Finnish Luther Congregational Church of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1930-1975, Records

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Records, 1930-1975
ca. 2 linear feet
Preliminary inventory



Acquired by:   Lynn A. Schweitzer

Acquired from:  Mr. Hjelmer Laitila, Milwaukee, WI
                         Mrs. Fannie Efram, Milwaukee, WI

Date Received:  February 1978

This prelimianry inventory was prepared for the Internet by Student Assistant Paul Bowman and Assistant Curator Daniel Necas in 2002.

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Biographical Sketch

In 1930 a group of Finns in Milwaukee felt a need to establish a church of their own and founded the Finnish Lutheran Church of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Two years later, in March of 1932, the church voted to affiliate with the Congregational Church of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in 1937 the church was officially incorporated under that name.  For over 40 years the church carried on an active congregational life as well as participating in community affairs.  During the Second World War, for example, the church coordinated the Finnish relief effort for the Milwaukee area.  During the 1960's the congregation underwent a decline in membership as older members passed away and young people moved away from the area.  In 1969 the congregation was officially disbanded.

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Scope and Content

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Preliminary Container List

Box # Description of Contents
1 Ladies Aid minutes, 1940-1946, 1947-1951, 1952-1956, 1957-1969
Five Ladies Aid membership and dues registers, 1947-1951, 1952-1955, 1955-1957, 1959-1964, 1963-1968
Record of deaths, baptisms, marriages and confirmations, 1934-1952
Guest register, 1950-1954
Main financial ledger, 1930-1946
Weekly collection register, 1930-1942
Financial ledger of the Midwest Women's League, 1952-1965
Three ledgers of minutes of the congregation's annual meeting, 1930-1939, 1939-1952, 1953-1969
List of church members, 1948-1952
Minutes of the Building Committee, 1939
Minutes of the Midwest Mission Society Conference Board of Directors meeting, 1954-1967
Miscellaneous fund minutes and ledger, 1933-1940
General membership ledger, 1932-1964
Men's Club cash book, 1956-1958
Two folders of official and miscellaneous correspondence, 1932-1970
Membership register, 1945
Finland Relief Committee finanacial ledger, 1940-1941
Correspondewnce re Finnish Relief Effort, 1935-1952
Handwritten commentary on the Book of Acts, no date
Finland Relief Committee of Milwaukee record of clothing shipments, 1940-1948
Milwaukee Finnish Progressive Society minutes, 1936-1939
Young People's League financial register and membership ledger, 1949-1958
2 Three loose leaf folders with church correspondence, annual reports, sermons, meditations, poems, 1931-1970
Three folders with insurance papers, the mortgages and certificate of incorporation, and miscellaneous documents and legal papers, 1937-1971
Church bulletins, 1941-1969
Two official certificates of appreciation from Finland for the Finnish Relief Effort, ca. 1950
List of contributors to the church remodeling fund, 1954
Folder with newspaper articles and meditations written by Hjalmer Laitila, 1933-1969
Folder with obituary notices of deceased members, 1955-1969
Envelope containing miscellaneous publications and hymnals, ca. 1969
Scrapbook with miscellaneous newspaper clippings, 1933-1951
Three folders containing miscellaneous publications, newspaper clippings, and correspondence, 1933-1969
Two folders containing official church correspondence, 1969-1971
Published material removed from the Finnish Luther Congregational  Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin manuscript collection and placed in the IHRC's Finnish American print collection:
         10 issues of Palvelijan Joulu
         8 issues of Canadan Viesti
         12 issues of Palvelija
         1 issue of Suomi-Opistan Viesti
         1 issue of Jouluviesti
         2 issues of Totuuden Todistajan Joululehti
         Bound volume of 1894-1896 issues of Sanomia Siionista
         Tuomenoksa, Niilo. Uusia Lauluja.  n.p. n.d.
        The Finnish-American Blue-White Book, 1968
         Harju, A.A. Kiikari.  Fairport Harbor, Ohio, Amerikan Sanomain Kirjapainossa, 1934
         Halinen, Martin. Jumala on Rakkaus.  Quincy, Mass., 1943
         Pajala, Toivo. Eras Ajan Merkki.  Vancouver, B.C., Mission Press, 1965
         Musiikkioppi, yksityisille ja koulville.  Hancock, Mich., Suomalais-Luteerilainen Kustannusliike, 1921
         Stenman, Chas. E. Ilmesstyskirjan Paapiirteet.  Duluth, Minn., Paivalehti Kustannusyhtio, 1934
         West Congregational Church, Quincy, Mass.  Constitution and By-laws.  Rev. 1953
         Arminen, K.V., ed. Englantilais-Suomalainen Sanakirja.  Hancock, Mich., Suomal.-Luteer. Kustanausliike, 1914
        Swebilius, Olaus. Lutheruksen wahan Katekismuksen....  Hancock, Mich., Suom.-Lut. Kustannusliike, 1924

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