Tomingas, William and Wilhelmine, Papers

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Dates: 1934-1988
Abstract: Writer political researcher manuscript "Vaikiv Ajastu"; facsimiles and copies; correspondence 1973 - 1980 photocopies - Periodicals - 1906-1940; Estonian congressional minutes - 1934; Estonian handicrafts propagator during Dpcamp period in Serma Wife - Wilhemine research paper - "Resurgence of religion in modern world"
Quantity: 5 linear in.
Language: Estonian
Collection ID: IHRC3795


Collection acquired from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A., Lakewood, New Jersey, in 2003-2005. It was processed in May 2013 by Peeter Väljas and Aet Tran-Tõnissoo of the National Archives of Estonia in Tallinn, working with IHRC Archivist Daniel Necas.


William Tomingas ( name at birth Villem Tomingas); 1895 Tallinn - 1978 New York Studied in Nikolia I Gymnasium in Tallinn (graduated 1915), entered Electrotechnical Institute of Emperor Alexander III in Peterburg. In December 1915 was mobilized into army and was sent to study in military school. Graduated from Nikolaevsky Engineering Academy and Engineering school in Petrograd and stayed to to serve there in rank of Ensign. In 1917 served in Estonian national units in Tallinnas, was vice-chairman of committee of Estonian Soldiers In autumn 1917 studied in Jevpatorija flight school in Crimea, in September received rank of Sub-lieutenant. After the bolcheviks coming to power he returned to Estonia During the German occupation of the year 1918 he was a businessman doing electrical work, after occupation worked in Ministry of Trade and Industry From December 1918 until February 1919 he served on mine cruiser Lennuk, participated in dessants of Loksa and Utria and in liberating of Narva. In spring 1919 he was Naval Attaché in Estonian embassy in London 1919-1920 secretary in the Foreign Ministry, from November 1919 till February1920 was secretary of the Estonian delegation on the Tartu peace negotiations and in March and April visited Moscow as a member of the ratification comission of the peace treaty. 1920 was enrolled in trade department of Faculty of Law of Tartu University 1920-1926 director of tobacco factory AS Astoria 1926-1931 lived in London and studied economics in Londoni university. In the beginning of 1930s businessman, joined the Union of Participants in the Estonian War of Independence 1934-1936 in prison, as anti-government leaflets were printed in his print shop. 1937-1940 journalist and editor of foreign language broadcast of state public broadcasting In spring 1941 managed to escape to Germany during Nachumsiedlung , worked for public limited company Ost-Öl GmbH 1944-1945 served in US army (joined as a volunteer in France) USA ( 34AAA brigade of US 7th army 34AAA ??) and 1945-1949 served in headquarters of the occupational forces of USA in Frankfurt and Heidelberg. 1949 moved to USA Wife: Wilhelmine (m.n. Achmann) (1911? -1995?)



Archive consists of 2 series and 9 folders


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The Tomingas, William and Wilhelmine Papers, Estonian American Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota


EAA.2100.1.16607 - Tartu Ülikooli üliõpilase William Tominga isikutiomik ERA.1608.2.1885 - Eesti Peakonsulaadi New Yorrgis kirjavahetus William Tomingaga ERA.R-211.1.588 - Saksa kodakondsuse taotlejate toimikud -William Tomingas

Description of Series

This section briefly describes each series in the collection. A more detailed description of the contents of each series may be found in the following section.

SERIES 1. Personal papers of William Tomingas

SERIES 2. Personal papers of Wilhelmine Tomingas

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES 1. Personal papers of William Tomingas

BOX 1.
FOLDER 1. Correspondence 1973
FOLDER 2. Honorable mentions and testimonials 1947-1974
FOLDER 3. Manuscript of the book "Vaikiv ajastu Eestis" ("Era of Silence in Estona") I : pp1-241 1960s
manuscript is not dated, book was published in New York :eesti Ajaloo Instituut , 1961
FOLDER 4. Manuscript of the book "Vaikiv ajastu Eestis" ("Era of Silence in Estona") II : pp242-494 1960s
FOLDER 5. Typed excerpts from periodicals and notes 1960s
about the first Russian revolution (1905) and the activities of the Union of Participants in the EstonianWar of Independence in 1930s
FOLDER 6. Printed matter 1934
Stenographic record of the session of the Parliament of Estonia Sept. 28th - Oct. 2 1934
FOLDER 7. Photocopies of newspaper clippings about the Eesti Vabadussõjalaste Liit (the Union of Participants of the EstonianWar of Independence) 1933-1937
FOLDER 8. Newspaper clippings 1954-1975

SERIES 2. Personal papers of Wilhelmine Tomingas

BOX 1.
FOLDER 9. Personal document and complimentary copies of research papers sent to Wilhelmine Tomingas 1980-1988