Aren, Peet and Karin (nee Nordmann), Papers

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Immigration History Research Center, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota

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Dates: 1947-1993
Abstract: Aren was a painter and illustrator. Collection consists of personal papers, slides and sketches of paintings, illustrations, newspaper clippings, personal correspondence.
Quantity: 5 linear in.
Language: Estonian, English
Collection ID: IHRC595


Collection transferred to the IHRC from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A. (EAU) in 2003-2005. It was processed as part of a collaborative project between the Estonian Archives in the USA (Lakewood, NJ), the National Archives of Estonia (NAE), and the IHRC in March 2009. Gristel Ramler and Birgit Nurme of the National Archives in Tallinn, Estonia, worked with IHRC staff on the project.


Peet Aren: 29.06.1898 - 26.01.1970 New York, USA. Born in Odiste küla, Võisiku vald, Viljandimaa, Estonia. Emigrated to Germany in 1944 and to the U.S. In 1949. Karin Aren: 1904 - 2003


Collection is organized into 19 folders:

1. Karin and Peet Aren's certificates
2. Memories by Peet Aren and letter to Karin Aren, CV of Karin and Peet Aren
3. Greetings to Peet Aren (1964, 1967, 1969)
4. Correspondence
5. Correspondence with Ludvig Juht
6. Correspondence of Karin and Peet Aren
7. Patterns by Peet Aren (watercolors)
8. Sketches by Peet Aren
9. Graphic art by Peet Aren
10. Copies of art by Peet Aren
11. Catalogues of Peet Aren's art exhibitions
12. Collected newspaper clippings of Peet and Karin Aren
13. Magazine "Kunst" 1974
14. Collected materials (envelopes, clippings, programme of the jubiluem of the University of Tartu)
15. Chronicle of Fraternitas Artis (manuscript, album)
16. Documents about the activities of the Fraternitas Artis
17. The coat of arms of Peet Aren's fathers house
18. Two badges designed by Peet Aren
19. Colour slides


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The Aren, Peet and Karin (nee Nordmann) Papers, Estonian American Collection, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota