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Dates: 1919
Abstract: Military Captain, Air Corps.
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Collection transferred to the IHRC from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A. (EAU) in 2003-2005. It was processed as part of a collaborative project between the Estonian Archives in the USA (Lakewood, NJ), the National Archives of Estonia (NAE), and the IHRC in March 2009. Gristel Ramler and Birgit Nurme of the National Archives in Tallin, Estonia, worked with IHRC staff on the project.


27.08.1907 - 24.08.1977 Los Angeles, USA Born in Tarvastu, Viljandimaa, Estonia. Graduated the University of Tartu (law faculty). 1928 graduated Estonian Military School (Tondi), 1937 graduated Estonian Military Academy. Participated in WWII in Estonian Air Corps, Captain


Collection is organized into 17 folders: 1. Manuscript "E.V. Sõjakool 03.04.1919 - 05.08.1940" by J. Unt (typewriting, 374 sheets (1-374), schemas, photos, some originals since 1922) 2. Same (typewriting, p 375-647) 3. Same (typewriting, p 1-450a, copy) 4. Same (typewriting, p 451-647 (copy), additional materials) 5. Same, addendum volume (typewriting) 6. Correspondence with Erich ? from Munich (Germany) 1974-1977 7. Correspondence with Fred Limberg and F. Limberg's letters to Ernst Luebik and Juhan Madise about Estonian Military School 1974-1977 8. Correspondence with different persons about the Estonian Military School and Estonian Army (data and additional materials), includes correspondence with Ernst Luebik, Heino Taremäe, Mihkel Hennoste and correspondence between E. Luebik and Jaak Kukk 1954, 1975-1978 9. Correspondence with different persons, notes and memories about the 1st of Dec. in 1924, 1975-1976 10. Collected materials and notes about Estonian Military School; memoirs about studying at the Estonian Military School (1921-1924) by Ernst Luebik (15 p); "Mereväe ohvitseride ettevalmistamine Eesti Vabariigis" (about Estonian Navy, 10 p, unsigned, undated); schemas of Estonian Military School (Tondi) buildings, notes about room partition 11.Questionnaires (filled in) for the 50th anniversary of the Estonian Military School (about studying at Military School) 12. List of persons awarded with Vabadusrist (copy from print) 13. Newspaper clippings and copies from magazine "Sõdur" 1919 about Estonian Military School (1919-1954) 14. Copies from magazine "Sõdur" 1920, copies from directives of Estonian Army 1930-1940 about ranks in Estonian Army 15. Copies from magazine "Sõdur" 1924-1929 16. Same 1930-1935 17. Same 1936-1940


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