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Dates: 1914-1982
Abstract: 9 folders - Personal documents, Correspondence, checks/bills, 2 scripts of short plays, cemetery deed, funeral arrangements, memorial, death certificate
Quantity: 5 linear in.
Language: Estonian, Russian, English
Collection ID: IHRC3584


Collection acquired from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A., Lakewood, New Jersey, in 2003-2005. It was processed in May 2013 by Peeter Väljas and Aet Tran-Tõnissoo of the National Archives of Estonia in Tallinn, working with IHRC Archivist Daniel Necas.


Waldman, August (1894 Märjamaa, Estonia - 1974 New York ) journalist, public figure Studied in Tallinna Linna Poeglaste Kaubanduskoolis (Tallinn City Commercial College) (1911-1915) During the World War I served as orderly in Russian army, translator in Red Cross Anglo-Russian joint mission 1918 left Russia along with representatives of the British Red Cross. Reached Canada via Korea and Japani and from there moved on to New Yorki. Worked as a carpenter; Founder of magazine "Meie Tee" (1931) The first chief editor (11.06.1949 - 1969) of newspaper "Vaba Eesti Sõna“"(Free Estonian Word). Board member of the publishing firm The Nordic Press, Inc. , that was established for publishing VES in 1948 Organizations: Estonian society (in the U.S. )"Edu" (member, chairman) Ülemaailme Eesti Ühing (World association of Estonians)(founding member); Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides (Estonian American National Council)( member of representative body )



Archive consists of 9 folders.


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The Waldman, August Papers, Estonian American Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota

Detailed Description of the Collection

BOX 1. Waldman, August

FOLDER 1. Personal papers 1915-1969
School certificates, military service books, passport, trade-union (United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America) member cards, savings account etc.in leather post pouch
FOLDER 2. Notebooks (3pc) 1914-1974
FOLDER 3. A. Waldman´s notes about his arrival and first years in U.S not dated
FOLDER 4. Meeting minutes of the Estonian Society "Edu" 1926
FOLDER 5. Personal correspondence 1918-1968
FOLDER 6. Correspondence of the editorial staff of the journal "Meie Tee" 1935-1982
FOLDER 7. Manuscripts of musical play "Tumm kohtus" ("Mute at Court") by E. Roosaare and J. Möllmann and short play "Väliseestlaste pukett" ("Noseagy of Estonians living abroad") by A. Waldman ? 1949
FOLDER 8. Photocopies and newspaper clippings about A. Waldman 1954-1969
FOLDER 9. Death certificate, Memorial Record, obituaries and photocopies of newspaper clippings 1974