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Abstract: Personal documents; correspondence with many people active in Estonian cultural activities; papers from DP camps in Germany; lists of Estonian refugees; papers about social and cultural activities; speeches and articles by M. Jürma and authors; texts about Estonian history and culture with backup materials; USIA Voice of America Estonian department broadcasts texts etc., editorial papers; programs of cultural events; critic and reviewer of literary Estonian works and translator worked in USA as an executive secretary, translator and reviewer for Estonian cultural works; one of the founding members of corp. Filiae Patrae; worked closely with Herbert Michelson, chair of Estonian Book Year II monographs of multitude of Estonian writers, poets, i.e. Marie Under; circulars from various Estonian organization; clippings; congratulatory cards. Box 1 correspondence Box 2 clippings (by year) of reviews and articles written by M. Jürma in various periodicals, bulletins, clippings of articles of interest for Estonian cultural activities Box 3 Speeches, clippings, bulletins, congratulatory cards and letters Box 4 Printed matter, including publications from DP camps; summaries of larger topics; booklets; pamphlets dedicated to M. Jürma.
Quantity: 4 linear ft.
Language: Estonian, English, German, French
Collection ID: IHRC3788


Collection transferred to the IHRC from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A. (EAU) in 2003-2005. It was processed as part of a collaborative project between the Estonian Archives in the USA (Lakewood, New Jersey), the National Archives of Estonia (NAE), and the IHRC in March 2011. Gerli Raadik and Peeter Väljas of the National Archives in Tallinn, Estonia, worked with IHRC staff on the project.


Mall Jürma (also used Jürmann and first name Alma-Elisbet), maiden name was Kuusik. She was born on 17.09.1901 in Tallinn, Estonia and died on 21.10.1984 in Ridgefied, New Jersey, USA, 1929-1934 she was married to Endel-Erich Jürmann. She studied in Church Jaani Private Elementary School in Estonia in 1907-1913, 1913-1920 in E.Lender Girls Gymnasium, 1921-1927 in University of Tartu, faculty of philosophy, which she graduated with MA degree in philosophy, 1950-1951 in University of Columbia Writer´s School. She worked in 1920-1921 in the National Library of Estonia, 1921-1923 in the Library of Tartu University as bibliographer, 1922-1926 in Estonian Institute of Bibliography as bibliographer, 1926-1942 in Central Library of Tallinn as senior librarian and senior assistant, 1942-1944 in Education Directorate as public libraries senior inspector and senior referent. She was also a coworker and member of the editorial office of magazines: "Eesti Kirjandus",""Varamu", "Raamatukogu", "Tallinna Keskraamatukogu Teated","Vaba Maa", "Uus Eesti", "Ajakiri Naisele" (1943-1944 editor).

In 1944, Mall Jürma went to Germany and during 1945-1948 worked in Geislingen DP camp as a secretary and interpreter. While in München during the years 1948-1949, she was an officer charged with refugee matters in The Lutheran World Federation. In Germany she was also a co-worker in Estonian refugee publications as "Kauge Kodu", "Eesti Post" and "Estonia". 1949 she emigrated to USA, where she worked in 1951-1972 USIA Voice of America Department of Estonia as a anchorperson, reporter, producer, deputy editor in chief. In USA she also worked for the publications as "Vaba Eesti Sõna", "Meie Tee", "Tulimuld", "Mana", "World Literature Today. She published several articles in yearbooks of Baltic Institute "Acta Baltica". She took part in social activities as: corp. Filiae Patriae in Estonia as a member, as a chairman of the convention and the alumni, Estonian Academic Association of Women as a head of the Tallinn department, Estonian Librarians Association, The Baltic Women's Council in Germany as a president and a founding member, Estonian Relief Committee in USA as a executive secretary, Estonian Culture Foundation in USA as a member of the board, the EELC Congregation in New York as a secretary, Estonian Women´s Association of New York as a founding member and a honorary chairman, American Association of University Women as a member. In 1939 she got the V Class Order of the Estonian Red Cross.



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The Jurma (Jürma), Mall Papers, Estonian American Collection, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota


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Description of Series

This section briefly describes each series in the collection. A more detailed description of the contents of each series may be found in the following section.

SERIES 1. Correspondence and personal documents

SERIES 2. Newspapers and clippings (folders 65-89)

SERIES 3. Documents from DP camps in Germany; manuscripts of articles and speeches by M.Jürma and other authors with background materials; programs of cultural events; congratulatory cards (folders 90-114)

SERIES 4. Printed matter; including publications from DP camps, Estonian women’s magazine "Ajakiri Naisele" (1943-1944) edited by Mall Jürma

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES 1. Correspondence and personal documents

BOX 1. Folders 1-64
FOLDER 1. Personal documents
Dance card; application for federal employment; guest book; family tree; negative (Enn with the cigarette and Visnapuu); ex libris.
FOLDER 2. Estonian Language and Literature Institute statutes, reports, budgets
FOLDER 3. Correspondence with various respondents I
FOLDER 4. Correspondence with various respondents II
FOLDER 5. Letters from Helene Johani
FOLDER 6. Letters from Õie Feig-Tamm
FOLDER 7. Letters from Aino Suits
FOLDER 8. Correspondence with Else Vilms
FOLDER 9. Letters from Lara-Okas, Adelheid (Alla)
FOLDER 10. Letters from Harry Asi
FOLDER 11. Letters and article from Aleksander Aspel
FOLDER 12. Letters from Meery Devergnas
FOLDER 13. Letters from E.Eerme
FOLDER 14. Letters from Ivan Grünthal
FOLDER 15. Letters from Piltti Heiskanen
FOLDER 16. Letters from Ella Ilbak
FOLDER 17. Letters from Ivar Ivask and articles about him
FOLDER 18. Letters from Henno Jänes
FOLDER 19. Letters from A.Järv
FOLDER 20. Letters from Ülo Jürima
FOLDER 21. Letters from Aino Kaasinen
FOLDER 22. Letters from Helmi Kaber
FOLDER 23. Correspondence with Aime Kangro
FOLDER 24. Letters from Bernhard Kangro
FOLDER 25. Letters from Helge Kjellin
FOLDER 26. Letters from Jaak Kukk
FOLDER 27. Correspondence with Ella Kuuskvere
FOLDER 28. Letters from Alfred Kurlents
FOLDER 29. Letters from Endel Kõks
FOLDER 30. Letters from Viktor Kõressaar
FOLDER 31. Letters from Elfriede Lender
FOLDER 32. Letters from Aleksander Johannes Leinjärv
FOLDER 33. Letters from Oskar Loorits
FOLDER 34. Correspondence with Iri Lutz
FOLDER 35. Letters from Mario A Marist
FOLDER 36. Letters from Morns Reed
FOLDER 37. Letters from Hildegard Must
FOLDER 38. Letters from Helmi Mäelo
FOLDER 39. Letters from G.Ney
FOLDER 40. Letters from Felix Oinas
FOLDER 41. Letters from Ants Oras
FOLDER 42. Correspondence with International PEN Club
FOLDER 43. Letters from Olev Parvo
FOLDER 44. Letters from Andres Pranspill
FOLDER 45. Letters from Veera Poska-Grünthal
FOLDER 46. Letters from H.Pullerits
FOLDER 47. Letters from Johanna Päts
FOLDER 48. Letters from Elmar Reisenberg
FOLDER 49. Correspondence with Aleksis Rannit
FOLDER 50. Letters from Valve Ristkok
FOLDER 51. Letters from Karin Saarsen
FOLDER 52. Letters from Hermann Stock
FOLDER 53. Letters from E.Sarepera
FOLDER 54. Letters from M.Under and A.Adson
FOLDER 55. Letters from Johannes Unt
FOLDER 56. Letters from A.Viirlaid
FOLDER 57. Letters and manuscripts from Asta Willmann-Linnolt
FOLDER 58. Letters to Harald Parrast
FOLDER 59. Correspondence with Henrik Visnapuu
FOLDER 60. Letters from Henrik Visnapuu Foundation
FOLDER 61. Birthday cards
FOLDER 62. M.Jürma notes I
FOLDER 63. M.Jürma notes II
FOLDER 64. Concert, exhibition and theatre programs

SERIES 2. Newspapers and clippings (folders 65-89)

BOX 2.
Folders 65-89 - Newspaper clippings

SERIES 3. Documents from DP camps in Germany; manuscripts of articles and speeches by M.Jürma and other authors with background materials; programs of cultural events; congratulatory cards (folders 90-114)

BOX 3.
Folders 90-114

SERIES 4. Printed matter; including publications from DP camps, Estonian women’s magazine "Ajakiri Naisele" (1943-1944) edited by Mall Jürma

BOX 4. Print