Tekkel, Kadi, Papers

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Immigration History Research Center, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota

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Abstract: Cultural Reviewer Art, music, Literary Critic, Executive Secretary, Actress Box 2 29 folders: Artists: Martson-Wilson, A Wilman, V. Haas, H. Kompus, K. Maldutis, A. Viisimaa, L. Vohul President Pats Dr. H. Drav, Aino Lauri, Articles about Australia's Archive, Estonian consulate and console, programs, obituaries, Newspaper clippings 1940-1990 Box 3 35 folders: Artists: R. Tobias, E. Kalam, E. Klas, I. Laul - Estonian Scientists, artists, writers, composers, Films, Music, Organizations, Tartu University, Voice of America, 1950-1982, Estonian Constitution. "Boys' Choir", "Rakkaus Vainoaikaan" or M. Waltari, Correspondence, Letters, clippings, Poems. Box 4 35 folders: Artists: Taniloo, Urmas, Endel, and Airike - A. Starkope, Jarui Neeme, Paavo, M. Pank, K. Raid, R. Tobias, L. Juht, A. Part, K. Laretei, J. Aavik, E. Ilbak, A. Nntof, C. Prii, R. Rannap, Programs, clippings of music 1950-1990, "Esto" 1976-1992, Theater "Vanemuine", Monuments and Graveyards in Tartu of Cultural Persons Box 5 34 Folders: folders of artists: l. Leetaru, N. Jarvi, K. Laretei, Tubin, Talvik, A. Part - Estonian art and artists, "Rami Boys choir 1988", K. Mord's Diaries, Testaments, Programs, N.Y. Male chorus, Poems, Estonian Theater in Europe and Germany Box 6 Theater in Canada - clippings - 1950-1990 "Vaba Eestlane" Manuscript 1973-1994 , "Vaba Eesti Sona", correspondence, Estonian Music, Programs, Personal Data, Spiritual Essays, Artists: L. Pakkj and E. Maripuu. Folders: V. Jaanimagi, "Filia Patria", "Ram-I" choir Also know as Taniloo, Kadi and Tanilov, Keete
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Collection acquired from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A., Lakewood, New Jersey, in 2003-2005.




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The Tekkel, Kadi Papers, Estonian American Collection, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota