

"Parent-Teacher Association, Pawling, N.Y." - correspondence, and papers, 1930-1932, pertaining to Manumite School, Pawling, N.Y., where Capraro's children attended school.  Included in this folder are personal items, such as handmade cards to Capraro from his children, and materials pertaining, for example, to a lecture by Norman Thomas.  Also, meeting minutes, etc.

"Marcucci, Ferdinando" - three letters, 1919-1921; discusses social and religious topics.

"Mario Rapisardi Literary Society"

"La Guardia, F.H. - to F.S. Bambace" - letter from La Guardia, Nov. 10, 1924, to Bambace, extending congratulations on being accepted to Colgate.

"Nino's letters to Marie" - correspondence, 1918-1938 (predominantly 1920's); personal, but yet references to Capraro's work and attitudes.  One letter, May 11, 1926, discusses Lenin and importance of class distinctions.

"Palermo, Luigi" - three pieces, 1927 and 1928; relevant to copies of Utopia.

"Palma, Michael (Rochester, N.Y.)" - one letter, Nov. 2, 1925; mentions the union.  Palma was a pants manufacturer.

"Pancaldo, Joseph" - four letters, 1922 and 1927; deals, in part, with Fascism, etc.

"Panetta, Luigi" - correspondence, 1925.  Panetta was apparently on the ACWA Rochester Joint Board.

"Pinelli, Giorgio" - correspondence, 1927-1928; enclosures deal with social topics (human nature, etc.).

"To - Potofsky, Jacob" - correspondence, 1919-1925; extensive series of exchanges with Potofsky, Assistant General Secretary, ACWA.

"Carmelo Puglionisi - Parigi, Francia" - correspondence, 1927-1929, of an anti-Fascist nature.  Also interspersed are letters from Avanti (Giorgio Salvi) to Capraro.

[Dominic A. Puleo]  correspondence, 1912-1917; predominantly postcards. Appears of a personal nature, but some pieces reveal Capraro's interest (in 1914) at attending "high school."

4 unidentified folder

"Syracuse Situation - Ramuglia, Anthony" - two letters, July 1, 1922, dealing with "scab" labor and efforts at getting them out of a Syracuse shop.

"Reed, Mary" - correspondence, 1919, expressing satisfaction of Capraro's work and his newspaper efforts.

Correspondence with Ruthenberg

"Sala, Giovanni" - one letter, Aug. 22, 1926 (to Sala); union affairs mentioned.

"Schlossberg, Joseph" - correspondence, 1922-1925 (three pieces) concerning ACWA matters.  Schlossberg was General Secretary, ACWA.

"Shaviro, Nathan" - two letters, 1927; referred to Capraro's Utopia.

"Smithsonian Institute" - correspondence, 1927-1929; dealing with volumes on various topics (particularly "natural history" which interested Capraro).

"Tomassini, Teseo" - correspondence, 1921-1930, discussing Fascism, socialism, labor, etc.

"Tricoli, Carlo" - one letter, Jan. 4, 1928; Tricoli, an attorney, wrote with regard to Utopia.

"Tricca, M.A." - correspondence, 1918-1921; mentions Bellanca as a mutual friend.

"Waldman, Louis" - correspondence, 1919.  Waldman was Field Secretary, United Labor Education Comm.

"Waton, Harry" - correspondence, 1921; dealing with translating Waton's philosophy of Marx for Alba Nuova.

"Weinstock, Anna" - two letters, 1926, dealing with labor.

"Buffalo, Situation" - correspondence, 1922.  Included are lists of purchasers of "Russian-American Industrial Corporation" shares in Buffalo, N.Y.

"The Chicago Farmer-Labor Party Convention" - 1922; newsclippings, program, and some general correspondence, 1923.

“Chamber of Labor-Documents" - 1920's; bulletins and printed matter.

"Clothing Industry (Economics of the)" - clippings from The Advance, 1926.

"Colonia Italiana di New York - Documenti" - various letters, written by several people, ca.1910's; some from Sing Sing prison.

[Co-operative League of America] - ca.1916-1919; Principles and Aims, Preamble, By-laws, etc.

"Corrao, Avv.  Francis L." - correspondence, relevant to court appeals.

"Federazione, Italiana" - correspondence, papers, and clippings, 1923-1925.  Included is Il Lavoro, Vol.  XII, No. 41, Nov. 1, 1924.

[No Title] - extensive folder with correspondence, materials relevant to Alba Nuova, and correspondence from Italian Communist Party, 1930.

“…..American Labor Movement" - newspaper clippings and some correspondence, 1920's.

"World's Work" - letter, Nov. 20, 1927, asking for an issue of World's Work.

"Western Union Telegraph" - letter, Nov. 11, 1927, with reference to a lost telegraph.

"Fascismo" - predominantly newspaper clippings, 1921-1926, with carbon copy of "Ai Lavoratori Ed Agli Italiani Tutti" by the Circolo di Cultura Sociale, Rochester.

"Fascismo" - predominantly news clippings, 1921-1923, with some notes by Capraro.  Found is a copy of Giovinezza, Vol.  I, No. XXV, July 7, 1923 (Fascist propaganda, Boston, Mass.).

"Federazione dei Lavoratori Italiani d'America"

“Federazione Italiana Fra Operai Tessili" - correspondence and clippings, 1920.  Most correspondence with Amerigo Strobino of the Federation (Milan).

"Hamburg International" - Newspaper clippings and articles relative to above, 1923.  Four issues of Avanti (Milan); 1) Vol.  XXVII, No. 122, May 24, 1923; 2) Vol.  XXVII, No. 125, May 27-28, 1923; 3) Vol. XXVII, No. 127, May 30, 1923; and 4) Vol.  XXVII, No. 124, May 26, 1923.

"Ireland" - newspaper clippings, 1921-1922.

"Irredentismo Siciliano" - one clipping, Oct. 3, 1925.

"Political Situation (International)" - newspaper clippings, 1918-1924.

"Material to be Filed" - news clippings relevant to U.S. labor, 1924-1925.  Also articles on Mussolini and KKK.

"Minor-Oneal Controversy" - two clippings, Feb.-March 1921, dealing with Robert Minor and James Oneal.

"Mussolini - Social Centers" - News clippings, 1924-1925.

"MacDonald, J. Ramsay"   news clippings on English Labor, 1924.

"Newspaper clippings" 1925-1927, dealing with such topics as Labor, Mexico, Aliens, etc.

"Il Nuovo Mondo" - correspondence, and papers, 1925, relevant to the publication Il Nuovo Mondo.  Reference made, for example, to Ballanca's catering to the Jewish Daily Forward people.

"Norwich (Conn.) Situation- (Worcester, Mass.-included)" - correspondence, 1924, dealing with labor conditions.

"Philadelphia, Pa., 1925" - correspondence and papers, 1920-1925, dealing with the ACWA (Local 139), covering organizing attempts, appeals to Italian workers, etc.

"Philadelphia Situation" - correspondence and papers, 1924, relevant to ACWA in Philadelphia.  Included, for example, is an apparent organizing list of clothing manufacturers in Philadelphia.

"Profughi - Loro Diritto D'Asilio" - correspondence and papers, 1926, dealing with Italian refugees, and a conference of U.S. labor organizations, called to discuss the problem as it pertained to U.S.

“Poyntz, Juliet Stuart" - two letters, 1929, exchange with Poyntz, of the International Labor Defense.  In this correspondence Poyntz discusses the ILS's anti-Fascist stand.

"Prohibition" - news clippings, 1926.

"Red Bank, N.J. (Bellia Investigation)" - report, 1924, on Local 164 (ACWA) by Bruno Bellia, General Organizer.

"Red Bank, N.J." - correspondence and papers, 1920-1921.  Of particular interest is correspondence with Miss Bertha Wallerstein, who apparently did some investigative work, under an assumed name, for Capraro and the ACWA in 1920.

"Russian-American Industrial Corporation"- Correspondence, 1922, concerning shares, etc., of the above organization.

[Folder Title Missing] - Sixty page paper on Albert Belanow, an agent of the Dept. of Justice, and Thiel and Burns Detective agencies and the "red raids." Belanow exposed as "paid agents" many men who served in various radical organizations.  Possibly written in late 1920's, but actually no date given.

"Socialism in the U.S." - correspondence and clippings, 1919-1922.  Correspondence includes P. Troilo, Executive Secretary of the Italian Interstate Federation, S.P.; and L. Quintilano, Sec. of the Italian Comm. for the Defense of Political Victims.

"Socialism in Germany" - clippings, 1918-1922. 

"Socialism in Italy" - news clippings, 1921. 

"Socialism in Belgium' - news clippings, 1921. 

"Socialism in England" - newsclippings, 1921.

"Socialists and the Third Party (La Follette's)" - primarily news clippings, 1921-1924; also, a paper "Mr.  La Follette's Cabinet, by Capraro (1924).

"Science and Dogma:" - several clippings, 1914 and 1922; for example, the IWW and churches.

"Socialist - International Conferences" - three clippings, 1921 and 1922.

"Syndicalism" - clippings, 1921-1922.  Also, brochure on the reasons and plan of "Amalgamation" and front page only of Il Proletario, Vol.  XXV, No. 9, Feb. 26, 1921.

"Soviet Russia" - predominantly clippings, 1921-1922.  Included is a copy of a letter from Arturo Giovannitti to Capraro (1921) dealing with the Garibaldi Cooperative Navigation Co. and Russia.

"Soviet Russia" - news clippings, 1924.

"Utica, N.Y. - Situation" - correspondence and several news clippings, 1925, relevant to labor situation in Utica.  Enclosed is an issue of  L'Ordine (Utica), Vol.  IV, No. 7, Feb. 12, 1925.

"Amato, Pino" - correspondence, 1945-1949 (4 letters), mentioning politics, etc.

"Antoine, Hon. Jacques C." - letter to Antoine from Capraro, June 9, 1945, relevant to Latin American affairs.

"Argentina - Meat Prices" - receipts and price list, 1952.

"Argentina Trip" - cancelled checks, 1951.

"Philip Arsenault - Snow Removal" - cancelled checks for services rendered, 1963

5 “Bellanca, August" - correspondence, 1935-1962, covering personal as well as labor matters.

"Bellanca, G.M. (Mrs.)" - correspondence, 1937-1960 with Dorthy Bellanca, wife of Giuseppe M. Bellanca (father of August).

"Bibona, Sally (of Bibona and Pilone)" - correspondence and cancelled checks, 1936-1937, pertaining to personal loans and services.

"Bivona, Giuseppe" - personal correspondence, 1952 and 1963, with Bivona, in Sciacca (Sicily).  Discuss memories, the town of Sciacca (Capraro's birth place) , etc.

"Bolaffio, Robert E." - correspondence, 1949-1966, dealing with labor matters.

"Bonelli, Edward" - one letter (to Bonelli) Dec. 13, 1962, of a personal nature, mentioning Marie's health, etc.

"Brizzie, Clayton - President, Milan Local Gun Club, Inc." - membership cards and correspondence, 1964 and 1965.

"Chambers, Guy" - correspondence, 1973, relating to order of a book on Italian history.

"Capraro, Anthony - Personal Emblem' - sample of the emblem on Capraro's personal stationery, n.d.

"Capraro, Anthony A. - Prison Record and Pardon" - documents pertinent to above, including a pardon signed by Alfred Smith; 1908-1927 (including one clipping, 1964).

"Capraro, Anthony and Marie - Membership Records" - membership cards, dues stamps, and certificates, 1919-1959.  Included is an ACWA constitution.

"Capraro, Marie B. (also letter to RCA)" - letters written to Marie from Anthony, 1958-1959.

"Capraro, Anthony (on Palestine) - one "note,"-n.d, relevant to an article on Palestine. (ca.1940's?).

"Capraro, Anthony - Income Tax Report for 1932" - contents as above.

"Chinnici (Dale Fashions, Inc. contract of Employment)" - correspondence contract, and    Deposit slips, 1967-1968, relevant to Capraro's work as a "1abor consultant" at Dale Fashions,  Inc. Also, Chinnici family photos.

"Chinnici - Dale Fashions, Inc.  Olympia Receipt" - one receipt (copy), Feb. 10, 1968, for an Olympia portable typewriter.

“Chinnici - Dale Fashions, Inc. 1968 Payments" - some correspondence and receipts,1968 and 1973.  Receipts are for expenses incurred by Capraro as a labor consultant.

"Chinnici (American Sportswear Contributions) 1965-1966" - correspondence and receipts, 1965-1966, of contributions to Capraro by Chinnici.

"Chinnici Expenses and Salary payments (see "Deposits" and "Income" pages also)"- correspondence and "expenses" lists, 1959-1961, relative to Capraro's work with American Sportswear.

"Chinnici, George Salvatore - Born Feb. 5, 1934" - correspondence, 1945-1975, of a personal nature with George Chinnici, Capraro's Godson.  Also included are numerous photos [n.d.] presumably of the Capraros with members of the Chinnici family.

"Clippings" - miscellaneous-news clippings, 1954, on various subjects (Haiti, McCarthy, tomatoes, etc.).

"Cohn-Haft, Anthony Capraro (Macy's receipt for Tonio's gun)" - family correspondence, 1959-1960.

"Commissioners of Jurors - Dutchess county - Anthony Capraro" - correspondence and "questionnaires," 1956, 1967, and 1968, relative to jury duty.  The 1956 questionnaire lists Capraro's reason for declining such duty. (only social scientists or psychiatrists can judge "social ills").

"Cook, Mercer and Vashti" - correspondence, 1963-1969, with Mercer Cook (and wife), Prof. of Romance Languages, Howard University.

"Crime and Criminals" - news clippings on Minot F. Jelhe, 1953.

"De Luca, Philip" - correspondence, 1924-1973; covers many subjects, with particular interest in expressing Capraro's views of Adolph Eichmann's trial, 1961.

"De Rossi, Angelo (Vineland, N.J.)" - correspondence, 1940 (copy dated 1965), with Angelo DeRossi, of the Vineland clothing contractors.

"Di Tullio, Aldo and Eileen" - some correspondence and publicity material, 1960-1974, relevant to the soprano, Eileen Di Tullio.

"Dowyon, Guy A." - correspondence, 1956-1958, with some "personal thoughts" on life by Capraro.

"Fur Storage Receipts" - as above, 1960-1971 (for fur coat).

"Galindez" - Las Americas Publishing Co., list, 1954, which includes a work by Jesus de Galindez.

"Giovannitti, Arturo" - two letters from Arturo, 1935 and 1936.

"Gomez De Silva, Guido" - correspondence, 1953-1958; mentions Capraro's help in acquiring suits for Gomez.

"Gonzalez Alvarez, Salvador" - Holiday greetings, 1963; message written by Capraro, 1965.

"Gugliotta, Enzo (Office of War Information)" - one letter to Gugliotta, July 15, 1943, including a short piece written by Capraro on Sicily and anti-Mussolini; this was possibly to be used by Office of War Information.

"Hillman, Sidney" - correspondence, 1926, including Capraro's lengthy letter of resignation as an organizer of ACWA (Aug. 1926).

"Keller, Charles, Judith, Daniel, Katy and Martha" - correspondence, 1961-1964; and materials pertinent to a Mediterranean cruise (1961); photos included.

"Kennedy, John F., President of the U.S.A." - copy of a message to J.F.K., June 10, 1963, by Capraro and Bellino families.

"Levinson, Edward" - correspondence, 1934, and news clippings.  Levinson was Labor Editor for The New York Evening Post.

"Medical Remedies for all Sorts of Pain - Miracles!!" - remedies found in a book published in 1895, copies dated 1974.

"Prosio, Arthur" - cancelled checks, and few pieces of correspondence, ca.1944-1952. Prosio did yard work for Capraro.

"Quintiliano, Luigi" - one letter, Jan. 9, 1943, concerning a translation job, written on I.L.G.W.A. stationery.

"Schlassberg, Stephen J. and Mary - Washington, D.C." - several pieces of correspondence, 1957-1960, of a personal nature (thank-you notes, get-well wishes, etc.).

"Sereni, Angelo Piero" - correspondence, 1944-1958; included is a memorandum for Capraro on "Jews in Italy" written by Sereni, 1944.

"Tabet, Dr. Duccio"   correspondence, 1943 (two pieces), on Fascism.

"Viola, Salvatore" three letters, 1953 and 1955, mentioning Cervantes, Frank Bellanca, others.

"American Society for Cultural Relations with Italy, Inc." - correspondence and papers, 1946-1950.  Capraro served as organization's treasurer.

"Baccaro, John P."- correspondence, 1945-1946, one piece mentions Fascism.

"Basolis, Joseph" - correspondence and photos, 1947 (two letters), some mention of socialism, and Capraro's views.

"Bellanca, August"    extensive correspondence, 1919-1948.

"Bellanca, Frank" correspondence, 1914-1925 (one piece dated 1947), mentioning labor matters.

"Bentivegna (Vedova), Ignazio Campo" - two letters, 1948, of basically a personal nature.  Bentivegna from Sciacca, Capraro's home town.

"Bertacchini, Amos -a typical fascist faker" - one letter, May 27, 1946, from Bertacchini, concerning a brief genealogy of the "Tomasi" name, of Sicily.

"Biancalani, Pier Luigi" - one letter, July 9, 1948, to Biancalani, about a personal visit to one Dr. Sorell. [missing?]

"Bloncourt Family - Correspondence “- correspondence, 1945-1949, much in French.

"Bogat, F.L." - correspondence, 1945-1947.  Personal correspondence, from Haiti.

"Border Forwarding Agency, Laredo, Texas" - correspondence and receipts, 1946-1947, dealing with goods "forwarded" to Capraro.  Goods purchased in Mexico.

"Borgese,.  .  . “- one card, 1944, with name Dominica Borgese engraved upon it.

"Brancati, Dr. Joseph" - three pieces of correspondence, 1945 and 1948, discussing personal matters - dogs, weather, etc.

"Brennan, Earl" - correspondence, 1945, concerning an immigration visa for Mary 

"Brunori, Dr. Nicola" - correspondence, 1943 and 1966.  Concerned Brunori, and one 
Fascist, Lido Belli; also, Brunori published an article in La Parola, 1965.

"Bryant Book Shop" - receipts, 1949, indicate what books Capraro purchased.

"Campbell, Mrs. Hugh (Eleanor)" - two greeting cards, ca.1948.

"Candido, Dott.  Salvino" - correspondence, 1946-1966, discusses many and diverse topics - literature, society, etc.

"Cannon, J.P." - correspondence, 1936, concerning a loan to Mrs. Anthony Ramuglia.

"Travel Expenses (Capraro, Anthony and Marie)" - cancelled checks, 1946-

"Capraro, Accursia Russo" - correspondence, 1948, with Capraro's niece in Sciacca (Italy).  Concerns primarily a package of clothing sent to Italy.

"Capraro, Baldassare fu Diego" - correspondence, 1947-1950, with Capraro's cousin in Sciacca.  Personal matters discussed with references to emigration, conditions at Sciacca, etc.

"Capraro, Calogero" - correspondence, 1947-1948 with another cousin of Capraro (in Sciacca).  Also mentions packages and items exchanged between the families.

"Capraro, Gioacchino" - correspondence, 1947-1949, with another cousin in Sciacca.  Deals again with personal and family matters, but interspersed are references to society, government, and politics.

"Capraro, Hugo" - one cancelled check and receipt, 1946, of a loan to Hugo by Anthony.

"Capraro, Vincenzo (fu Giuseppe)" - correspondence, 1948-1950, with a nephew of Capraro, from Sciacca.  Enclosed are photos.

"Catanzaro, Rev.  Joseph" - one letter, Sept. 11, 1948, to Catanzaro from Capraro, which congratulates Catanzaro for his work among the poor ("Italians" in New York).

"Cavicchia, Hon. Peter A."- correspondence, 1931-1937, with Cavicchia, U.S. Representative of 11th  District of New Jersey.  Numerous correspondence which deals with labor and immigration matters, as well as other topics.

"Ceramica de Guadalajara Mexico, D.F." - correspondence and receipts, 1947, relative to goods Capraro purchased in Mexico.

6 "Chiarello, Dott.  Francesco" - three letters, 1948, exchanged with Chiarello, in Palermo.  Letters of friendship and thanks for packages sent by Capraro.

"Cicognani, Ing.  Aldo" - correspondence and greeting cards, 1947-ca. 1949, from Mexico.  Primarily personal exchanges of friendship and greetings.

"Ciaccio, Francesco" - one letter, Oct. 14, 1948, to Ciaccio (in Sciacca) primarily of thanks for hospitality shown Capraro when he was in Italy.

"Conservation Department - State of N.Y." - correspondence, 1937 and 1946, dealing with a fire on the Capraro farm (1937), and importation of cottontail rabbits (1946).

"Coratolo, Michael" - correspondence and cancelled checks, 1947-1950; wedding invitation, and thank you notes.

"Corsi, Edward, Hon." - correspondence, 1937-1944; discusses labor and politics.

"Coste, Marius" - one letter, Sept. 26, 1948, to Coste, concerning clothing.

"Cottone, Signora Antonia - Vedova Giuseppe Capraro" - correspondence, 1948-1949, with Capraro's cousin (in Sciacca), discussing family matters.

"Crane, John O." - correspondence, 1947-1951, discussing lawsuits, and various personal matters.

"Crocetti, Guido" - two letters; 1943, discussing a publication sent by Capraro (La Legione).

"Cuban Fascists" - "Form letter" of appeal, June 1, 1964, for funds from "Il Frente - Alpha 66 - M.R.P."(for Cuba).

"Cupelli, Alberto" - notice of a reunion of anti- Fascists, Nov. 30, 1946.

"Di Gloria, Maria" - correspondence, 1946, with Marie Capraro.  Di Gloria corresponded from Ragusa, Sicily - personal and friendly correspondence.

"D'Agostino (Lago) John L." - correspondence and news clipping, 1948, discussing union matters, as well as other topics.

"De Angelis, Emmanuel" - two pieces, 1942; wedding invitation, and a note indicating the inability to attend.

"De Gregorio, John" - correspondence, 1927-1929; includes cards and letters, some of which discuss Capraro's newspaper.

"De Roma, Ralph" - correspondence, 1946-1951; De Roma was a tailor in Canada, seeking work in U.S.

"Di Maggio, Nino" - correspondence, 1945-1949; concerns, to a degree, the immigration of Capraro's wife, Marie.

"Di Palma, Frank" - correspondence, 1947-1951; of a personal nature with interesting comments about American society (Di Palma lived in Italy).

"Di Palma, Louis" - letter and a list of goods, Jan. 1951, relating to items purchased by Capraro from Di Palma.

"European Railway Express" - correspondence, 1947, for items sent to Sciacca by Capraro.

"Faine, Jules" - one letter, May 27, 1945, concerning an exchange of books.

"Fardella, U.D.J. - Taormina, etc." - correspondence, 1945-1946 (from Italy); a piece from Antonina Taormina written on stationery from “Unione Doune Italiane”(Palermo).

"Fano, Ing.  S.G." - one letter, June 16, 1946 to Capraro, discusses Italian politics.

"Forbes, Bruce Willard" - one letter, Sept. 11, 1948, to Forbes, concerning a visa.

"Fortini, Sig.  Guido (fu Carlo)"- correspondence, 1947-1948.  Fortini lived in Palermo and letters discuss some political matters, friendship greetings, etc.

"Franzen, Georg and Hanna" - advertising flyer [n.d] from Georg's Mill Inn, N.Y.

"Fromer, Julian P." - one letter, Sept. 26, 1948, to Fromer (in Palermo), primarily exchanging pleasantries.

"Gagliano, Leonardo and Mariedda" - correspondence, 1948-1950, with Capraro's cousin (in Sciacca).  Personal and family correspondence with photos included.

"Galgani, Louis" - letter, Sept. 22, 1943, written by Galgani from an Internment Camp in Bombay.

"Gallo, Alfonso" - correspondence, 1948-1949 (from Sciacca), discussing, among other topics, proposed immigration to America.

"Gallo, Avv.  Luigi" - one letter, July 9, 1948, to Gallo concerning political topics.

"Garretto, Ing.  Giuseppe" - letter, Nov. 23, 1948, giving Garretto's address in Sicily.  Garretto authored Sicilia, Terra Di Dolore.

"Genovese, James" - correspondence, 1947-1949, primarily deal with one Joseph Spiotta.  Genovese lived in Caracas, Venezuela.

"Giattini, James A." - card and letter, 1950; exchanging greetings, and ticket to Edward Corsi testimonial dinner.

"Gomez De Silva, Guido" - letter and cancelled check, 1949, regarding a payment for Gomez De Silva.

"Gonzalez, Senor Don Benjamin" - several miscellaneous pieces of correspondence, 1949, dealing with items such as cards, etc.

"Gottlieb, Sanford (Sandy) and Gladys" - correspondence, 1948, personal nature.

"Goudchaux, Gilles" - two letters, 1948.

"Gould, Milton (Ascri attorney)" - two letters, 1948, concerning the American Society for Cultural Relations with Italy.

"Gozzoli, Virgilio" - two letters, 1947.

"Greater Clothing Contractors Association" - correspondence, by-laws, and meeting minutes, 1942-1946.

"Granata, Harold Michael" - two letters, 1948 and 1949.

"Guadagna, Titta" - correspondence, 1948-1951, from Sciacca, Sicily.  Political topics discussed.

"Haitian Correspondence" - correspondence, 1945-1948, from various individuals from Haiti.

"Impellitteri, Vincent R." - correspondence, 1950-1951.  Impellitteri was President of N.Y. City Council, later mayor.

"Italian Shipping Company" - correspondence, 1949, concerning a package from Sicily.

"Kennel Food Supply Co." - correspondence and cancelled checks, 1948-1949, for dog supplies.

"Leger, Georges N. (L.  Georges)" - correspondence, 1945-1951, personal nature.

"Address of Relief Committee in Italy" - some correspondence and listings, ca.1946, "Unione Donne Italiane."

"Levy, Joseph - Crawford Clothes"- one piece, Jan 25, 1947, of thanks for a contribution to a medical research fund.

“…Liberto, John" - correspondence, 1922-1950, deals in some parts with Capraro's newspaper efforts.

"Lichtman, Louis" - two letters, 1948, referring a French textile firm to Lichtman, N.Y. Pressing Machinery.

"Lorino, A." - correspondence, 1945-1947, of personal and "friendship" nature.

"L'Uomo Qualunque Movement (Neo-Fascism in Italy)" - newspaper clippings, 1945-1946.  Included are full issues of: L'Adunata, Vol.  XXIV, No. 51 (Dec. 22, 1945); and L'Italia Libera (N.Y.), Vol.  V, No. 7 (Feb. 16, 1946).

7 “Lupis, Lucia R." - correspondence, 1949; Don Sturzo, a mutual friend, was topic of correspondence.

"Mameli, Hugo" - correspondence, 1946-1950; politics and August Bellanca

"Marchisio, Juvenal" - one letter, Feb. 16, 1949, from Marchisio, President, American Relief for Italy, Inc.

"Massa, Josephine" - two pieces of correspondence, 1947, mutual greetings.

"Mercuro, Nick" - correspondence and cancelled checks, 1946-1947, concerning labor performed and medicines.

"Mexico" - primarily news clippings , 1947.

"Giacobbe, Romolo" - correspondence, 1946-1948, labor matters.

"Miscellaneous clippings and notes, letters" - ca.1940-1943. News clippings; letters, one of Tresca; and ' L'Unita del Popolo (N.Y.), Vol. 5, No. 37 (Sept. 11, 1943).  Also, article on Gaetano Salvemini.

"Nardoni, Mario …” - correspondence, 1947-1948.

“Oreggia, Marco (Charles)” - one piece of correspondence, and a "Passenger List," 1950.

"Pacciardi Refugee Fund" - contribution and collection lists, 1938-1940.

"Pacciardi - from: June; 1944 - on to:" - correspondence and news clippings, with Pacciardi family.

"Pacciardi, Randolfo" - correspondence and papers, ca.1938-1946.

"Papponi, Armando" - correspondence, 1946 (ACWA).

"Petoia, Aristide Haiti" - correspondence, 1947.

"Pietrouisti, Dr. Marcello" - two pieces of correspondence, 1948.

"Prince - Born September, 1946" - cancelled checks and papers (for Capraro's dog), 1947.

"Pusateri, Giuseppina" - two pieces of correspondence, 1948.

"Ragusa, Dott.  Giuseppe" - correspondence, 1948-1949.

"Raso, Signorina Accursia" - correspondence, 1948.

"Riggio, Giuseppe"  -  correspondence, 1948.

"Roewer, George E." - correspondence, 1923-1947.

"Romualdi, Serafino"   -correspondence, 1949.

"Salomon, Senor Simon" - correspondence and photos, 1947.

"Sanfilippo, Accursio" - one letter, July 9, 1948.

"Sanfilippo, Nunzio" - correspondence, 1948-1950.

"Santangelo, Alberto (Pietrina Gallezzo?)" - correspondence, 1948-1950.

"Saragat - Matteotti - Antonini - Popo" - following newspaper issues:
         La Parola (N.Y.), Vol.  III, No. 37, Sept. 20, 1947
         _________, Vol. VIII, No.31, Aug. 2, 1947.
         _________, Vol. VIII, No.28, July  12, 1947
         _________, Vol. VIII, No.27, July  5, 1947.
         _________, Vol. VIII, No.30, July  26, 1947.
        _________, Vol. VIII, No.29, July  19, 1947.

         Il Progresso (N.Y.), Vol.   LXVIII, No. 187, July 6, 1947.
         _________, Vol.  LXVIII, No. 183, July 2, 1947.
         _________, Vol.  LXVIII, No. 239, Aug. 27, 1947.

         Giustizia (N.J.), Vol.  XXX, No. 8, Aug. 1947.
         _________, Vol.  XXX, No. 7, July, 1947.

        other "portions," 1947.

"Schafran, Joseph" - correspondence and "house plans," 1947.

"Sciacca-Donations" - correspondence and photo, 1948.

"Sicily (from April 1947)" - news clippings, 1947.

"Silva, Dr. Jose’" - extensive folder of correspondence and papers, 1947-1953.

"Sorell, Dr. Carlo" - correspondence and "vitae," 1951.

"Spalliva, Pasquale" - correspondence, 1948-1949.

"Spiotta, Joseph" - correspondence and cancelled checks, 1928-1949.

"Sussman, H.J." - correspondence, Henry J. Sussman, 1950.

"Taddei, Enzio" - correspondence and clippings, ca.1942-1946.

"Tarchiani, Albert”  - two pieces of correspondence, and photo, 1941-1942.

"Trippodo, Onofrio”-correspondence, 1944-1948.

"Tyler, Miss Helen"-two pieces of correspondence, n.d.

"Vacirca, Giovacchino"- one letter, 1943.

"Verna, Yves" -two pieces of correspondence, 1947.

"Wachtel, Mitchell" - greeting card (with photo), 1946.

"Walters, Sarah" - one letter, 1947.

"Weisberg, William (Wearbest Clo.  Co.) - donation to the Italian People's Union" - correspondence, 1943-1949.

"Cavicchia, Peter A." - correspondence, 1934-1936 (Cavicchia was a U.S. Representative from New Jersey).

"Contributions" - cancelled checks and some correspondence, 1943-1951, pertaining to Capraro's contributions to various causes.

"Cooperativa Garibaldi, Inc." - correspondence and papers relative to above organization, 1934-1935.

"Corsi, Edward" - one cancelled check, 1941.

"De Bonis, Camillo (Newark, N.J.)" - correspondence, 1940.

"Del Vescovo" - correspondence and cancelled checks, 1937-1942.

"Di Nardo, Joseph" - correspondence and cancelled checks; 1924-1937.

"D'Onofrio, Michael" - correspondence, 1937-1938.

"D'Onofrio Brothers"

"Feinstein, A.J. (Atterburg Clothes Ltd.)" - one letter, April, 1946.

"Kleinman (Izzy and Nathan)" - correspondence and checks, 1942-1943

8 “Liberal Press" - receipts and checks to Liberal Press, Inc., 1939 and 1942.

"La Guardia Campaign, 1933" - cancelled checks, 1933.

"Marinaro, Alfred" - one letter and check, 1943.

"Manarglia (?), Pacifico" - receipts and check, 1938 and 1941.

"Marcantonio, Vito" - one check, 1938.

"Mercuro, Miss Emilia" - greeting cards, 1941.

"National Geographic Society" - correspondence, 1943.

"Newark Clo. Mfg. Contractors Ass'n Inc." - correspondence, meeting notes, etc., 1930-1940.

"Newark Expenses and Collections up to March 31, 1935" - lists of expenses, receipts, etc., 1935-1937.

"Publications" - cancelled checks and receipts for publications subscribed by Capraro, 1933-1949.

"Pacciardi, Randolfo (Personal Finances)" - cancelled checks, 1942.

"Pappani, Armando" - one cancelled check, 1934.

"Preziosi, Andrew" - cancelled check, 1941.

"Marie B. Capraro - Trips" - travel brochures, menus, photo-postcards, 1937.

"Salvadori, Max" - articles.

"Vacirca [Vincent]" - cancelled check, 1939.

[miscellaneous note pad on Lawrence Strike of 1919]

"Lawrence, Mass. 1919 Strike in Textile Industry" - clippings, correspondence, etc.

"Lawrence, Mass.  Strike, 1919" - clippings and affidavit.

"Textile Situation in U.S." - correspondence and clippings, 1919-1920.

"Lawrence Textile Strike 1919 - (Anna Louise Strong on the)" - correspondence and clippings.

"Lawrence, 1919, Strike - Bert Emsley" - correspondence, 1919-1920.

"Lawrence Strike, 1919" - correspondence and periodical material, including:
         La Luce (Lawrence), Vol.  II, No. 32, Nov. 19, 1921.
         La Difesa (Lawrence), Vol.  II, No. 49, Dec. 31, 1921

"Lawrence, Mass, 1919 Strike Documents"- -personal accounts, etc.

"American Friends of Sicilian Welfare" -   [no contents]

"Capraro, Anthony - Manifesto del Partito Redenzionista Siciliano" correspondence and written manifesto, 1925.

"Young People's International League (Lawrence, Mass.)" - typescript of principles, n.d. [1919?]

"Capraro, Anthony - Writings" - contains numerous materials; typescripts, articles, etc., ca.1917-1925. Includes:

         II Lavoro (N.Y.), Vol.  XIII, No. 3 (Jan. 31, 1925) 
         _________, Vol.  XIII, No. 2 (Jan. 17, 1925) 
         _________, Vol.  XII, No. 32 (August 16, 1924) 
         L'Operaia (N.Y.), Vol.  V, No. 26 (June 24, 1916) 
         Il Proletario, Vol.  XXV, No. 18 (May 7- 1921)
         _________, Vol.  XXV, No. 15 (April 9, 1921)
         Il Martello (N.Y.), Vol.  XI, No. 32 (August 29, 1925)

"[John T.] Rosa" - correspondence with, 1949-1964.

"Padre Arena"   correspondence with Padre Michele Arena, 1950-1961.

"Hugo Rolland"   correspondence with, 1952-1965.

"Segreto, Stefano" - correspondence, 1967-1968; and publication dated 1922.

"Spanish Sonnet" - sonnets (typescripts) written by anonymous poets, n.d.

"Sonnet" - similar to above folder, n.d.

clothing model forms?

9 “[Publications]" - Guru Gobind Singh, 300th Birthday Souvenir, January 18, 1967.

"Erasmo Abate (Hugo Rolland)" - Issue of La Conquista (Phil.  PA) Vol.  II, No. 26, April 23, 1921.

"Don Rodrigo de Narvaez y la Hermosa..." - two-page typescript, n.d.

"Winslow, Paul T. (Parkway Commission)"- correspondence , blueprints, etc., 1959-1970.

"[Loose Items]" - three loose items, including copy of R.J. Vecoli "The Italian Americans" (apparently with Capraro underlinings).

"Capraro, Anthony, Personal Letterheads" - a note, n.d., writer unknown.

“[Loose Items]” - two publishers book lists, and one piece correspondence to Sam Sutro, Nov. 18, 1965.

"Receipts - Contributions, Itemized List" - notes and lists as per above 1948-1949.

"La Parola Del Papolo , 73, June-July 1965."

"Lopez Vazquez, Francisca (Paquita)" - correspondence, 1962-1965.

"Chaelebois, Lucila" - correspondence, 1969.

[Envelope containing pamphlets-marked "Salvadore Dream Revolution"]
Author/title as follows"

     1) Dr. Milton R. Sapirstein, Ethical Frontiers, 1950
     2) Massimo Salvadori, Il problema piu grave per l'Italia, 1965
     3) Luis Alberto Monge, No Hay Revolucion Sin Libertad, ca.1961
     4) Luce Fabbri, La Liberta nelle Crisi Revoluzionarie, 1947
     5) Smith College, The Renaissance Reconsidered, A Symposium, 1964
     6) Eric E. Lampard, Industrial Revolution, 1957
     7) Max Salvadori, Consistenza, 1965
     8) L'astrolabio (Rome), Vol.  III, No. 12 (July 1-15, 1965)

"[Large Envelope]" - contains news items (articles, periodicals, etc., U.S.), New York Review of Books, and various miscellaneous items, 1973.

"Correspondence - To Be Attended To" - photos taken on May 6, 1919 after Capraro was beaten by a mob in Lawrence, Mass.

"[Untitled Folder]" - contains numerous misc. correspondence, articles, etc. [much in Spanish], ca.1947-1967.

"Correspondence to be Filed" - three pieces of correspondence, 1973.

"Italo-American Fakers" - materials relating to Ario Flamma's Italiani Di America, 1936.

"Di Nardo, Joseph (correspondence 1952-1964)" - as per above.

"Books and Publications" - correspondence, receipts, cancelled checks relative to reading material of Capraro, 1953-1969.

“[Large photo of the "4th Biennial Convention"-ACWA - Boston, Mass., May 10, 1920.]”

10 “Bellino Correspondence up to August 23, 1961" - Paul Bellino, correspondence, 1947-1961.

"Donations - Records up to the End of 1968" - correspondence, receipts, and cancelled checks relative to above, 1953-1968.

"[One Large Envelope] " - miscellaneous correspondence, publications, etc., dating from about the 1920's to 1965.

"Ten issues of La Parola del Popolo, 1964, 1965, 1974, and 1975 (some duplicates) "

11 “Mafia" - articles on the mafia, 1961-1970.

"[Untitled Folder] miscellaneous clippings, correspondence, and photos, ca.1920's-1970's.

"[Publications] " - as follows:

1)   Travel Tips . . . Spain, 1958
2)   Revista de Occidente, (Madrid), Vol.  II, No. 16 (July 1964)
3)   Caminos, Vol.  III, No. 1 (Sept., 1961)
4)   Stanford Lions Club Hometown Frolics [n.d]
5)   Max Salvadori, Autunno Americano [n.d]
6)   Massimo Salvadori, Da Roosevelt a Kennedy, 1964
7) Max Salvadori, McCarthy and European Anti-Americanism, a letter from Europe, 1953.
8)   Max Salvadori, A Comment on the Radicalism of the Left Addressed to the "New Left," ca.1967
9)   Max Salvadori, "A Stone of Stumbling" The Debate on Democracy between the second  and third Internationals 1919-1922, 1970
10) Massimo Salvadori, Radicalismo e liberta [n.d.]
11) Max Salvadori, Comments on the Free Use of Reason: Key to Progress, ca.1966
12) Max Salvadori, Lettera Dall' America, 1962
13) Max Salvadori, Brief History of the Patriot Movement in Italy 1943-1945, 1954
14) Massimo Salvadori, Il problema piu grave per l'Italia, ca.1965 (includes two letters, 1966)
15) Separata De La Revista Del Instituto De Ciencias Sociales, 1965
16) Dott. Alberto Scaturro, Il Patrimonio Termale Di Sciacca, 1949 (,Sciacca)
17) Interrante Maria, Le Tradizioni Popolari_Di Sciacca, 1947 (Sciacca)
18) Five issues of Kronion, published-in-Sciacca, 1951, 1955, and 1960

"[Loose Leaf folder]' - contains correspondence, clippings, etc., 1920's-1939(?). Includes:

La Parola (N.Y.), XXXI - Vol.  I - No. 33, (Oct. 14, 1939); and 
La Parola, XXXI - Vol.  I - No. 32, (Oct. 7, 1939).
"Clippings for Haitian Scrap Book" - clippings, correspondence, and photos, ca.1940's.

“Newspaper Clippings of Importance" - clippings and photos, ca.1917-1940's.

Italian Tribune (Newark), XV, 32 (Aug. 9, 1946);
L'unita del popolo (N.Y.), V, 8 (Feb. 20, 1942).
“[Envelope with following pamphlets ]" -
1) Giorgio Yvetat, A.B.C. Sindacale, published by Italian Socialist Federation, n.d.
2) Giantino, Unionismo Industriale and Sindacalismo, (N.Y.), n.d.
3) La Tattita Sindacalistain America, (N.Y.), n.d.
4) Dio e patria (N.Y.), n.d.
"[Envelope with following pamphlets]
1) Clarissa S. Ware, The American Foreign-Born Workers, (N.Y.), ca.1920's
2) G. Cannata, La Technica Industriale E La Rivoluzione Proletaria, (N.Y.), n.d.
3) Albino Braida,.La Societa Proletaria (N.Y.), n.d.
"Two periodicals" 
1) Max Salvadori, De La Democratie Americaine, (Paris), 1938
2) Salvemini: Alcuni significanti tributi. (Controcorrente, No. 5, 1958)
"[Folder added to collection ]" - writings (hand and typed) by Capraro, ca. 1920's.


"Blank Pages in Don Quijote"

"Censorship in the times of Cervantes"

"Cervantes and the Catholic church"

"Cervantes - Biography"

“Data on Source Material"

"Don Quijote's Adventures"

"Ethical Glimpses in the Spain of Don Quijote"


12 “Language - Spanish Vocabulary and Expressions"

"Miscellaneous Facts and Notes"

"Putnam's Translation of Don Quijote"

"Putnam, Mrs. Samuel - Correspondence"

"Refrains in Don Quijote"

"Stories within Don Quijote"

"The Inquisition and its Despotic Power"

"Themes and Topics in Don Quijote"

"Value of Freedom"

"Women and Womanhood"

"A Cristo crucificado" - A Poem - translated into English and Italian by

"Christopher Columbus"

"Spanish Poems"

"Jews- in present Spain"

"Correspondence with Professor Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce"

"Correspondence with Pedro and Pilar Barrera"

"Robert Bellino - Drawing of Don Quijote"

"Correspondence with Manuel Duran"


"Correspondence with Professor Tomas Navarro

"Receipts- Spain - (including books bought)"

"Spanish - Phrases, Proverbs and Quotations"

"Miscellaneous Published Articles"

"Miscellaneous Publications"

"Map of Italy"

"Putnam's Translation of Don Quijote - Articles and Variations"


Oversize I - Folder 1

1) Utopia (Rochester, N.Y.)
    1. Vol.  II, 2 (Sept. 14, 1928) -2 issues
    2. Vol.  II, 4 (Oct. 12, 1928)  -   2 issues
    3. Vol.  II, 3 (,Sept. 28, 1928) - 2 issues
    4. Vol.  I, 1 (Dec. 23, 1927)
    5. Vol.  II, 1 (Sept. 7, 1928)

2) Lotta Di Classe (N.Y.)
    1. Vol. I,  6 (Feb. 5, 1927)
    2. Vol. I, 12 (March 26, 1927)
    3. Vol. I, 15 (April 16, 1927)

3) Alba Nuova (N.Y.)
    1. Vol.  II, 1 (Feb. 15, 1922)
    2. Vol.  II, 2 (April 15, 1922)

4) One piece of sheet music

5) The Massachusetts Summer Collegian, Vol.  I, IV, (July 16, 1975)

6)  Photos, ca.1930's

II - Folder II - "Lawrence Materials" - news clippings, articles, Capraro's own kidnapping account, etc., relative to Lawrence strike of 1919.  Articles from The New York Call, where Capraro served as a correspondent.

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