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Dates: [1926], 1929-1982
Abstract: Personal documents, correspondence, professional documents Intelligence service
Quantity: 1 ln ft
Language: Estonian, German, English, Russian, Finnish
Collection ID: IHRC3751


Collection transferred to the IHRC from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A. (EAU) in 2003-2005. It was processed as part of a collaborative project between the Estonian Archives in the USA (Lakewood, NJ), the National Archives of Estonia (NAE), and the IHRC in March 2009. Gristel Ramler and Birgit Nurme of the National Archives in Tallin, Estonia, worked with IHRC staff on the project.


13.09.1904 - 16.07.1982 New York, USA Born in Kuressaare, Estonia (Aleksei Kurgvel). Wife: Salme Kurgvel (nee Epler, 1909, married in 1928); sons: Jaan (1931) and Rein (1939) Krugvel. Intelligence service


Collection is organized into five series and 27 folders:

Series 1 Personal and biographical documents

Folder 1: Certificates, letters, membership cards, employment documents, letters of recommendations, medical certificates, accounting documents 1945-1982 Folder 2 Documents about military service [1926], 1929-1951: Certificates, attestations and diplomas, biographical data, notifications, clarifications Folder 3: Diary from 16.08.1944-[1945?], photo and negatives from diary Folder 4: Manuscript and notes about Estonian Military Academy, notebook, extracts from "Mineviku teed ja rajad" by R. Kordes 1976 with comments

Series 2 Correspondence

Folder 5: With Villem Saarsen (contains responses and additsions) 1948-1973 Folder 6: With Villem Saarsen, Karin Karlstedt (nee Saarsen), Fred Limberg, Estonian Military Officers Association in Sweden and in USA, etc. (contains responses and additions) 1950-1982 Folder 7: With different persons and organizations (A. Soodla, Jakobsen, A. Karema, H. Lender, H. Puhk, A. Rebane, V. Saarsen, A. Kristian, A. Lossmann, I. Raamot, H.J. Stockeby, R. Maasing, Estonian Military Officers Association in Sweden and in USA, etc.) 1950-1982 Folder 8: With different persons and organizations (F. Limberg, Vallaste, E. Kasak, J. Unt, A. Reio, Puurand, H. Mäe, M. Kari, Estonian Archives in USA, Estonian Military Officers Association in Sweden and in USA, etc.) 1969-1974 Folder 9: With different persons and organizations (Võting, Joonson, J. Unt, I. Raamot, F. Pinty, V. Saarsen, Estonian Military Officers Association in USA, etc.) 1975-1981, contains also letters from Estonian Military Officers Association in Sweden to Estonian government in exile, quotes from A. Köhelik's (?) diary about ongoings in 1917, information about the 1923-1926 class of Estonian Military Academy and other militarians Folder 10: Dispute with J. Madise (contains also copies of official documents, statements, letters to and from the Central Association of Estonian Military Officers, etc.) 1958-1970

Series 3 Professional and societal activities

Folder 11: Correspondence and professional documents (overview about Estonia in 1943-1944, extracts (in German) from letters to Salme Kurgvel, request for discharge from Finnish Amry 1944, manuscript of speech to Estonians 24.02.1945 Folder 12: Letter from 1944 with document added and a responce from Karl Talpak 1973 Folder 13: A: Report on the Estonian Border Guard Regiment No 1 by Captain Kurgvel as liaison officer 1944 B: Translations from A. Kurgvel's diary into German 14.09.1945 Folder 14: Public letter "Minu kokkupuude N. Vene salateenistusega" 09.04.1950 (memories from 1940) - typewriting, four sheets with comments from Villem Saarsen Folder 15: Public call for collecting memories and data from and about Estonians in Germany 1941-1948 Folder 16: Documents about Estonian Military persons emigrating to U.S. 1950-1951 (copies from official documents, collected materials, correspondence, public letters, etc.) Folder 17: Estonian Community in Munich (Germnay) and A. Kurgvel's activities in Munich 1952-1953 (correspondence; correspondence, minutes, lists of electorate, notes, clippings of Estonian Committe in Munich and Estonian Central Committee in Germany) Folder 18: Official letters and copies of official letters, anonymous letter to the president of the U.S. with response, notes, worksheets of official documents by A. Kurgvel 1954-1974 Folder 19: Correspondence with different persons as chairman of the Central Association of Estonian Military Officers, documents added 1978-1981, with Ahti Pae and Jüri Raid about poiltical situation of Estonians abroad 1979

Series 4 Collected materials

Folder 20: "Kõrgem Eesti Sõjakool 1921-1931" Tallinn 1931 (copy from pages 21-48) - about Estonian Military Academy Folder 21: Letters and official documents from the Military Attache (G.E. Huthsteiner) of U.S. and Legations of the USA in Estonia and Sweden to the State Department of USA, to the Secretary of State and to the Division of European Affairs, State department; Extract from official report about the Soviet Union by the Security Police of Germany, 19.08.1941, six sheets (copy) Folder 22: List of Estonians in Bisingen DP-camp; List of Estonians in Lingen DP-camp (04.11.1948-22.11.1948); List of Estonians interested in emigrating to Canada from Lingen DP-camp Folder 23: Materials collected by A. Kurgvel (copies and extracts from several documents, list of abbreviations, etc.) Folder 24: Constitution of New Yorgi Eesti Vabadussõjalaste Ühing, minutes of general meetings (11.10.1963, 22.03.1964), analysis of the decision about the relationships between the New Yorgi Eesti Vabadussõjalaste Ühing and Eesti Vabadussõjalaste Ühingute Liit made at general meeting in 1964, compiled by A. Kurgvel 03.04.1965 (copy) Folder 25: Collected materials about different military contingents (Eesti Korpus, Hävituspataljon) - copies from books and newspapers, clippings, notes and writings by A. Kurgvel (?-1972) Serie 5 Photographs Folder 26: Tallinn in ruins after the bombing in March 1944 (44 photos) Folder 27: Photos 1938-1942; 1960s - photos from events of the Estonian Military Officers Association in the USA (?)


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The Kurgvel, Aleks Papers, Estonian American Collection, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota


Collection of Sõjavägede Staap in the National Archives of Estonia: ERA.495; Personal collection of Saarsen, Villem in EAU (Lakewood): E242; Personal collection of Madise, Juhan in the EAU: IHRC3138