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De Lalla, Vincenzo, b. 1883, Papers

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Creator: De Lalla, Vincenzo, b. 1883.
Dates: 1927-1964 300 L ar in
Abstract: Papers (1927-1964) of Vincenzo de Lalla (b.1883) consist of correspondence with the Italian American poets and authors Arturo Giovannitti; Nino Caradonna; Cesare Crespi; Onorio Ruotola; and others. Many of the letters contain comments on literary works and discussions of political events. In the Ruotolo and Crespi folders, requests for financial support from de Lalla and expressions of gratitude for his support are important themes. Also included are six poems by de Lalla.
Quantity: .5 lin.ft.
Language: In Italian and English.
Collection ID: IHRC522


The correspondence of Vincezo de Lalla was acquired for the Immigration History Research Center by Professor Rudolph J. Vecoli, Director, from Egidio Clemente, editor of La Parola del Popolo, in June of 1967. The papers were processed in July of 1972 by Nicholas Montalto, Research Assistant.


Vincenzo de Lalla was born May 10, 1883 in Tolve, Province of Potenza, Italy. He came to America in 1898 at the age of 15. He attended Columbia University College of Pharmacy and graduated in 1904. After graduation, he owned a pharmacy in East Utica, New York. As a devotee and patron of Italian-American literati in the United States, de Lalla had a long-standing and intimate acquaintanceship with important poets and writers including Arturo Giovannitti, Cesare Crespi, Nino Caradonna and Onorio Ruotolo. This collection consists entirely of correspondence with these individuals, the bulk of which is with Ruotolo and Crespi.


The De Lalla correspondence has been divided into five folders, according to the correspondents. Within each folder the arrangement is simply chronological. In addition there is folder of poetry.


The De Lalla, Vincenzo, b. 1883 collection is available for public research.


The De Lalla, Vincenzo, b. 1883 collection is the physical property of the Immigration History Research Center Archives, University of Minnesota.

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The De Lalla, Vincenzo, b. 1883 Papers, Italian American Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota

Index Terms

Italian American authors.
Italian American poets.
Italian Americans--New York (State)--Utica.

Description of Series

This section briefly describes each series in the collection. A more detailed description of the contents of each series may be found in the following section.

SERIES 1. Correspondence

SERIES 2. Poetry

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES 1. Correspondence

BOX 1.
FOLDER 1. Caradonna, Nino 1951-52
Matters pertaining to the publication of Caradonna's poetry.
FOLDER 2. Crespi, Cesare 1941-51
Fifteen letters from Cesare written during the last years of his life. Most relate to Crespi's final publications and state of health. Three letters written by Crespi's son, Dino Crespi, after his father's death are included.
FOLDER 3. Giovannitti, Mazzitelli and Grillo 1927-52, 1971
Six letters by Giovannitti and four by de Lalla discuss their plans for mutual visits and their common acquaintance with Cesare Crespi. One letter by Oscar Mazzitelli and one by Giacomo Grillo included.
FOLDER 4. Ruotolo, Onofrio 1938-66
A large number of letters and cards from Ruotolo to de Lalla reflecting their common interests and enduring friendship.
FOLDER 5. Correspondence - Miscellaneous 1950-76, n.d.
Includes an unidentified letter, 1950, from Pescara, Italy and a photograph of de Lalla, 1976.

SERIES 2. Poetry

BOX 1.
FOLDER 6. Poetry ca. 1965-76
Six poems by de Lalla, some in Italian.

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