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Grebenstchikoff, George and Tatiana, Papers

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Creator: Grebenstchikoff, George and Tatiana
Dates: 1910-1964
Abstract: Correspondence, diaries, photographs, manuscripts of Grebenstchikoff's literary works, one audio tape, and some print materials including G. Grebenstchikoff's poetry and some rare books - handset, printed on handmade paper and artistically bound in the book shop of Tatiana Grebenstchikoff.
Quantity: 17 lin.ft.
Language: English, Russian
Collection ID: IHRC809


Collection acquired from the Lakeland Public Library in Florida in 2001.


George Grebenstchikoff was born in 1882 in Kamenevka in the Shemonaikha region of Altai, present-day Kazakhstan. George’s mother, Elena Petrovna Grebenstchikoff, encouraged him to learn to read and write at an early age, an uncommon skill in a typical family of miners. He began writing poetry at the age of nine, but his father, Dmitri Lukich Grebenstchikoff, had taken George with him into the lumber industry, thus curtailing any further elementary education.
            At the age of twelve, George left his hometown for the nearby city of Semipalatinsk to earn a living through a variety of jobs: making postmarks, washing dishes, being an apprentice to a pharmacist, and assisting in a hospital. At fourteen, George became a scribe for the city magistrate and was able to pursue his scholarly interests. He first began publishing his literary work in 1905, writing reviews, reports, and short stories for the local newspapers. In 1909, George published his first play.
            In the spring of 1909, George toured Moscow and St. Petersburg for the first time. He also visited Leo Tolstoy at the novelist’s estate in Yasnaya Polyana. Upon his return home, George surveyed Altai and read lectures with an ethnographic team. George continued his literary profession in Barnaul, where he became editor and journalist for the paper “Altai Life.” In 1912, George met Maxim Gorky and received influential praise for his writing, establishing himself firmer as an author.
            In 1916, George volunteered as a medical orderly in the Imperial Russian Army for the eastern front of the first World War and worked as a military correspondent for a journal in Moscow. George’s family, comprised of first wife, a son, his parents and two brothers, remained near Kamenevka during the war. George pursued correspondence and even visited his family while on leave in 1917. While at the front, George met his future companion, Tatiana Stadnik, in 1917. Tatiana (1896-1964) was a former ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and served in the war as a nurse of the Red Cross. After the end of World War I, the Grebenstchikoffs briefly lived in Kiev before moving to Yalta. The couple’s stay by the Black Sea enabled George to continue writing and to even begin building his first chapel in honor of Saint Sergius. In the Crimea, George met numerous well-established writers, such as Ivan Bunin and Ivan Shmelyoff. Influenced by this literary community and the emergent civil unrest in post-Tsarist Russia, the Grebenstchikoffs seriously considered emigration for the first time.
            In the fall of 1920, the consequences of the Russian Civil War forced the General Pyotr Wrangel’s White army troops to evacuate Crimea. Aided by historian and economist Pyotr Struve, the Grebenstchikoffs left the Crimea (and their home country for the last time) for Constantinople on September 17, 1920. After a month-long stay (as part of the evacuated White army troops) in Turkey, the Grebenstchikoffs still hoped to complete their emigration to France. Enticed by prospects of publishing the first tomes of his epic novel “Churaevs” in France, George left Turkey with Tatiana to travel first to Egypt and Germany before finally arriving in France in January 1921 with the family of General A. S. Lukomsky.
            The Grebenstchikoffs began settling in southern France in 1921, using the land of the Schwetzoff couple, fellow Siberian émigrés. George published the “Churaevs” in the spring of 1921. George pursued a prolific literary career in France until meeting Nicholas Roerich in Paris in 1923, a painter and orientalist who became instrumental in the Grebenstchikoffs’ spiritual direction and their subsequent departure for America. As the couple prepared for their final step in emigration, George already began preparing material for lectures about Siberia. Before the trip, George formed his first publishing company, Alatas, with Nicholas Roerich.
            In April 1924, the Grebenstchikoffs finally arrived in New York and a year later, the couple founded Churaevka, a Russian literary and artistic community in Southbury, Connecticut. The land was purchased from Ilya Tolstoy, the son of author Leo Tolstoy. The village enjoyed visits from numerous Russian poets, musicians and scientists such as inventor Igor Sikorsky, singer Fyodor Chaliapine, and sculptor Sergey Konenkov. Meanwhile, George finally became the sole owner of the Alatas publishing house. In 1927, the printing equipment of Alatas moved from Roerich’s museum in New York to Churaevka, where Russian exhibitions, festivals, lessons for children occurred regularly. In September 1930, the opening of the Chapel of St. Sergius garnered many supporters of the village. The day was marked by a festival of religious ceremony, lectures, and Russian food. The chapel was designed by Nicholas Roerich according to an archaic plan and constructed by George himself. Subsistence in Churaevka continued through the publication of work by George Grebenstchikoff and Nicholas Roerich, as well as Igor Sikorsky and Konstantin Balmont.
            In the early 1940s, the Grebenstchikoffs moved to Lakeland, Florida and shortly began teaching at Southern Florida University. George taught courses in creative writing and Russian literature, while Tatiana specialized in printing and managed the school’s printing press. The couple taught at the University until retirement in 1955. While in America, the Grebenstchikoffs pursued lengthy correspondence with friends and professional contacts across the entire globe. Besides managing Churaevka, Alatas, and teaching at the University, the Grebenstchikoffs dispensed guidance and support to young Russian immigrants from Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union. Shortly after retirement, George suffered worsening health conditions and eventually died in Lakeland in January 1964. Tatiana’s passing followed a few weeks later.



The papers of George and Tatiana consist of correspondence, diaries, financial documents, photographs, and handmade copies of the Alatas publications. The bulk of the collection is in the correspondence between George Grebenstchikoff and his friends, spiritual leaders, professional contacts, and critics. The correspondence is generally organized alphabetically by the author’s last name. The letters tend to document both George’s professional development as a writer and spiritual convictions as an immigrant of Russia. The photographs are a complement to the vast collection of letters, as they identify various stages in the Grebenstchikoffs’ life both in Europe and America. The photographs are grouped in categories based on the Grebenstchikoffs’ lifespan.

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The Grebenstchikoff, George and Tatiana Papers, Russian American Collection, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota

Index Terms


Description of Series

This section briefly describes each series in the collection. A more detailed description of the contents of each series may be found in the following section.

SERIES 1. Biographical/Personal

SERIES 2. Writing

SERIES 3. Correspondence

SERIES 4. Visual

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES 1. Biographical/Personal

SUBSERIES 1. Identification Documents
BOX 1.
FOLDER 1. Official Identification Documents
passports, cards, documents
SUBSERIES 2. Material about Author
BOX 1.
FOLDER 2. Articles and Notes
various articles and notes about the author
FOLDER 3. Articles and Notes (2)
various articles and notes about the author
FOLDER 4. Articles and Notes (3)
various articles and notes about the author
FOLDER 5. Articles and Notes (4)
various articles and notes about the author
SUBSERIES 3. Subjects
BOX 1.
FOLDER 6. N. Roerich Material
articles, letters, notes and other documents about Nicholas Roerich
FOLDER 7. N. Roerich Material (2)
articles, letters, notes and other documents about Nicholas Roerich
FOLDER 8. N. Roerich Material (3)
articles, letters, notes and other documents about Nicholas Roerich
FOLDER 9. Wiesbaden Correspondence
letters received in Wiesbaden, Germany
BOX 2.
FOLDER 1. Belgian Publishers
letters and documents
FOLDER 2. "Most Important Letters"
letters labeled by George Grebenstchikoff as "Most Important Letters"
FOLDER 3. Literary Correspondence with Russia
letters and documents
FOLDER 4. Young Churaevka in Harbin
letters and documents
FOLDER 5. Anniversaries Materials
letters and documents
FOLDER 6. Anniversaries Materials (2)
letters and documents
FOLDER 7. Anniversaries Materials (3)
letters and documents
BOX 3.
FOLDER 1. Lectures and Correspondence 1932-1933
letters, notes and documents
FOLDER 2. Lectures and Correspondence 1932-1933 (2)
letters, notes and documents
FOLDER 3. Lectures and Car Accident
letters and documents
FOLDER 4. Churaevka
letters and documents
FOLDER 5. Churaevka Construction
letters and documents
FOLDER 6. Churaevka Festival
letters and photographs
FOLDER 7. Churaevka Real Estate
letters and documents
BOX 4.
FOLDER 1. Churaevka Guestbook
Guestbook signed by visitors and authors at Churaevka
FOLDER 2. Churaevka 1990s
notes avout Churaevka in 1990s
FOLDER 3. Florida College
letters and flyers
FOLDER 4. College Students
letters and applications
FOLDER 5. American Slavic Colonization Trust
letters and documents
FOLDER 6. Government Correspondence
FOLDER 7. Nicholas II Film
SUBSERIES 4. Legal and Financial Documents
BOX 4.
FOLDER 8. Legal Documents
various legal documents
FOLDER 9. Book Orders
letters and documents
FOLDER 10. Bank 1926
bank documents
FOLDER 11. German Documents; French Land; Publishing Orders
letters and documents
FOLDER 12. Insurance
letters and documents
FOLDER 13. Financial Receipts
letters and receipts

SERIES 2. Writing

SUBSERIES 1. Stories, Poems, Notes
BOX 5.
FOLDER 1. Egorka's Angel; Tartar and Peasant
FOLDER 2. Pismo iz za Morei
FOLDER 3. Poems
FOLDER 4. Poems (2)
FOLDER 5. A Princess of Labor
FOLDER 6. Turbulent Giant
FOLDER 7. Notes
various notes
FOLDER 8. Various Papers
various drafts
SUBSERIES 2. Journals
BOX 5.
FOLDER 9. Journals 1921-1925
BOX 6.
FOLDER 1. Journals 1925-1928
FOLDER 2. Journals 1931-1939
FOLDER 3. Journals 1940-1942

SERIES 3. Correspondence

SUBSERIES 1. George's Family
BOX 7.
FOLDER 1. Anatoly Grebenstchikoff
FOLDER 2. Ivan Grebenstchikoff
FOLDER 3. Relatives and Siblings
FOLDER 4. Relatives and Siblings (2)
FOLDER 5. Relatives and Siblings (3)
FOLDER 6. Relatives and Siblings (4)
FOLDER 7. Relatives and Siblings (5)
BOX 8.
FOLDER 1. Relatives
SUBSERIES 2. Tatiana's Family
BOX 8.
FOLDER 2. Denis Stadnik
FOLDER 3. Alexander Davydov
FOLDER 4. Denis Stadnik's Photographs
SUBSERIES 3. George and Tatiana
BOX 8.
FOLDER 5. George and Tatiana
FOLDER 6. George and Tatiana (2)
FOLDER 7. George and Tatiana (3)

FOLDER 8. George and Tatiana (4)

SUBSERIES 4. General A-Z  
BOX 9.
FOLDER 1. Abbate, Paolo
FOLDER 2. Achayev, A
FOLDER 3. Adamantoff, P; Acmoo, P; Adamian, J: Adams, J; Adzheiev, M; Afanassieff, A; Afanasieff, P
FOLDER 4. Afflin, F; Afonsky, N; Agafonoff; E; Agapejew, W; Aisenstein, M
FOLDER 5. Agreneva-Slaviansky, M
FOLDER 6. Agreneva-Slaviansky, M (2)
FOLDER 7. Agreneva-Slaviansky, M (3)
FOLDER 8. Agreneva-Slaviansky, M (4)
FOLDER 9. Akimoff, D
FOLDER 10. Akobjamoff, L; Akramoff, I
FOLDER 11. Aldanov, M
BOX 10.
FOLDER 1. Alekhin, A; Aleksejw, N; Alexandroff, A; Alexandrova-Schwartz, V; Alexandrow, D; Alexeef, N; Alexejewa, N
FOLDER 2. Alitsin, V; All, N; Amatov, V; Amburger, A; Amolyaninov; Alexy, Bishop
FOLDER 3. Andreeva, T
FOLDER 4. Andreeva, K
FOLDER 5. Anderson, R
FOLDER 6. Amtman, K
FOLDER 7. Andreev, V and D; Andreiev, A; Andrey, Bishop; Andreyeff, S; Andronoff, V
FOLDER 8. Anitchkoff, V
FOLDER 9. Annenkoff, P; Antipin, M; Antonishin, M
FOLDER 10. Anziferoff, W
FOLDER 11. Antonuk, O
FOLDER 12. Antonova, E
FOLDER 13. Antonoff, C
FOLDER 14. Appelbaum, B; Apollinari, Archbishop
FOLDER 15. Arbuzov, E
FOLDER 16. Archangelsky, V; Aschanow, A; Asejev, D; Attalmow, M; Auroroff, C; Avinoff, A; Avery, G
FOLDER 17. Avtonomoff, N
BOX 11.
FOLDER 1. Bachkowsky, A; Bachtalowska, A; Badcock, W
FOLDER 2. Bakoota, L; Balakhin, P; Balik, M
FOLDER 3. Balmont, K
FOLDER 4. Bamanoff; Banit, J; Banko, N; Bantsev; Baran, I; Barany, A; Baranoff, N; Bardovsky, W; Barnett, H
FOLDER 5. Barnum, I; Baronin-Boenninghausen, M; DeBarros, R; Baryborov, S; Bashkirova, I; Batanoff, N; Bates, N
FOLDER 6. Bazilevich, A; Beach, G; Beals, R; Beaux, E; Beboutoff, O; Beers, G; Beliaeff
FOLDER 7. Belkin, V; Bellavin, N; Belly, A
FOLDER 8. Belldeninoff, S
FOLDER 9. Belotsvetov, S; Belozerov, N; Beltchenko, A; Bembejew, D; Benedict, A; Bennigsen; Berberian, H; Beresney, T
FOLDER 10. Beresov, R
FOLDER 11. Berestovska, E; Bertensson, S
BOX 12.
FOLDER 1. Bervy, O
FOLDER 2. Bervy, O (2)
FOLDER 3. Bervy, O (3)
FOLDER 4. Bervy, O (4)
FOLDER 5. Bervy, O (5)
FOLDER 6. Bervy, O (6)
FOLDER 7. Bervy, O (7)
BOX 13.
FOLDER 1. Beskid, S
FOLDER 2. Besner, R; Beyer, A; Bezsmertny, A; Bilimovich, A; Binns, E
FOLDER 3. Birsky-Okuntsoff, N
FOLDER 4. Blackstone, H; Blagomirin, I; Bloupetov, S; Bock, M; Bodyanski, I; Bogdanov, A
FOLDER 5. Bogdanovitch, V
FOLDER 6. Bogdanovitch, V (2)
FOLDER 7. Bogdanovitch, V (3)
FOLDER 8. Boginski, W; Bogolubow, S; Bogoslovsky, B; Bogounoff, B; Boldyroff, M; Boleslavsky, R
FOLDER 9. Bolles, J; Bolotin, T; Bolstine, P; Bond, S; Bondarchuk, A; Bondarenko, V; Bootenko, I
BOX 14.
FOLDER 1. Borichevsky, S
FOLDER 2. Borichevsky, S (2)
FOLDER 3. Borisovsky, V; Borovikov; Borovsky, S
FOLDER 4. Borsoff, N
FOLDER 5. Borsoff, N (2)
FOLDER 6. Borstch, A
FOLDER 7. Bounine, I; Bourskaya, I; Bousdelle, A
FOLDER 8. Bozhenko, N
FOLDER 9. Brailovsky, A; Brand, V; Brasol, B; Brees, A; Brodine, N; Brodsky
FOLDER 10. Bryt, E; Brytchkin; Buck, P; Budny, A; Buketov, K; Bukovski, L
BOX 15.
FOLDER 1. Bukovksy, G; Buldevitch, A; Bulgakov, V
FOLDER 2. Bulin, V
FOLDER 3. Bulin, V (2)
FOLDER 4. Burian, S; Byloff, N; Byrd, R; Bzenko, S
FOLDER 5. Callahan, M; Canby, A; Carol, N; Carrick, V; Castor, H; Cavrin, I; Ccheidze, K; Chamberlain, L; Chardanoff, B
FOLDER 6. Chaliapine, F
FOLDER 7. Chassay, M; Chavchadze, P; Cheerkov, N; Chepeleff, J; Cheremeteff, G
FOLDER 8. Chereptsky, G; Chern, V; Chernavin, J; Chernikh, L
FOLDER 9. Chernikoff, P; Chernoff, A; Chernowetz, F; Chernyavsky, P; Chertcow, W; Cheslavsky, V
FOLDER 10. Chetvertinskaya, E; Chikin, C; Chinaeff, E; Chirikov, E
FOLDER 11. Chklaver, Georges
BOX 16.
FOLDER 1. Chludejew, D; Chmeleff, I; Chokine, M; Choustoff, S; Choutoff, T; Churayev, A
FOLDER 2. Chuvstvine, E; Chwedorenko; DeClapiers Collogues, O; Cocergine, A; Codray, N; Coer, M; Colegrove, K; Coleman, A
FOLDER 3. Constantinoff, P; Corlriere, H; Cournot, I; Cozin, J; Crasnow, A; Curcasz, S
FOLDER 4. Damansk, A; Damkov, R; Danilchenko, P; Danilevitch, J
FOLDER 5. Dankevich, J; Darkserhof, A; Darovsky, Y
FOLDER 6. Dartau, O
FOLDER 7. Dartau, O (2)
FOLDER 8. Davidenkov, F; Davidoff, J; Daviduk; Davydov
FOLDER 9. DeBalta, S
FOLDER 10. DeBalta, S (2)
BOX 17.
FOLDER 1. Dechtereff, A
FOLDER 2. Dechtereff, A (2)
FOLDER 3. Dechtereff, A (3)
FOLDER 4. Degman, A; Demchenko, N; Demidov, A; Demidov, A; Denikina; Denko, P; Denny, A; Devorn, O; Derytaniy, M
FOLDER 5. Diachenko, A; Diakonoff, P; Dibrova, G; VanDicht, G; Didkovsky, M; Dietrichs, J; Dikiy, A; Dillon, J; Djakonof, G; Dmitrieff, A
FOLDER 6. Dobrinin, A; Dobriansky, A; Dobriansky, E; Dobrow, S; Dolenga-Kovalevsky, G
FOLDER 7. Donskoy, P; Dooley, P; Dorojinsky, M
FOLDER 8. Dostojewskaya, E; Doubnikoff, J
FOLDER 9. Douline, N; Dresser, K; Drobinin, N; Dronin
FOLDER 10. Dronov, V; Drosdoff, P; Droschok, I; Drozdoff, P; Dublin, M; Dubnikov
BOX 18.
FOLDER 1. Dubosclard, O
FOLDER 2. Dubovoy, A; Dubovskoi, A; Dubrovsky, P; Duller, A; Dumine, G; Dutko, V; Dvorjitsky, N
FOLDER 3. Eichenwald; Eichelberger, M; Efimov, N; Egoroff, O; Eliasberg, A
FOLDER 4. Eleneff, N; Elpidifor, S; Engueian, K; Erin, F; Erman, K; Ernst, H; Faler, F
FOLDER 5. Faher; Fallenberg, N; Farafontoff, A; Federer, A; Fedorenko, J
FOLDER 6. Fedoroff; Fedorov, N; Fedorov, V; Feinman, E; Filipow, J; Fekula, V
FOLDER 7. Finne; Fisocenko, J
FOLDER 8. Fiveisky, L
FOLDER 9. Fiveisky, L (2)
FOLDER 10. Fletchers, W; Flite, B; Flug, V; Fokina, V; Fondaminsky, I; Foresba; Foumy, N
BOX 19.
FOLDER 1. Fovitzky, E
FOLDER 2. France, J; Frankfurter-Karnejeff, M; Franzew, S; Freeman, J
FOLDER 3. Friedl, B; Friedland, S; Frisk; Fruktow, N; Futin, M
FOLDER 4. Gagarine, A; Galagan, M; Galitzine, N
FOLDER 5. Galkin, C; Galushko, O; Gambal, V; Gambling, J; Gann, M; Garmlaza, A
FOLDER 6. Gaus, J; Gavriloff, J; Gelz, B; George, M; Gerasim, A; Gerasimov, L; Gershgorina, V
FOLDER 7. Gershkowitch, J; Gerwig, H; Geyer; Giliawsky, T
FOLDER 8. Gillespie, N; Givotovsky, S; Gladik, V; Glagolov, S; Glinka, F; Goddard, L; Gogin, D
FOLDER 9. Gmizovich, G; Godovannikoff, A; Gogola-Schvili, S; Goldwin, T; Golitzin, A; Gologan, M
FOLDER 10. Golokhvastoff, S; Golovchansky, P; Golovin; Golovkov, M; Golstab
FOLDER 11. Goncharenko, N; Gontarew, B; Goostoff, T; Gorb, F
FOLDER 12. Gorshkoff
FOLDER 13. Gorshkoff (2)
FOLDER 14. Gorin; Gorodkoff, P; Gorski, J; Goubareff, E; Gougnin, A
BOX 20.
FOLDER 1. Govaloff, A
FOLDER 2. Govil, H; Gracheff, G; Graf, M; Grebenschikov, V; Grebenschtschikow, A; Grecenko, G
FOLDER 3. Grechin, A
FOLDER 4. Gregory, J; Gress, N
FOLDER 5. Gretchaninoff
FOLDER 6. Greve, S; Grigoriev, J; Grimienko, W
FOLDER 7. Grishan, T
FOLDER 8. Grizoff, R
FOLDER 9. Groeger, W; Gromeeko, J; Grosavitch, N; Grossman, G; Grotz, M; Grschebin, Z; Grudzinsky, D; Grzyb, A
FOLDER 10. Guering, A; Guins, G; Gurieff, M
FOLDER 11. Guilsher, N; Guntsadze, E; Gurdjian, G; Guretski; Gurewitz, V; Gurojieff, G; Guscik, V
FOLDER 12. Gursky, A; Gusev
FOLDER 13. Gzell, A
BOX 21.
FOLDER 1. Haensel, N
FOLDER 2. Haensel, N (2)
FOLDER 3. Haensel, N (3)
FOLDER 4. Hall Wheelock, J; Hand, G; Hanfman, K
FOLDER 5. Hansen, F; Hanus-Dugollier, E; Harriman, C; Harrington, H
FOLDER 6. Hatton, R; Havelka, F; Hayes, G; Hemmen, N; Herbut, A; Hermance, E
FOLDER 7. Hester, M; Hiriakov, A; Hickcox, E; Hlopoff, R
FOLDER 8. Hlynowski, G
FOLDER 9. Hlynowski, G (2)
FOLDER 10. Hmelewsky, A; Hodorovsky, S; Hoffmeister, W; Hollberg; Holman, H; Hoover, H
BOX 22.
FOLDER 1. Horch, L; Houmetzky, L; Horunoff, V; Howard, F
FOLDER 2. Hrabritsky, A; Hubbell, B; Hubiak, A; Hudiakoff, P; Hudson, P
FOLDER 3. Hughes; Huisman, A; Hujer, K; Huntingon, W; Hurok, S
FOLDER 4. Iangiarly, ; Ignatiev, J; Igumen Panteleimon; Iibina, S; Ilarion; Illiokaniy; Illyne, A
FOLDER 5. Illipdor, P; Ilyin, G; Imnadze, E; Inna; Ioanna
FOLDER 6. Ioann; Ipatieff, V
FOLDER 7. Ippolitov, N; Isaenko, E; Isakova, S; Ischewsky, D; Iswolsky, E
FOLDER 8. Ivanitsky, O; Ivanoff, A; Ivanoff, G; Ivanoff, V; Ivanov, V
FOLDER 9. Ivanovsky, A; Ivanovsky, N; Ivantzoff, J; Ivourenko; Izrastzoff, C
FOLDER 10. Jackson, E; Jagds, E; Jakusiev, J; Jarrett, E; Jankauskas, V
FOLDER 11. Jaroff, S
FOLDER 12. Jermakoff, W; Jeromsky, T; Jitkow, J; Johnson, J; Jordansky, M; Joukowsky, W
BOX 23.
FOLDER 1. Kachouk, M; Kalinin, P; Kalinovsky, P; Kalisher, I; Kallberg, A; Kallestimoff; Kalliste, I; Kambalin, E
FOLDER 2. Kamchisnikov; Kamenecka, M; Kaminsky, V; Kamkalin, A; Kamyskaya, K; Kanavens, A; Kandauroff, A; Kappanadze, J
FOLDER 3. Karalov, V; Karateeff, D; Karinska, M; Karlov, D; Karnpeva, M; Karol; Karpinski, S
FOLDER 4. Kartacheff; Kartoiev, M; Kossakocky, I; Kay, L; Keating, J
FOLDER 5. Kedrovsky, W
FOLDER 6. Kedrovsky, W (2)
FOLDER 7. Keen; Kefeli, J; Kellogg, F; Kells, T; Kerr, E
FOLDER 8. Kessler, N
FOLDER 9. Kessler, N (2)
FOLDER 10. Kessler, N (3)
FOLDER 11. Khrabroff, I
BOX 24.
FOLDER 1. Khrabroff, M; Khrabrovitsky, A; Kiabouchinsky, V; Kibalchich, B; Kijashenko, G; Kilborn, O; Kipman, M
FOLDER 2. Kirgen, A; Kiriloff, A; Kiriloff, J; Kirpatovsky, M
FOLDER 3. Kisia, A; Kizelev, A
FOLDER 4. Klemarow, A
FOLDER 5. Klemarow, A (2)
FOLDER 6. Klemarow, A (3)
FOLDER 7. Klimenko, G; Klimoff, E; Kloptchur; Knauth; Knollenberg, B; Kobanbay, P; Koben, K; Kobjanoff, A; Kodrast, N
FOLDER 8. Kogan, S
FOLDER 9. Kogan, S (2)
FOLDER 10. Kogerin, E; Kogubov, A; Kohanik, P
FOLDER 11. Kohanowski, A
FOLDER 12. Kohanowski, A (2)
BOX 25.
FOLDER 1. Kolachov, P; Kolaida, L; Kolesnikoff, I; Kolin, N; Kolitschew, K; Koltcheff, L
FOLDER 2. Kolubakin, I; Kokoschwili, A; Komenskaya, A; Komisaroff, V; Kondakov, I
FOLDER 3. Konenkova, M; Konovalov; Konrad, H; Koochin, W; Koodroff, V
FOLDER 4. Koozin, T; Kopernik, E; Korablinoff, A; Korchak-Novitsky, I; Kordashevsky, E
FOLDER 5. Korolnoff, S; Korsounovsky, A; Koshetz, A; Kosiatowa, Y; Kosmiadi, G; Kostevich, M
FOLDER 6. Kotomka, A
FOLDER 7. Kott, S; Koutyrina; Kovalchuk, S; Kovalchukoff, N; Kovalenko, A; Kovalenko, P; Kovalevsky, P
FOLDER 8. Kovarsky, L
FOLDER 9. Kovarsky, L (2)
FOLDER 10. Kovtunovich, J; Kovambau, G; Kourennoff, P; Koutoozoff, A
BOX 26.
FOLDER 1. Kozitsky, J; Kozvolin, P; Kraevsky, V; Kramarev, V; Kramarowsky, A; Kramowa, W
FOLDER 2. Krashkevich, J; Kraskoff, J; Kratchkovsky, O; Kravtzoff; Kravtzoff, I; Krenov, J; Kremer, I
FOLDER 3. Krieger, C
FOLDER 4. Krieger, C (2)
FOLDER 5. Krijanovsky, V; Krinsk, A; Krivosheev, A; Krivoshein, G
FOLDER 6. Krotnova, V; Kruk, A; Kruns; Krushevsky, F; Krynitsky, A; Kryzanovsky, E
FOLDER 7. Kuguscheff; Kuharsky, A
FOLDER 8. Kulaev, I; Kulaev, V
FOLDER 9. Kulakov, V; Kukulevsky, A; Kurdiumoff, V
FOLDER 10. Kurenko, M
FOLDER 11. Kushnareff, T; Kushwara, J; Kusubov, V; Kuvshinoff, V; Kviatkovsky, G; Kvartano, B; Kvitko, J
BOX 27.
FOLDER 1. Lachman, G; Laguschkov, V; Lang, B
FOLDER 2. Laskowsky, A; Lavroff, V; Lawb, T; Lazareff, I
FOLDER 3. Leavenworth, C; Lebedeff, J; Lelyavsky, O; Leontief, W; Lesniack, V
FOLDER 4. Less, C; Leszay, O; Letesky, W; Lewis, F; Van der Leeuw, V
FOLDER 5. Lichtmann, Sina and Maurice
FOLDER 6. Lichtmann, Sina and Maurice (2)
FOLDER 7. Lichtmann, Sina and Maurice (3)
FOLDER 8. Ligosky, D; De Lima, E; Lindermann, V; Lisin, A; Litin, M; Lisok, P; Litell, R; Lizak, N
FOLDER 9. Lobanoff, A; Loewinsohn, J; Logikovich, E; Loginov, V; Logunow, N
FOLDER 10. Lokhna, I; Lomoc, J; Lopatin, I; Lorsbeer, C; Loskutoff, L; Losseff, I; Lototozky, M; Lougovoy, T; Loukin, J
FOLDER 11. Loukomsky, R
FOLDER 12. Lounik, E; Ludlam, K; Lundquist, V; Lusina, E
BOX 28.
FOLDER 1. Maciunas, L; Magerovsky, L; Magky; Magula, O
FOLDER 2. Maiewsky, W
FOLDER 3. Maiewsky, W (2)
FOLDER 4. Maismadze; Makedonsky, N; Makovskaya, A; Malejew, N; Malenkoff, J
FOLDER 5. Maloff, P
FOLDER 6. Maloff, P (2)
FOLDER 7. Malozemoff, E; Maluga, A; Malyshev, V; Mamontoff, C; Maleys; Manning, A
FOLDER 8. Mansvetov, F
FOLDER 9. Marsoff-Tishevsky, H
FOLDER 10. Maralian, A; Marchenkoff, P; Marco, I
FOLDER 11. Marcoff, M; Marcotoon, N; Markeloff, L; Markowich, A; Martianoff, N
FOLDER 12. Martin; Martynovsky, I; Maschkewitsch, S; Maschoukoff, N; Massovsky, N
FOLDER 13. Matiuck, N
FOLDER 14. Matwin, K; Mayer, H; Mazaraky; Maziuk, I
BOX 29.
FOLDER 1. Mazurova, A
FOLDER 2. Medvedeff; Melnik, B
FOLDER 3. Meroshnikoff, A; Mesinin, A; Mesniaeff, G; Michel, O
FOLDER 4. Mihailoff
FOLDER 5. Mikhailik, A; Miloshevich, M
FOLDER 6. Milovsoroff, V
FOLDER 7. Minaev, N; Minnis, E
FOLDER 8. Miroluboff, G
FOLDER 9. Mironov, V; Mischi, M; Mishin, M; Mishke, O
FOLDER 10. Mitin, N
FOLDER 11. Mitin, N (2)
FOLDER 12. Mitin, N (3)
FOLDER 13. Mitin, N (4)
FOLDER 14. Mitin, N (5)
BOX 30.
FOLDER 1. Mitkevich, N; Mitropolsky, N; Mitz, V
FOLDER 2. Mjachkijs, M
FOLDER 3. Moeller, T; Mogilat, E; Mohnhaupt, M; Molchanoff; Mongault, H
FOLDER 4. Moore; Moroula-Serensky, I; Moriz, I; Morkotyan, M; Morozoff, O; Morzhev, P
FOLDER 5. Moskoff, E
FOLDER 6. Motuz, I; Moukden, I; Moussine, E; Moussin-Pushkin, B
FOLDER 7. Mueller, A; Muil; Murashkin, S; Murphy, R; Musfeld, N
FOLDER 8. Nadejdin, N; Nadporoschsky, H; Nagivine, I
FOLDER 9. Nakhshuniah, P; Nalbandov, S; Navrotsky, G; Nechkin, N; Nedzelnitsky, J
FOLDER 10. Nekrashevskiy, N; Nekrassoff, V; Nemudrov, V; Nersesian, A; Nesmeloff, A; Nester, S; Nevel, C; Neumann, B
FOLDER 11. Neuzil, Procopius; Nicholayevskaya, O; Nicholaevsky, O; Nickel, A
FOLDER 12. Nicolaeff, A
FOLDER 13. Nicolaeff, A (2)
BOX 31.
FOLDER 1. Nicolaeva, A; Nicolsky, N; Nicoolicheff, B; Nikolaevsky, M; Nikolaew, C; Nikolenko, I; Nikulin, V; Nissen, K
FOLDER 2. Nitchvolodoff, N; Niznik, P; Norton; Nouvilas, V; Novgorod-Seversky; Novoseloff, A
FOLDER 3. Nowizky, H; Noyzd, S; Oblivantzeff, S
FOLDER 4. Obolensky, A
FOLDER 5. Obolensky, A (2)
FOLDER 6. Obrasnoff, B; Oczkowski, V; Offenburg, V; Oglobin, V; Okatov, O; Okulitch, J
FOLDER 7. Okuntsoff, I; Oleinik, I; Oleinikov, V; Olets, D
FOLDER 8. Olenich, D
FOLDER 9. Onore, N
FOLDER 10. Onossow, L and I; Opbers, N; Oranovsky, J; Orem, S; Oremburguy, G; Orloff, E
FOLDER 11. Orlans, V; Orlik, J; Orlowa, M; Orlowsky-Korber, A; Osol-Talmane, E; Osteman, W; Ostrenko; Ostroumoff, T
BOX 32.
FOLDER 1. Oulanoff, B
FOLDER 2. Oumow, I
FOLDER 3. Oumow, I (2)
FOLDER 4. Oumow, I (3)
FOLDER 5. Ounkowsky, W; Ourousoff; Ouspensky, N; Overton, M
FOLDER 6. Podurow, N; Paneth, P; Pankratieff, E; Panteleieff, M; Panteleymonoff, B; Pantserny, P
FOLDER 7. Parfenoff, S
FOLDER 8. Parnov, V; Parker, E; Parsons, Z
FOLDER 9. Pash, W
FOLDER 10. Pashkovsky, P
FOLDER 11. Patrick, G; Pavlov, J; Pavlov, P; Pavlovas, J
FOLDER 12. Pawlitcheff, S; Pawluk, J; Pechatkin, E; Peil, W; Pemkov, T
BOX 33.
FOLDER 1. Penchershewsky, A; Perchuk; Percy, G; Perhach, M
FOLDER 2. Perfilieff, A; Perfilski, J; Perts, J; Peter, Archimandrite; Peterson, G; Petroff, N
FOLDER 3. Petrov, O; Petrov, S; Petrov, S; Peshchoneff, V; Philipenko, O
FOLDER 4. Phillipenko, I
FOLDER 5. Piateski, J; Piroshnikoff, J; Piven, A; Platon, Metropolitan
FOLDER 6. Platounoff, C; Pleirs, A; Plewitskaya; Pleyer, V; Pocell, K; Pocelujew, K
FOLDER 7. Podoksik, D
FOLDER 8. Podolsky, L; Pogrebniak, A; Pohorilyj, S; Pogorelov, B
FOLDER 9. Poiarkov, A
FOLDER 10. Poiarkov, A (2)
FOLDER 11. Pokrovsky, N
FOLDER 12. Polevoi, S
FOLDER 13. Polevoy, E; Poliakoff, G; Pollock, A; Polosow, W; Polozov, V; Poltchaninoff, N; Polyakova, T
FOLDER 14. Ponomarev, N; Ponosoff, J; Popoff, G; Popoff, N; Popow, K; Porochin, J
BOX 34.
FOLDER 1. Porohovshikov, P
FOLDER 2. Porohovshikov, P (2)
FOLDER 3. Porpinski, S; Portiagin, P; Portiankin, A
FOLDER 4. Porto, J; Poruboff, P; Possochoff, N; De Postels, T; Postnikova, T
FOLDER 5. Posychajlo; Potocki, D; Potter, G; Powers, P; Pregel-Breyner, S
FOLDER 6. Prigorina, V; Prigodina, J; Princ, K
FOLDER 7. Prisadsky, A
FOLDER 8. Prisselkoff, S; Prochorowa, X; Proskurin, S; Prokop, J; Pronin, F; Prislopski, V
FOLDER 9. Prosor, G; Protsyk, D; Pschenichniuk, J; Pushkarev, B; Pytkovsky, C; Quirmbach; Pshehonov, V
FOLDER 10. Rachmaninoff, S; Rahr, L; Rajewski, T; Rakova, G; Rambam, J
FOLDER 11. Rannit, A; Rapetski, A; Rasentanow; Rask, A; Rauren, L; Ray, F; Reichert, A
FOLDER 12. Reimers; Reinboff, V; Reincke, N; Reinsch, B; Remizov, A
FOLDER 13. Repin, L; Restchikoff, A; Rencs, A
FOLDER 14. Riabouchinsky, W
FOLDER 15. Riabushin, A; Richard, R; Richards, H; Rilcoff, N; Rivanov, F; Roderic de Spain, J
FOLDER 16. Robinson, W; Roerich, E
BOX 35.
FOLDER 1. Roerich, G; Roerich, V
FOLDER 2. Roerich, N
FOLDER 3. Roerich, N (2)
FOLDER 4. Romanoff, A
FOLDER 5. Rosen, K
FOLDER 6. Roschina, E; Raschtanow, O; Roskow, A; Rostovtzeff; Rot, S
FOLDER 7. Roubakine, N; Roudakoff, N; Roumanoff
FOLDER 8. Rozene, D; Rozhdestvensky, I; Rubanowsky, A; Rubinov, D; Ruff; Rush, J; Rutt, P; Rynkiewicz, Z
FOLDER 9. Saburowa, I
FOLDER 10. Sabo, G; Sachs, H; Safonoff, M; Safronov, P; Sagriaschsky, A; Salgetrem, S; Saloff, L
FOLDER 11. Salvin, M; Samarianin, J; Samoilovich, V; Samorukova, S; Samsonoff, B; Samuel, S; Sanfirow, N; Sapia, M
FOLDER 12. Saposchkow, V
FOLDER 13. Savadsky, M
FOLDER 14. Sauer, S; Savage, P; Savich, I; Savin, O; Savinov, S; Savitsky, S
BOX 36.
FOLDER 1. Savtchenko, E
FOLDER 2. Savtchenko, E (2)
FOLDER 3. Savtchenko, E (3)
FOLDER 4. Savvon, E
FOLDER 5. Savvon, E (2)
FOLDER 6. Scharoff, P; Schecaldin, A; Schelihoff, A; Scherbakoff; Scherbatoff, S
FOLDER 7. Schevtchuk, J; Schewtobrjuchow, G; Schmaltz, G; Schikcharev, X; Schkoutte, K; Schlechta, V
FOLDER 8. Schmeleff, T; Schookin, E; Schuralow, P; Schwarz-Alexandrovna, V; Scott, C
BOX 37.
FOLDER 1. Schwetzoff, A
FOLDER 2. Schwetzoff, A (2)
FOLDER 3. Schwetzoff, A (3)
FOLDER 4. Schwetzoff, A (4)
FOLDER 5. Schwetzoff, A (5)
FOLDER 6. Schwetzoff, A (6)
FOLDER 7. Schwetzoff, A (7)
BOX 38.
FOLDER 1. Sechinsky, J
FOLDER 2. Selenitskaya, L; Selig, M; Selivanov, N; Semanitzky, J; Semeniuk, L; Semenov, P; Semine, C
FOLDER 3. Semoff, I; Senofsky, N; Seraphim, Bishop; Serbikova, M; Serebrennikov, E; Serebrennikov, I; Serets, V; Sergeienkow, G; Sergievsky, B
FOLDER 4. Serisev, I
FOLDER 5. Serisev, I (2)
FOLDER 6. Sertinov; Setesky, W; Setnitsky, N; Severing, A; Sevitzky, F; Shablich, A
FOLDER 7. Shahovskoy, J; Shaposhnikoff, V; Shaub, N; Shells, D; Sherby, N; Shevtoff, G; Shibaev, V; Shihayevsky, V; Shilay, R; Shinvil, V
FOLDER 8. Shipley; Shipoff, M; Shishmanov, T; Shkovsky, I; Shkurkin, D; Shnarkovsky, V; Shoopinsky, A; Shoopinsky, L; Shouisky, J
FOLDER 9. Shoumatoff, E
FOLDER 10. Shtankova, V; Shudeman, C; Shulgorsky; Shusev, P; Shutak, G; Shwabe, I; Sidorenko, F; Siegel, G
FOLDER 11. Siergiejew, A; Silitch, A; Sikorsky, I; Sims, H; Sinchenko, G
BOX 39.
FOLDER 1. Sindrenko, G; Sinjani, C; Siss, A; Sitkin, I; Sjasin, S; Sjogren, C; Skaredoff, L; Skif, A; Skinner-Jackson, E; Sklarenko, S; Skobline, N; Skriagin, O; Skripnik-Kuharsky, A
FOLDER 2. Skuby, E; Slavin, E; Smirnoff, B
FOLDER 3. Smirnov, M; Smirnov, S; De Smitt, V; Smolakov, V; Smutnov, M; Sobolev
FOLDER 4. Soharev, V
FOLDER 5. Soharev, V (2)
FOLDER 6. Sokoloff, N; Solntzev, C; Solodjagin, M; Solonevitch, B; Solymanoff, P; Sokol, N; Somoff, I; Sorokin, A; Sorokin, P
FOLDER 7. Sorokine, P; Sosik, A; Soskice, P; Sosnovsky, A; Sossunov, G; Souhanoff, D; Soumenkoff, Z; Soussloff, G; Sovhatin, P; Sozonova
FOLDER 8. Spassovsky, M; Spence; Spivey, L; Sporish, L
FOLDER 9. Stalinsky, E; Stanfield, B; Stanislavsky, K; Stapril, B; Stcherbina, G; Stchogoleff, O
FOLDER 10. Stegelmn, L; Stem, L; Stember, N; Stepakov, S; Stepanoff, P; Stephan, A
FOLDER 11. Stiles, C; Stockwell, W; Stonjalsky, V; Stoopenkoff, A; Stotsky, M; Strachowa-Ermans, B; Strash, V
BOX 40.
FOLDER 1. Strelsky, N
FOLDER 2. Streltzov, L; Strock, M; Strenkovsky, S; Strichewsky, V; Stroew, G
FOLDER 3. Strong, V; Strounke; Struve, P
FOLDER 4. Stukoff, P; Stymrya, G
FOLDER 5. Sudakoff, A
FOLDER 6. Sudorgin, S; Sullivan, F; Sukalo, A; Surguchev, I; Sushilnikov, P; Svida, W
FOLDER 7. Svigoon, C; Svistunoff, P; Swan, A; Swatikoff, P; Swerid, J; Switland, J; Syarkov, A
FOLDER 8. Tamarzeff, M; Tenchik, D; Tanyal, O; Taranova, C
FOLDER 9. Tarasevich, I; Tarasova, H; Tarassow, N; Tarsaidze, A
FOLDER 10. Taurit, M
FOLDER 11. Taylor, H; Tchevykoveshid, N; Teihermeev, A; Tenicheff, M; Tenney, G; Tchaikovsky, N
BOX 41.
FOLDER 1. Teodorovich, N; Terbatovna; Terentieff; Tereshtenko, V; Terleneva
FOLDER 2. Tertichny, J; Tetikoff, P; Theophilus, M; Thrift
FOLDER 3. Tichomirowa, N
FOLDER 4. Tikhon, B; Timon, A; Tirs, G; Titik, J
FOLDER 5. Titoff
FOLDER 6. Titoliv, N; Tolstoj, A; Tostow, I
FOLDER 7. Tolstoy, A; Tolstoy, I
FOLDER 8. Tomilin, K; Tomashevsky, E
FOLDER 9. Tooritzin; Topic, F; Torchin, N; Toritzsky, S; Toropovs, N; Toropoff, N
FOLDER 10. Tourtsevitch, M
FOLDER 11. Toutkovsky; Townsend, R; Trega, A; Tretiak, S; Trilevsky, A; Trofimov, K; Trofimowitsch; Trotzky, I; Troin, H
FOLDER 12. Trufanoff, S. M.
FOLDER 13. Trutovsky, E; Tsatourian, H; Tschebotarioff, G; Tscherbatcheff, A; Tschurajew, A; Tsurlevich, A; Tucker, W
BOX 42.
FOLDER 1. Tulpa, L
FOLDER 2. Tulpa, L (2)
FOLDER 3. Turkevich, L
FOLDER 4. Turkevich, L (2)
FOLDER 5. Tuma, A; Tumanov; Turchenko; Turvev, M; Tusev, N; Tzuglevich, A
FOLDER 6. Ulianoff, M; Uliantzeff, V; Umans, G; Umanskij, D; Urbaneck, F
FOLDER 7. Uriankhaisky, W; Urmanov, K; Usova, M; Uspiensky, S; Vahanian, P; De Valliere, N; Varjensky; Varlashkin, A; Vasagoff, E; Vasilieff, B
FOLDER 8. Vasiliev, N; Vasilieva, Y; Vedrinska, M; Velikanoff, I; Veniamin, Bishop; Vensan, L; Veremeichid, P; Verenitsky; Vergun, D; Vernadsky, G
FOLDER 9. Verhovskoy, R
FOLDER 10. Versinin, V
FOLDER 11. Veselovsky, P; Veshikov, A; Vieglais, N; Vincent, I
BOX 43.
FOLDER 1. Viner, H; Vinnichenko, B; Vinnikov, V; Vinokooroff, A; Viren, N
FOLDER 2. Virs, M; Vishnevsky, V; Vitaly, Archbishop; Vitolins, V
FOLDER 3. Voitekhovitch, V; Volkov, B; Volkova, A; Volkova, M
FOLDER 4. Volkovskaya, E; Voloshin, A; Vonsovitch, D; Vorobioff, S
FOLDER 5. Voronovich, N; Vostokov, V; Voysyan, A; Vroman, A; Vyacheslavov, A; Vyrodzev, A; Wall, J
FOLDER 6. Wassilieff, N; Wassiljeff, P; Wassill, T; Wedrow, I; Weinbaum, M
FOLDER 7. Wells, M; Werezky, W; Werbizky, W; Weremeychik, P; Wetlitz, A; Wetlitz, S; White, A; White, P
FOLDER 8. Wight, S; Wilcox, J; Wilischinska; Winogradow, N
FOLDER 9. Winogradow, V; Winter, V; Wiren, N; Wissotzky, A; Woinarsky, B; Wolkodoff, E; Wolkova, L; Woytowski, J
FOLDER 10. De Wrangel
BOX 44.
FOLDER 1. De Wrangel (2)
FOLDER 2. Wynnyczuk, A; Wyvodzeff, D; Yablonovsky, S; Yacooshin, P
FOLDER 3. Yakhontoff, V; Yakimac, A; Yakonowsky, E; Yanovsky, N; Yakovlev, B
FOLDER 4. Yaremenko, A
FOLDER 5. Yarosh, N; Yarring, A; Yasinitsky, G; Yermakoff, S; Yourkevich, V; Younak, A
FOLDER 6. Yurchuk, F; Yurieva-Cowling, M; Yurlova, M; Yutkevich, N; Zachareff, D; Zagorsky, P; Zaitsev, B
FOLDER 7. Zamotine, J
FOLDER 8. Zamotine, J (2)
FOLDER 9. Zamotine, J (3)
FOLDER 10. Zarotschenzeff, M
FOLDER 11. Zeeler, B; Zefrin, M; Zelensky, E; Zelensky, V; Zenzinov, V; Zernoff, B
BOX 45.
FOLDER 1. Zetlin, M
FOLDER 2. Zevin, D; Zhakudsky, A; Zhiis, S; Zhivoi, N; Zitinsky, J; Znamensky, G; Znekid, T; Zoran, B; Zoueff, A; Zurich-Morrell, R; Zverev, L
SUBSERIES 5. Institutions
BOX 45.
FOLDER 3. Academy of Allied Arts; Alliance College; American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism; American Foreign Insurance Association; Arts Council of Great Britain
FOLDER 4. Banque de la Bourse; Bee Publishing Co; Beseda
FOLDER 5. Bibliotheque Russe; Boletim dos Montenegros; Bonebrake Theological Seminary; Books Abroad; The Challenge; Committee for Promotion of Kalmuck Culture; Concert Hall Society
FOLDER 6. Concord Book Shop; Credit Commecial de France; Dobro; Europa Service; Firebird Monthly Magazine; Fireside; First Episcopal Methodist Church
FOLDER 7. The Fray; Fund of Grand Duke Vladimir; Government Library, USSR; Harbin Relief Committee of Russian Emigrants; Hermitage of Our Lady Kursk; Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Cathedral; Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery, Iskra
FOLDER 8. John Sexton and Co; Kelsey Print Company; Library of Congress; Literaturnij Sowremennik; Lloyd-Journal; Musart Film Productions; Museum and Archives of Russian Culture
FOLDER 9. Muza; National Education Association of Uniter States; National Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations; New Review
FOLDER 10. Novaya Zarya
FOLDER 11. Novosselya; Novoye Russkoye Slovo
FOLDER 12. One Church; Orthodox Children's Home; Pearn, Pollinger and Higham; La Pensee Russe; Peoples Savings Bank; Personal Bookshop; Poet Laureate; Press Franco-Russe; Reading Rooms; La Renaissance; Rodnaja Starina; Roerich Museum; Rul'
FOLDER 13. Rossiya; Rosyjski Komitet Opiekunczy; Roubej; Russian American Union for Protecion and Aid to Russians Outside of Russia; Russian Artists Union; Russian Bells; Russian Center; Russian Children's Welfare Society
BOX 46.
FOLDER 1. Russian Christian Church; Russian Church; Russian Consolidated Mutual Aid Society of America; Russian Eastern Orthodox Cathedral of Holy Cross; Russian Historical Society of America; Russian Independent Mutual Aid Society; Russian Life; Russian Marionette Theatre
FOLDER 2. Russian Military-Historical Archives and Publishing House; Russian National Book and Music Store; Russian National Patriotic Union in Belgium; Russian Orthodox Church; Russian Orthodox Church of Christ the Saviour; Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of North America
FOLDER 3. Russian Review; Russian-Serbian Orthodox Church; Russian St. Knyaz Vladimir Church; Russian Student Fund; Russian Symphonic Choir
FOLDER 4. Russian Veterans' Society of the World War; Russian War Relief, Inc; Russie Illustree; Russkaya Biblioteka; Russkaya Mysl'; San Francisco Bishopric; Scrantom's; Secretary of State, Florida; Sevodnja; Sistership of the Russian Orthodox Church; Slavonic Press; Slovo; Sibirskie Ogni
FOLDER 5. Sociedad Cultural Biblioteca Rusa; Sociedad Rusa de Socorros Mutuos; Societe d'Agriculture; Societe du Grand Armorial de France; Society of Russian Veterans of the World War; Spolek Sibirianu v C.S.R; Sovremennye Zapiski
FOLDER 6. St. Mary's Russian Orthodox Church; St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Church; St. Nicholas Church; St. Procopius College; St. Tikhon's R. O. Theological Seminary; St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church; St. Tikhon's Russian Orphanage; St. Vladimir's Russian Orthodox Catholic Society
FOLDER 7. Synod Church Building Fund; Union des Invalides Russes au Royaume de Yugoslavie; Union des Mutiles et Invalides Russes; Union Russe Bibliotheque; Varonis; Vernost'; Waterbury Hospital; The White House; Who's Who in America; Yale University Library; Yuzhnoe Slovo, Odessa 1919; Zemlya Columba
SUBSERIES 6. Miscellaneous
BOX 46.
FOLDER 8. Miscellaneous Letters
FOLDER 9. Miscellaneous Receipts and Documents
FOLDER 10. Unnamed Correspondents
BOX 47.
FOLDER 1. Correspondents without Last Names
FOLDER 2. Correspondents without Last Names (2)
FOLDER 3. Unidentified Letters
FOLDER 4. Unidentified Letters (2)
FOLDER 5. Pushkin Material

SERIES 4. Visual

SUBSERIES 1. Empty Envelopes
BOX 47.
FOLDER 6. Addresses
FOLDER 7. Afghanistan; Austria; Australia; Brazil; Bulgaria
FOLDER 8. Canada; China
FOLDER 9. Czechoslovakia; England; Estonia; Finland; France
BOX 48.
FOLDER 1. Germany; Greece; India; Iran; Italy
FOLDER 2. Latvia; Lithuania; New Zealand; Poland; Romania; Singapore; Sweden; Switzerland; Tunisia
FOLDER 3. United States
FOLDER 4. United States (2)
FOLDER 5. United States (3)
FOLDER 7. Uruguay; Yugoslavia
FOLDER 8. Old Stamps, Postcards, Sweepstake Tickets


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