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Dates: 1908-1985
Abstract: Arno Raag (1904-1985) studied law at Tartu University in Estonia. Later worked as journalist with the "Postimees" newspaper in Estonia. After leaving Estonia at the end of World War II (1944), he was involved in publishing the "Eesti Rada" periodical in the Augsburg Displaced Persons camp in Germany. In 1949, he immigrated to the United States. Author of several books - poetry, biography, novels.
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Language: Estonian, English, German, Russian,
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Collection acquired from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A., Lakewood, New Jersey, in 2003-2005. It was processed in May 2013 by Peeter Väljas and Aet Tran-Tõnissoo of the National Archives of Estonia in Tallinn, working with IHRC Archivist Daniel Necas.


Raag, Arno/ Arnold Johannes/ ( 1904 Vesneri v., Tartu county, Estonia- 1985 - Melbourne, Florida, USA) - writer, literature historian, journalist. Studied in basic school in Väägvere, in 1916-1925 was student of Tartu H. Treffneri Gymnasium and after that a student in Law faculty of Tartu University Member of editorial staff of newspaper "Postimees" 1928-1940 and 1941-1943; 1928-1929 - editor of "Narva Postimees" in 1944 was hiding from Germans . 1944 escaped to Germany, in 1945-1946 leader of Estonian Committee in Kempten, Altenstadt and Geretsried Displaced Persons camps in Germany, 1947-1949 editor of the Estonian newspaper "Eesti Rada" published in Augsburg. 1949 immigrated to the USA, where worked as a factory worker and on other manual jobs. Actively participated in life of Estonian diaspora - was on leading positions in Estonian organizations and contributor to the Estonian language newspapers. Since 1925. published poetry, novels, literary articles and monographies. During his exile wrote memoirs. Organizations: Eesti Üliõpilaste Selts = Estonian Students Society (member) 1928 married Elli Veske, sons Helmo, Arno and Valvo.



Archive consists of 30 folders organized into 2 series


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The Raag, Arno and Elli Papers, Estonian American Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota


National Archives of Estonia . EAA.2100.1.12478 - personal file of student of Tartu University

Description of Series

This section briefly describes each series in the collection. A more detailed description of the contents of each series may be found in the following section.

SERIES 1. Personal papers of Arno Raag

SERIES 2. Personal papers of Elli Raag

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES 1. Personal papers of Arno Raag

BOX 1.
FOLDER 1. Personal papers 1908-1970s
Court papers about real estate ownership of farm by the Raag family in Estonia 1908-1941, certificte of purchase of a cemetery plot on Tartu Maarja churchyard by Karl Raag 1911, certificate of finishing gymnasium; temporary registration card by military government Germany 1945; certificates from the Estonian Representation in US Zone that Arno Raag is a member of the Estonian Representation in US Zone 1946-1948; publishing contracts Between Arno Raag and Eesti Kirjanike Kooperatiiv on memoirs by A.Raag 1971-1978; medical and insurance bills, wishes for funeral, autobiographies written by A.Raag , photo of A.Raag from late 1970s-1980s etc
FOLDER 2. Manuscript of memoirs by Arno Raag "Läbi varemete" (fragments) I
FOLDER 3. Manuscript of memoirs by Arno Raag "Läbi varemete" (fragments) II
FOLDER 4. Memoirs and writings about Hugo Treffner Gymnasium (fragments)
FOLDER 5. Handwritten notes by A.Raag describing his escape from Estonia and events in Germany and memoirs describing forced repatriation from Kempten in summer 1945
The memorandum mentioned in end of the description of Kempten events can be found in folder 10
FOLDER 6. Manuscript of novel by Arno Raag "Ülearune"
(fragment? Chapters 1-14)
FOLDER 7. Poems by A.Raag 1960s-1980s
FOLDER 8. Miscellaneous writings and fragments of writings by A.Raag or collected by A.Raag I 1940s-1980s
FOLDER 9. Miscellaneous writings and fragments of writings by A.Raag or collected by A.Raag, volume II 1940s-1980s
FOLDER 10. Records about general activities of A.Raag in DP camps in Germany in representing Estonians 1945-1949
Minutes of meetings by Estonian Representation of the US ocupation zone 1. - 37. from October 1945- January 1947; addresses in Estonian question to Estonians living in Sweden and to the delegate from USA in United Nations Organization; protests against persecution of DPs and forcing them to return to the Soviet Union NB! the paper is very fragile and crumbling
FOLDER 11. Records about journalistic activities of A.Raag and Estonian journalists in DP camps in Germany: 1945-1949
correspondence with UNNRA Welfare officer; asking for premission to print newspaper from office of military government for Bavaria; charter of the newspaper "Eesti Rada"; meeting to celebrate day of journalist from November 1945; minutes of the days of the journalists who live in the Western zone of Germany October 19.-20. 1946 in Geislingenis; minutes of the meeting of the Society of Estonian Journalists in Germany November 1st, 1947; meeting of the board of the Society of Estonian Journalists in Germany August 14th, 1948; certificate of appreciation from the editorial staff of newspaper "Eesti Rada" to A.Raag on occasion of his leaving Germany NB! the paper is very fragile and crumbling
FOLDER 12. Papers related to activities of A.Raag in Estonian World Council and Estonian National Council in USA 1957-1971
FOLDER 13. Papers related to activities of A.Raag in Estonian Cultural Foundation in USA 1964-1970
correspondence, draft of minutes of the award committee 1964; agreement with Rudolf Kivimägi about his donation for the award "Ennu Nimeline Eesti Noorsoo Kirjanduse Auhind"; minutes of the award committee 1970
FOLDER 14. Copies of letters sent by Arno Raag 1951-1984
FOLDER 15. Correspondence (incoming letters ) 1945-1949
FOLDER 16. Correspondence (incoming letters ) 1950-1971
FOLDER 17. Correspondence (incoming letters ) 1972-1979
FOLDER 18. Correspondence (incoming letters ) 1980-1985
FOLDER 19. Correspondence with and on topic of Chapters of the Estonian Students Society overseas 1954-1985
FOLDER 20. Correspondence with Council of Estonian Socities in Australia 1954-1973
FOLDER 21. Correspondence from Eesti Kirjanike Kooperatiiv (Estonian Writers Cooperative), Lund, Sweden 1951-1974
FOLDER 22. Correspondence from Arvo Mägi 1967-1984
FOLDER 23. Correspondence with Ilmar Raamot 1969-1984
FOLDER 24. Excerpts from "Postimees" and "Eesti Kirjandus" from period 1925-1928
FOLDER 25. Clippings from newapapers "Postimees" (Tartu, Estonia); "Eesti Rada" ('Estonian Trail') published by DPs in Germany; "Meie Kodu", Meie Elu" "Eesti Post" etc with articles by and about A.Raag 1942-1985
FOLDER 26. Printed matter 1943-1977
Programs of concerts, "Tartu as a Financial Centre" by K.Inno, Heidelberg 1948; Chicago Eesti Seltsi teated, juuni 1955; "Faktid ja kommentaarid. 'Kodumaa' lisa" 1969, Kultuuriside. Eesti Kultuurifondi teataja nr.14, aprill 1977 etc
FOLDER 27. Printed matter 1962-1975
Books autographed for Arno Raag: "Minu mälestused. I ja II osa" by Mari Raamot, Kirjastus Kultuur, 1962 and "Koju jõudnud.Jutlustekogu" By Uno Plank, Eesti Vaimulik Raamat, 1975

SERIES 2. Personal papers of Elli Raag

BOX 1.
FOLDER 28. Personal papers 1927-1975
FOLDER 29. Correspondence 1969-1974
FOLDER 30. Family tree of Veski family and materials and correspondence of Arno and Elli Raag about the genealogy of Veski family 1942-1968