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Dates: 1923-1998
Abstract: Pamphlets, biographical data, newspaper clippings, correspondence, copies of manuscripts, programs, certificates, copy of Peeter Kraav's NKVD (KGB) file from the National Archives of Estonia, book.
Quantity: 5 linear in.
Language: Estonian, English, Russian, German
Collection ID: IHRC3721


Collection transferred to the IHRC from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A. (EAU) in 2003-2005. It was processed as part of a collaborative project between the Estonian Archives in the USA (Lakewood, New Jersey), the National Archives of Estonia (NAE), and the IHRC in March 2012. Gristel Ramler and Tiina Trumberg of the National Archives in Tallinn, Estonia, worked with IHRC staff on the project.


June 3. 1923 Antsla town, Võrumaa, Estonia -

Sea captain, writer Born as a police commissioners’ son in Antsla. Lived in Valga and Petseri as a child, studied in Petseri and Senno elementary schools. 1934-1939 studied in Türi Gymnasium. Became a seaman in 1939. From 1940 served on a Swedish cargo ship, which sank on the coast of Brazil in 1942. After that, Kraav went to USA in 1942 and served in the U.S Navy from 1943. Sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Took part in Allied operations in Sicily, Naples and Normandy in 1944. 1951-1963 studied in a marine school in the U.S as a boatsteerer, in 1963 was promoted and became sea captain. Moved ot Hamilton, Canada in 1964. Has also lived in England and Sweden. 1997-1998 was a lecturer in Tallinn Maritime Education Center. Founding member of New York Estonian House. F. Kraav has written two anti-communist books about Estonian Forest Brothers: “The Partisans” (New York 1952) in English; “No Other Choice” was translated from manuscript by E. Järvel, it has only been published in Estonian under the title “Risttules”. Has also written „Noa lood: mälestusi Teise maailmasõja meredelt“ („The stories of Noah: memoirs from the seas of WWII“) published in 2005 in Tartu, Estonia. Father: Peeter Mother: Frieda Sööt Wives: 1. Marju 2. Elisabeth Croft Daughter: Linda (born 1967)



Archive consists of 6 folders.


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The Kraav, Fred Papers, Estonian American Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota

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BOX 1.

FOLDER 1. Copies of Fred Kraav's personal documents: birth certificate, father's letter to F.Kraav, schoolworks, photos of Türi Gymnasium, thank-you letter from Võru county government 1923-1998
FOLDER 2. Copies of manuscripts: "Participation of Estonian Merchant Vessels and Merchant Seamen in Allied War Effort During WWII 1939-1945" (author Fred Kraav?, undated); "Kilde Kaika kooli minevikust arhiiviandmete põhjal" ("Kaika school's history based on archival material") 1986? (author unknown, copy of a typewriting)
FOLDER 3. Newspaper clippings about Fred Kraav 1952, 1993
FOLDER 4. F. Kraav's visits to Estonia in the 1990s: undated interview with F. Kraav, Estonian Maritime Academy's thank-you letter from 1996, program of a summer seminar 1998, collected pamphlets about Southern Estonia, advertisement about F. Kraav's lecture introducing Estonia in Parry Sound Public Library 1998 1990s
FOLDER 5. Copy of Peeter Kraav's NKVD (KGB) file from the National Archives of Estonia ERAF.130SM.10055; KGB documents related to Peeter Kraav's arrest and prison sentence in 1941, copy of an article about Peeter Kraav
FOLDER 6. Book "Eesti Rahvusväeosade loomine 1917-1918, 1. Eesti polk I" (Forming Estonian national units1917-1918, 1st Estonian regiment I" Tallinn 1930 1930