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Dates: 1925-1998
Abstract: Elmar Leppik's personal and biographical materials, documents concerning his professional and scientific activity, reprints of Elmar Leppik's scientific works and books, collected materials about other scientists, collected printed matter about Estonia. Includes collected documents about E. Öpik, reprints of E. Öpik's scientific works.
Quantity: 3 linear ft.
Language: Estonian, English, German, Spanish, Russian
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Collection transferred to the IHRC from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A. (EAU) in 2003-2005. It was processed as part of a collaborative project between the Estonian Archives in the USA (Lakewood, New Jersey), the National Archives of Estonia (NAE), and the IHRC in March 2012. Gristel Ramler and Tiina Trumberg of the National Archives in Tallinn, Estonia, worked with IHRC staff on the project.


Leppik, Elmar (until 1950 Lepik, Elmar Emil) Dec. 3. 1898 Väljaotsa village, Jõgeva parish, Estonia – Febr. 04.1978 Beltsville, Maryland, USA

Botanist, evolutionist. Dr. of natural sciences (1928, Switzerland), academic in the New York Academy of Sciences. Participated in the Estonian War of Independence. Graduated from University of Tartu in 1926, complemented his studies in Switzerland and Germany as a Rockefeller Fund grantee. 1929-1937 was docent of horticulture in the Department of Agriculture in University of Tartu. From 1938 professor of botanic and plant disease in the Department of Agriculture in University of Tartu, was also the head of plant disease office in Tartu University. 1935 was named plant protection Northern European expert at the League of Nations. 1944 emigrated to Germany. 1945-1946 lecturer in Weihenstephan Horticulture School and in Technical University of Munich. 1946-1947 advisor in U.S. Army agricultural and technical university in Freising. From 1950 lived in USA. 1950 – 1955 professor of general biology in South Dakota, Augustana University College. Spent the summers of 1953 and 1954 as a visiting researcher in El Salvador Tropical Research Institute. 1955-1957 professor of botanic in University of Minnesota Hormel Institute and 1957-1964 in Iowa University. From 1957 also worked for U.S. Department of Agriculture. From 1964 worked as a botanist in Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Maryland. Board member of Estonian Agronomy Society in USA, fellow at American Association for the Advancement of Science. Academically a member of Estonian Students Society.

Wife: Lilli Hanson (married in Stockholm in August 1930) Daughters: Virve Leppik Vaher, Marja Leppik Lambert Sons: Avo (died 1949), Ülo Father: Tõnu Mother: Juula (nee Barbits)

About Elmar Leppik: Eilart, J. Koju ja teaduse igavikku jääja: [New Yorgi Teaduste Akadeemia akadeemik, loodusteadlane E. E. Leppik: 1898–1978] Horisont, 1989, 8, p. 20-23 Annuk, K. Elmar E. Leppik 100. Agraarteadus 1998, 9, 4.



Archive consists of 5 series and 54 folders.


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The Leppik, Elmar Papers, Estonian American Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota


Estonian Historical Archives in Tartu: Leppik's student file EAA.2100.1.7522

National Archives of Estonia in Tallinn: ERA.1622.2.70

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Description of Series

This section briefly describes each series in the collection. A more detailed description of the contents of each series may be found in the following section.

SERIES 1. Elmar Leppik's personal and biographical materials

SERIES 2. Professional and scientific activity

SERIES 3. Reprints of Elmar Leppik's scientific works and books with his articles

SERIES 4. Collected materials about other scientists

SERIES 5. Collected printed matter about Estonia


Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES 1. Elmar Leppik's personal and biographical materials

BOX 1.
FOLDER 1. Elmar Leppik's personal documents: education certificates, CVs, doctoral diploma, certificates of honorary titles (The New York Academy of Science etc.), letters of recommendation, copies of baptismal certificates, documents related to buying real estate in Estonia (incl. plans), wife's letter of recommendation (1955) and son Avo's death certificate 1946 1926-1976
FOLDER 2. Correspondence with Ilmar Raamot. Includes I. Raamot's "Report on Soviet colonialism from social aspects" to the Social Committee of the ACEN and Albert Suurkivi's manuscript "The Estonian farmer will never be a communist" 1951-1956
FOLDER 3. Correspondence concerning the community activities of Estonians abroad and private correspondence (with E. Järvesoo, E. Viirsoo, H. Salasoo, A. Võõbus, Estonian Students Society etc.) 1965-1975
FOLDER 4. Clippings from bibliographical directories with information about Elmar Leppik (Who's Who in the East, the National Register of Prominent Americans and International Notables, Men of Achievement, Dictionary of International Biography, The Blue Book - Leaders of the English-Speaking World 1975-1977
FOLDER 5. Newspaper clippings and copies of newspaper articles about E. Leppik; book "Professor dr. sc. nat. Elmar E. Leppik" Tartu 1998 1951-1998
FOLDER 6. Berta Hansson's letter to E. Leppik's wife Lilli (May 12, 1979) with a description of deportation. Re-written and added to the archive by the Estonian Archives in the U.S. 1979

SERIES 2. Professional and scientific activity

BOX 1.
FOLDER 7. Photo copies of E. Leppik's scientific articles 1925-1930
FOLDER 8. Articles about the behaviour of bees by Elmar Leppik and other authors 1951-1954
FOLDER 9. Paper "Dynamics of North European Biota Postglacial Migration of Rust Funghi to Northern Europe" and correspondence about E. Leppik's participation in the symposium "The Dynamics of the Fauna and Flora of Northern Europe in Helsinki 1971 1970-1971
FOLDER 10. "Co-evolution of funghi, their hosts and obliquely adapted insects" - keynote speech at the Joint Meeting of the Canadian Botanical, Entomological and Phytpathological Societies (BEP) in Saskatoom (Aug. 18-22 1975) by E. Leppik, additional materials 1975
FOLDER 11. E. Leppik's manuscript "Asymmetric Trend of Floral Evolution in Relation the Bird Pollination" with documents concerning the approval of publishing 1977
FOLDER 12. Manuscripts and copies of E. Leppik's scientific articles (undated)
FOLDER 13. Elmar Leppik's list of publications, speeches and seminars (2 notebooks compiled by E. Leppik: "List of publications 1947-1957" Ames, Iowa; "Selected papers of floral evolution II 1964-1968", Maryland 1974), list of publications 1973-1975 1951-1978
FOLDER 14. Professional correspondence concerning scientific work, research phases and publishing with the administration of Iowa University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and others (mostly dr. H. A. Rodenhiser, dr. C. W. Alexander, dr. W. H. Bragonier, W. H. Skrdla, dr. C. O. Erlanson etc.) Includes E. Leppik's annual reports
FOLDER 15. Elmar Leppik's certificate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, correspondence concerning E. Leppik's fellowship 1963
FOLDER 16. Biology Department of Augustana College Sioux Falls, S.D. reports 5-6 (1952), 9-10 (1954) 1952-1954
FOLDER 17. "Guidelines for Using Scientific Names of Plants in Manuscripts" Plant Science Research Division, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture 1972
FOLDER 18. Miscellaneous notes by Elmar Leppik
FOLDER 19. Clippings and copies of E. Leppik's articles 1951-1955
FOLDER 20. Collected materials related to E. Leppik's scientific work: articles, copies of various articles etc.
BOX 2.
FOLDER 21. Correspondence concerning E. Leppik's scientific activities (with other scholars) 1964-1966
FOLDER 22. Correspondence concerning E. Leppik's scientific activities (with other scholars) 1967-1970
FOLDER 23. Correspondence concerning E. Leppik's scientific activities (with other scholars) 1955, 1973-1977

SERIES 3. Reprints of Elmar Leppik's scientific works and books with his articles

BOX 2.
FOLDER 24. Reprints of scientific works 1928-1937
FOLDER 25. Reprints of scientific works 1943-1953
FOLDER 26. Reprints of scientific works 1955-1957
FOLDER 27. Reprints of scientific works 1974
FOLDER 28. Reprints of scientific works 1975-1977
FOLDER 29. Reprints of scientific works 1958-1959
FOLDER 30. Reprints of scientific works 1960
FOLDER 31. Reprints of scientific works 1961
FOLDER 32. Reprints of scientific works 1962
FOLDER 33. Reprints of scientific works 1963
FOLDER 34. Reprints of scientific works 1964
BOX 3.
FOLDER 35. Reprints of scientific works 1965
FOLDER 36. Reprints of scientific works 1966
FOLDER 37. Reprints of scientific works 1967
FOLDER 38. Reprints of scientific works 1968
FOLDER 39. Reprints of scientific works 1969
FOLDER 40. Reprints of scientific works 1970
FOLDER 41. Reprints of scientific works 1971
FOLDER 42. Reprints of scientific works 1972
FOLDER 43. Reprints of scientific works 1973
FOLDER 44. Reprintss of Elmar Leppik's articles, compiled by E. Leppik under the title "Exploration of the World Resources for Res. Breeding. Nr 1-20" 1965-1975
FOLDER 45. Books "Yearbook of the Estonian Learned Society in America" IV, 1964-1967 and "Annales Societatis Tartuensis ad res Naturae Investigandas Constitutae" I, Lund 1957 1957-1967
FOLDER 46. Books given to E. Leppik as a present by the Estonian Farmers Association: "Eesti põllumajanduse arengust" and "Põllumajanduslik uurimistöö Tartu ülikoolis" 1930s

SERIES 4. Collected materials about other scientists

BOX 3.
FOLDER 47. Reprints of Ernst Öpik's scientific works 1953-1969
FOLDER 48. Newspaper clippings, copies of newspapers, articles and reviews about Ernst Öpik 1968-1976
FOLDER 49. Music sheets by Ernst Öpik (three books for the piano)
FOLDER 50. Reprints and a magazine with articles by Eduard Viirsoo, sent by Eduard Viirsoo (prof. at Tucuman University in Argentina) 1956-1975
FOLDER 51. Copies of Alar and Jüri Toomre's articles from the magazine "Scientific American" December 1973
FOLDER 52. Talk by dr. H. A. Rodenhiser "A century of progress in crops protection and research" Aug. 8. 1962, copy 1962

SERIES 5. Collected printed matter about Estonia

BOX 3.
FOLDER 53. Copies of newspapers and clippings mostly about Estonia and Estonians 1963-1976
FOLDER 54. Map of Tallinn 1936