Edith Koivisto (1888-1981) Papers,

ca. 1904-1975

Immigration History Research Center
University of Minnesota

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IHRC #75
Papers, 1904-1975
5 and 1/3 linear feet



The Edith Koivisto Papers were deposited in the Immigration History Research Center in August 1975.  They were acquired from Edith Koivisto of Hibbing, Minnesota, through the efforts of Michael L. Karni.  The collection consists of 5 and 1/3 linear feet of papers, correspondence, and publications as well as oversized materials.  The collection is primarily in Finnish, but there are numerous materials in English.

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Biographical Sketch

    Edith (Laine) Koivisto was born in Kuusankoski, Finland, on August 9, 1888.  She attended public school in Finland and continued her education after immigrating to the United States in 1910.  She lived in Spokane, Washington, with her sister and brother-in-law until the fall of 1912 and then borrowed money from a friend and moved to Smithville, Minnesota, where she attended Tyovaen Opisto (Work People's College).  While at Tyovaen Opisto she worked as assistant manager, librarian, and part-time teacher in the correspondence school.  On November 14, 1913, she married Arvid Koivisto, a fellow student at the school.  They lived in the Duluth area while Edith worked as a bookkeeper for the Socialist Publishing Company and Arvid worked at various jobs and attended Duluth Business University.  Between 1915 and 1918 he continued his education at Valparaiso University in Indiana while she remained in Minnesota.  In 1920 the Koivistos moved to Quincy, Massachusetts, for a short time because Arvid had a job as manager of the Quincy Finnish Co-operative Grocery and Boarding House.  While in Quincy, they were very active in the social and cultural activities of the local Finnish American community.  Edith Koivisto directed and acted in theatrical productions and belonged to the I.W.W. After a brief trip to Finland, the Koivistos returned to the United States and made their home in Hibbing, Minnesota.  Arvid Koivisto was manager of the Hibbing Co-op and then became an auditor for Central Cooperative Wholesale, a job he kept until his retirement forty years later.

    Edith Koivisto became involved in numerous choral groups and theatrical productions soon after her arrival from Finland.  Especially during the period from 1915 through the early 1920s she was very active as both actor and director in numerous plays produced by various groups.  She also performed as a singer and director of various choruses.  She continued to act as a chorus director until 1940.

    Writing was another favorite activity of Edith Koivisto.  During the 1940s, she published frequently in the local Hibbing papers and in the Cooperative Builder.  She had her own gardening column in the Hibbing Tribune and the Cooperative Builder as well as a column called "Good Books and Common Sense" in the Cooperative Builder.  She also wrote numerous plays in both Finnish and English and translated Carmen into Finnish.  Her plays are generally one- or two-act plays and include radio plays and skits.  One of her plays, "Paavo ja Agadonna," won a prize in the Northern States Co-op Guilds Play Contest in 1936.  She continued her writing in the 1950s with "The Pledge - History of the Finnish Temperance Movement in Hibbing from 1895-1957" (1958) and "Hibbing ja Hibbingin Suomalaiset" ("History of the Finns and the Village of Hibbing," 1957).  The former was commissioned by the Sovinto Temperance Society of Hibbing and the latter by the Minnesota Finnish-American Historical Society, Duluth.  Edith Koivisto was also involved with the writing of the Minnesotan Suomalaisten Historia (History of the Finns in Minnesota) edited by Hans R. Wasastjerna.  She contributed articles to many Finnish American newspapers and periodicals such as Siirtokansan Kalenteri and Kalevainen.

In the late 1940s, Edith Koivisto tried her hand at painting and had her first one-woman show in 1950.  During the 1950s and 1960s she had approximately twenty such exhibits, most of them in the Hibbing Public Library.  Edith Koivisto also participated in more than thirty group shows, not only in Hibbing but as far away as New York City.  She won numerous prizes for her works.and presented paintings to Presidents Truman and Kennedy.  She was president of the Hibbing Art Center in 1951-52 and was very active in that organization for many years.  Koivisto was also a leading member of the Hibbing Tuesday Musicale and other civic and social organizations in Hibbing.

In the midst of all these other activities, Edith Koivisto found time to attend classes at Hibbing Junior College (1933-35, 1953-55) and to travel.  In 1959, she was invited to Finland to attend the 57th Congress of the General Cooperative Union.  She spent the summer of 1959 in Finland and wrote a series of articles for the Tyovaen Osuustoimintalehti about her trip.

Mrs. Koivisto's husband died in 1964, and their only daughter, Armida Caird, died nine years later.  Edith Koivisto died in Hibbing, Minnesota, on December 22, 1981.

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Scope and Content

Since the Edith Koivisto Papers had no apparent order as received, the materials were separated into two major divisions consisting of her creative work and her organizational activities.  Her creative activities were further subdivided into 1) creative writing such as plays, newspaper columns, and magazine articles, and 2) historical writing such as her history of Hibbing's temperance societies and her biographies of people within the I.W.W.  The bulk of the collection deals with her organizational activities, which were divided into four categories, the largest section being on the Minnesota Finnish-American Historical Society and Cooperative Central Wholesale.  Her history of the Finns in Hibbing was included in the section on the historical society because it was one of many manuscripts that went into the preparation of the society's history of the Finns in Minnesota.

    The resulting organization has eight general categories:

        I. Biographical materials and personal correspondence (folders 1-22)

        II. Creative writing (folders 23-55)

        III.  Historical writing (folders 56-82)

        IV. Organizational activity (folders 83-95)

        V. Minnesota Finnish-American Historical Society (folders 96-106)

        VI. Northern Minnesota Finnish Midsummer Festivals (folders 107-129)

        VII.  Cooperative activity (folders 130-155)

        VIII.  Miscellaneous published materials and photographs (folders 156-167)

        IX.   Legal-length material

Section I

    The materials in this section deal with the personal aspects of Edith Koivisto's life.  Her diary, travel journal, college attendance, banking transactions, war ration books, personal correspondence, and scrapbooks are included.  There are also captioned photographs from the first years of her marriage. (1-22)

Section II

    This section is organized around Koivisto's creative writings.  She wrote many plays, both in Finnish and in English, and translated a number of dramas from English into Finnish.  In addition, she wrote numerous articles and stories for a variety of publications.  Also included are the writings she did for various Finnish publications as well as the essays she wrote for creative writing classes at Hibbing Junior College. (23-55)

Section III

    Edith Koivisto collected historical data on Finnish Americans who were active in the I.W.W. movement at the turn of the century.  The biographies and obituaries as well as personal memoirs in this section also provide a description of the Work People's College.  This section also contains the research notes and manuscript of an organizational history she wrote entitled, "The Pledge - A History of the Finnish Temperance Movement of Hibbing from 1895-1957." (56-82)

Section IV

    The materials in this section reflect Edith Koivisto's participation in cultural and civic organizations such as art societies, choral groups, the parent-teacher association, and women's lodges. (83-95)

Section V

    Edith Koivisto was part of the Minnesota Finnish-American Historical Society from its beginning.  This section contains articles, newspaper clippings, and correspondence which chronicle the formation and development of the society.  Also included are research materials, notes, and manuscripts documenting her contribution to the preparation of the Society's History of the Finns in Minnesota. (96-106)

Section VI

    For many years Edith Koivisto was active organizing committees for Northern Minnesota Finnish Midsummer Festivals.  This section contains programs, minutes, notes and correspondence which describe the festivals between 1922 and 1958. (107-129)

Section VII

    Edith and Arvid Koivisto were active for many years in the Finnish cooperative movement.  At various times, both worked for the Cooperative Central Exchange in Superior.  This section includes minutes, reports, financial records, and newspaper clippings which deal with various aspects of co-op activity. (130-155)

Section VIII

    This section contains miscellaneous photographs, published materials, and newspaper clippings.  Of particular interest is Lauri Lemberg's historical novel, St. Croix Avenue, about Finns in Duluth at the turn of the century. (156-167)


The following is a guide, not a complete index, to certain persons, subjects, and associations prominent in the collection.

        folder 74

        folders 96, 98-99

        folder 15

CENTRAL COOPERATIVE WHOLESALE (formerly Central Cooperative Exchange)
        folders 130-134, 136, 146, 157

        folder 135

        folder 56

        folders 137-139, 147-154, 157

        folder 16

        folders 2, 8, 91, 104

        folder 75

        folder 85

        folders 9, 51, 92

        folders 96, 98-99

        folders 57, 75

        folders 64, 96, 98-99, 156, 159-161

        folder 65

        folders 96-106

        folders 79, 82

        folder 85

        folders 107-127

        folders 155-156

        folders 96, 98

        folder 68

        folders 75

        folders 76, 80, 82

        folders 71, 98, 104

        folders 76-77, 79, 82

        folder 72

        folders 76, 78-79, 82

        folder 85

        folder 98

        folders 74-75

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Preliminary Container List

Box # Folder # Folder Title and Description of Contents Year(s)
1 1 Edith and Arvid Koivisto, Biographical material, 1913-1925
      This folder contains photographs with brief typewritten captions and remembrances of the first years of their marriage.  Included are their marriage license, wedding picture, other photographs, and a two-page synopsis of their move to Massachusetts, brief return to Finland, and move back to Minnesota. Among the photographs are views of Edith and Arvid dressed for roles in Carmen.
2 Arvid Koivisto, 1917-1966
      This folder contains articles, letters, and clippings relating to Arvid Koivisto's early days in Massachusetts and Minnesota, his position with Central Cooperative Exchange, and memorial articles that appeared in the Finnish press shortly after his death.
3 Personal Finances, 1917-1921
      These are records of banking transactions with the Kansallis Osake Pankki in Helsinki and receipts for money sent to Finland.
4 Notes and Activities, 1915-1959
      The material dated from 1915 to 1926 includes handwritten accounts of festivals, concerts, plays, and musicals in which Edith Koivisto performed and the selections or parts she sang or acted. A brief diary starting in 1935 deals primarily with organizational activities but also comments on people with whom she dealt day-to-day and other ordinary happenings. The last entry is dated January 21, 1959. (See also folder 164.)
5 Personal Journals, 1934-1975
      The journals are not complete for all of the years, and there is some overlapping. Major gaps are 1936 to 1940, 1942 through 1944, 1949 to 1954, and 1963 to 1972.
6 Oregon Travel Diary, 1947 1947
7 Florida Travel Diary, 1962 1962
8 California Travel Diary, 1964 1964
9 New York Travel Diary, 1964 1964
10 Hibbing Junior College, 1933-1955
      Included in this folder are grade reports, registration forms, and a fee statement for courses taken by Edith Koivisto.
11 World War II Ration Stamps and Books, 1942-1945
      This folder consists of ration books, identification cards, and receipts for purchases.
12 Georgetown Hospital, 1953
      This folder contains receipts for Edith Koivisto's hospitalization.
13 Who's Who Among American Women, ca. 1965
      This folder contains an initial letter from the publisher, two informal resumes, and the biographical sketch written by the editors from Koivisto's submissions.
14 Address Book, n.d.
15 Greeting Cards, 1908-1973
      Included are postcards from vacationing friends, Christmas cards, and other greetings.
16 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1914-1974
      This folder contains personal correspondence, including letters from relatives in Finland and the United States.  (See also folder 164.)
17 Scrapbook 1, n.d.
      This scrapbook consists mainly of newspaper clippings of
poems and short articles.
2 18-20 Scrapbook II, n.d.
      These folders contain a reconstructed scrapbook. Included are newspaper clippings on a variety of topics, especially Finland and Finnish Americans. Also included are photographs of Edith Koivisto in several acting roles and photographs of the Ruby Lake Co-op Camp.
21 Scrapbook III, 1915-1974
      This scrapbook consists mainly of poems and newspaper clippings on Finnish Americans and events in Finland.
22 Miscellaneous Clippings, 1934-1976
      These are clippings which mention Edith Koivisto. They deal with such varied topics as Finns and Mongolians, the Finnish-language classes she taught, the town where she was born, and the death of her daughter. Also included is the typewritten "Principles of Finnish Grammar" she used in teaching the language class.
23 Lists of Plays and Skits, 1973
      This folder contains three separate lists of Edith Koivisto's plays and skits.
24       Kiien kukkuessa, n.d. no date
25       Kalevala-juhla, n.d. no date
26       Kamelianainen, February 11, 1919 1919
27       Kolme tyhmaa neitsytta, n.d. no date
28       Kuluttajain neuvontakeskuksessa, n.d. no date
29       Kuolemaantuomitettu, n.d. no date
30       Joulutervehdys, n.d. no date
31       Naimailmoitus, 1973 1973
32       Naissusi, n.d. no date
33       Paavo ja Agadonna, 1936 1936
34       Poikamme palaavat, n.d. no date
35       Pulakausi naisten syy, October 19, 1938 1938
36       Virkattu villa peite, n.d. no date
3 37       The Crystal Ball, n.d. no date
38       It Happened Here, n.d. no date
39       It's Easy If You Know How, December 29, 1944 1944
40       Kalakukko, n.d. no date
41       Pa's Seed Flats, n.d. (not complete) no date
42       Wanted, A Name, n.d. no date
43       When the Cuckoo Sings, n.d. no date
44 Play Reviews, 1916-1962
      This folder contains reviews and newspaper advertisements for plays in which Edith Koivisto acted. Also included are a few programs and clippings about occasions on which she sang or recited poetry.
45 Poetry and Song Lyrics, ca. 1920-1948
      This folder contains clippings, typescripts, choral arrangements, and handwritten copies of poetry, song lyrics, and lyrics from musicals and operas such as Carmen which Koivisto herself adapted. (See also folder 169.)
46-47 "Good Books and Commonsense," 1941-1942
      These folders contain clippings and typescripts of articles from the Cooperative Builder and Home.
48-50 "Matkan Varrelta," 1959-1960
      Newspaper articles Koivisto wrote for the Tyovaen Osuustoimintalehti during her trip to Finland. Folder 49 contains typescripts of the same articles, and folder 50 contains correspondence relating to the trip and the articles.
51 Kalevainen, 1951-1975
      Articles Koivisto wrote for Kalevainen and correspondence with its editors. Also included are articles from Kalevainen about her.
52 Siirtokansan Kalenteri, 1963-1969
      This folder contains her articles on various subjects for the Kalenteri.
53 Articles, 1941-1975
      The manuscripts in this folder are her articles for various newspapers and magazines.
54-55 Writing Assignments, 1932-1935
       These folders contain her essays and themes for composition classes at Hibbing Junior College.
Biographical Data
4 56       Henrickson, Martin 1976
57       Hovi, Adolf no date
58       Huttunen, Paavo 1957-1962
59       Jarvi, Fannie (Oksanen) and Kaarlo 1965-1975
60       Kainu, Matti no date
61       Kaleton, Arne 1967-1977
62       Kiikka, Konstant (Dr. Constant K. Hartman) 1913-1974
63       Kolu, John 1915-1974
64       Lemberg, Lauri 1911-1975
65       Lindros, Frank 1917-1974
66       Makinen, August A. 1972
67       Puranen, Henry 1952-1963
68       Ronn, Eskel 1931
69       Saari, Leo 1970-1975
70       Stenholm, Victor 1913-1975
71       Sulkanen, Elis 1957-1963
72       Tokoi, Oskari 1963
73       Vitikainen, Antti and Hellin 1957-1974
74 Miscellaneous Obituaries, 1954-1976
      This folder contains obituaries of Finnish Americans, primarily from the Iron Range or connected with the Work People's College.   Also included are Koivisto's recollections of many of these people.
5 75 Tyovaen Opisto, 1914-1975
      Shares of stock, reports, and Koivisto's typed reminiscences and photographs from Tyovaen Opisto.
76-81 "The Pledge: A History of the Finnish Temmperance Movement of Hibbing from 1895-1957"
      Folder 76 contains  a typescript carbon of the history.
      Folder 77 contains  Koivisto's notes from the Tapio society's minutes, 1895-1917; 
      Folder 78 consists of notes on minutes of Totuuden Etsija, 1898-1915; and folder 79 contains notes on minutes of joint meetings of the Tapio and Totuuden Etsija societies, 1898-1915. Notes from the minutes of the Sovinto society, 1919-1940, are in folder 80. Folder 81 contains notes, articles and correspondence on the disagreement between Koivisto and the Sovinto Society concerning her fee for writing the history. (See also folder 166.)
82 Hibbing Temperance Movement, 1942-1959
      This folder contains newspaper and magazine articles relating to the temperance movement in Hibbing. Included are nine issues of the "Eramaan Tahti," the Hibbing temperance societies' first-paper, from 1904.
83 Membership cards, 1949-1974
      This folder contains membership cards of some of the organizations of which Koivisto was a member.
84-85 Hibbing Art Center, Saturday Club, 1945-1973
      These folders contain correspondence, announcements, newspaper articles and other material concerning Koivisto's involvement with the Hibbing Art Center. Also included are some materials from her other activities dealing with painting.
6 86 Chorus Activities, 1933-1941
      Correspondence, minutes of meetings, press releases relating to the choral groups Koivisto directed.
87-89 Hibbing Tuesday Musicale, 1941-1973 1941-1973
90 Hibbing Garden Club, 1947-1974
      Articles relating to the Hibbing Garden Club and Koivisto's involvement with it.
91 International Workers of the World, 1916-1922
      This folder contains Koivisto's membership cards.
92 Ladies of Kaleva, 1950-1974
      This folder contains corresondence, notes, and other material relating to the Ladies of Kaleva. Much of the correspondence deals with the 1952 Grand Lodge Convention, where Koivisto displayed some of her paintings.
93 First Settlers Association of Hibbing, 1960-1974
      This folder deals with her membership.
94 Hibbing High School P.T.A., 1935-1939
      This folder mainly deals with the beginnings of the organization. Koivisto was one of the founding members.
95 Victory Aides, 1943
      Folder 95 contains notices and newsletters put out by the Victory Aides, of which Koivisto was a member.
7 96-97 Minnesota Finnish-American Historical Society (MFAHS), History and development, 1941-1957
      These folders contain newspaper articles, reports, meeting agendas, and by-laws that relate to the early history of the society. Also included are clippings and correspondence regarding the collection of data for a history of Minnesota Finns.
98-99 MFAHS, Correspondence, 1953-1968
      These folders contain corresondence relating to Hans R. Wasastjerna's History of the Finns in Minnesota, as well as Koivisto's participation in the collection of data and her writing the section on Hibbing.
100-105 MFAHS, Materials for History of the Finns in Minnesota, 1922-1968
      These folders contain the historical data collected by Koivisto for the original Finnish history and the translation into English in 1962. Folder 100 contains a 60-page history, "Hibbing ja Hibbingin Suomalaiset," written by her in 1957. Folders 101-104 contain notes, historical materials, and pamphlets on the history of the Hibbing area. Folder 105 contains materials on a legal dispute over the proceeds from the sale of the Hibbing workers' hall.
8 106 MFAHS, Correction sheets to History of the Finns in Minnesota, 1956-1958 1956-1958
107 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Nashwauk, MN, Financial statement, 1922 1922
108 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Virginia, MN, Program booklet, 1930 1930
109 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Hibbing, MN, 1931
      This folder contains a program booklet, correspondence, newspaper clippings, posters, and a concert program relating to the festival.
110 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Chisholm, MN, Program booklet, 1932 1932
111 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Hibbing, MN, Program booklet, 1933
      This folder also contains newspaper clippings on the festival.
112 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Eveleth, MN Program booklet, 1935 1935
113 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Ely, MN, Program booklet, 1936 1936
114 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Virginia, MN, Program booklet, 1937 1937
115 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Hibbing, MN, Program booklet, 1938 1938
116 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Gilbert, MN, Program booklet, 1940
      Also included are festival correspondence and a typewritten program for a July 4, 1940, benefit for Finnish relief.
117 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Cloquet, MN, Booklet and correspondence, 1941 1941
118 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Duluth, MN, Correspondence, 1942 1942
Box # Folder # Folder Title and Description of Contents Year(s)
119 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Hibbing, MN, Clippings, 1946 1946
120 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Hibbing, MN Program booklet and clippings, 1947 1947
9 121 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Cloquet, MN, Program booklet, 1948 1948
122 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Chisholm, MN, Program booklet, 1951 1951
123 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Eveleth, MN, Program booklet, 1953 1953
124 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Hibbing, MN, Program booklet, 1954 1954
125 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Virginia, MN, Program booklet, 1955 1955
126 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Nashwauk, MN, Program booklet and committee ribbon badge, 1956 1956
127 Finnish Midsummer Festival, Hibbing, MN, Program booklet, 1958 1958
128 Finnish Midsummer Festival, New York Mills, MN, Program booklet, 1960 1960
129 Miscellaneous Finnish Summer Festivals, 1926-1958
      This folder contains a program from the Portland (Oregon) Finnish Workers Federation summer festival in 1926, a badge from the Mesaba area workers' summer festival in 1956, and an undated summer festival badge and button.
130 Central Cooperative Exchange, Executive Board minutes, 1923-1929 1923-1929
131 Central Cooperative Exchange, Board of Directors, Minutes, 1923-1929 1923-1929
132 Central Cooperative Exchange, Management Committee, Minutes, 1923-1929 1923-1929
133 Cooperative Central Exchange, Local cooperative sales quotas, 1927 1927
134 Central Cooperative Exchange, Departmental annual reports, 1934-1935 1934-1935
135 Co-op Children's Camps, Reports, 1939-1941 1939-1941
136 Central Cooperative Wholesale Convention, Reports and clippings, 1957 1957
137 Hibbing Co-op, Financial statistics, 1920-1956 1920-1956
138 Hibbing Co-op, Clubs and guilds, 1935-1948
      This folder contains newspaper clippings, reports, and minutes.
139 Hibbing Co-op Radio Broadcasts, 1938-1940
      Typewritten transcripts of radio broadcasts written by Koivisto.
140 Cooperative Builder, Credit memoranda, 1941-1943
     Credit memoranda from the Cooperative Publishing Association concerning articles by Koivisto.
141 Cooperatives, Annual reports, 1969
      These reports are from the Hibbing Cooperative Credit Union and the Consumer Cooperative Company.
10 142-145 Scrapbook, n.d.
      These folders contain clippings from a reconstructed scrapbook kept by Koivisto.
no date
146 Central Cooperative Wholesale, Miscellaneous, 1922-1962
      This folder contains clippings, minutes, reports, and correspondence relating to Central Cooperative Wholesale. Also included are some advertising pamphlets.
"Illan Uutiset"
      Copies of the Hibbing Co-op Club newsletter.
11 147 1933-1934 1933-1934
148 1935 1935
149 1936 1936
150 1937 1937
151 1938 1938
152 1939 1939
153 1940 1940
154 1941-1947 1941-1947
Miscellaneous Photographs, 1906-1962
      These are photographs of friends, acquaintances, organizations, historic buildings, and drama groups, among others.
155 1906-1919 1906-1919
156-157 1920-1962 1920-1962
158 n.d. no date
159-162 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings, 1916-1975
      Folders 159-161 contain Lauri Lemberg's historical novel St. Croix Avenue, which was serialized in Industrialisti from August 3, 1967, to December 3, 1968. Subjects in folder 162 range from the Kalevala to Finnish labor activism.
163 Miscellaneous, 1951-1975
      These items include a list of Finnish books for the Hibbing Public Library, six monthly minutes of the board of directors of the Workers Publishing Company from 1951 and 1975, a personal handwriting analysis, and "Ten Rules for Happiness."
164 Legal-length material separated from folders 4 and 16
165 Musical arrangements and lyrics
166 Eramaan Tahti, 1904 1904


Portfolio 1

      Finnish-language Bible (Philadelphia: A. J. Holman and Co., 1891).  Illustrations by Gustave Dore.  Includes a few Koivisto family photographs.

Portfolio 2

      Photographs - includes scenes of the Cooperative Auditors Conference, 1935; cooperative class pictures, 1921, 1924; Fifth Cooperative Congress, 1926; Work People's College scenes and class portrait; and unidentified group pictures.

Portfolio 3

     Minnesota Temperance League charter issued to the Gilbert, Minnesota, chapter, 1931; and miscellaneous play posters.

Edith Koivisto - Supplement
Papers, 1903-1981
5 linear feet contained in 5 Paige boxes, paintings stored

The collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, membership cards, financial records, writings, photographs, illustrations and paintings produced or accumulated by Edith Koivisto.  The supplementary collection is organized into six series: PERSONAL MATERIAL, WRITINGS, ORGANIZATIONS, PHOTOGRAPHS AND ILLUSTRATIONS, FAMILY MEMBERS, and DIARIES.  In many cases, these materials continue series described in the original collection.
Box # Folder # Description Year(s)
1 1-3 Correspondence - General 1926-1981, n.d.
4      Post cards 1903-1981, n.d
5      Rauha Bay, Soap Lake, Washington 1976-1981
6      Kaarlo Jarvi, Elsinore, California 1978-1980
7      Kaleton, Arne and Mary, Los Angeles, California 1961-1977
8      Ollila, Douglas 1973-1976
9      Salo, Victor E. 1973-1974
10      Stenblom, Vaino, and Esther Smith (Edith's nephew and niece) 1930-1979
11      Talvi, Avli 1974
12 Clippings 1933-1975
13 Guest Book 1942-1969
14 Membership cards 1920-1973
15 Savings Account Book 1921
16 Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary - List of friends 1939
17 General 1959-1964
18 Translations - University of Minnesota Iron Range Project 1963
19 Biwabik Cooperative Co. - Guarantee Bond 1918
20 Consumers Cooperative Company, Hibbing, MN. 1919, 1927, 1937,
1939, 1941
21      Stock Certificates 1948
22 Cooperative Central Exchange - General 1938-1941, n.d.
23      By-Laws 1920
24      Financial Statements 1927-1936
25      Cooperative Junior Committee of the CCW Area 1941
26 Farmers' Cooperative Trading Co., East Lake, MN 1935
27 Financial Statements - miscellaneous 1935, 1937, 1960
28 Finnish-American Historical Society of America 1939
29 Hibbing Cooperative Club - Fair Booth Account Book 1940-1945
30 Hibbing Garden Club 1941
31 Ladies of Kaleva 1962-1964
32 Mesaba Section Cooperative Guilds and Clubs 1941
33 Minnesota - State's First Finn - Correspondence and Clipping 1961
34 Northern States Women's Cooperative Guild 1934-1941
35 Range Cooperative Federation, Virginia, MN 1939-1943
36 Virginia (MN.) Work People's Trading Co. - Financial Statements and articles of incorporation 1921-1931, 1936
37 Women's Cooperative Guild of Virginia 1940
38 Workers' Publishing Co. - Minutes and Financial Statements 1972-1975
39 Workers' International Relief 1928
40 General
41 Art Shows
42 CAP Coop Oil Association, Kettle River, MN
43 Consumers Cooperative Co., Hibbing, MN ca. 1930s
44 Cooperative Grocery Stores Scenes
45 Costumes - Illustrations of Finnish Regional costumes
46 Hibbing Radio Kuoro 1940 June
47 Koivisto Family Portraits
48      Armida
49      Arvid
50      Edith
51 Kuusankoski, Finland - Scenes
52 Larni Family, Helsinki, Finland 1948
53 Post cards
54 Wiklund, Lempi (Arvid's sister)
55 Armida Koivisto Caird - General 1938-1951
56      Birth announcement 1922
57      Obituary 1972
Arvid Koivisto
2 1      Business cards, diplomas, and miscellany 1912-1962
2      Clippings 1957-1961
3      Cooperative Central Exchange - Audits 1927-1930
4      Correspondence 1916-1964, n.d.
5           with Armida 1933-1940
6           with prospective employers 1920-1921
7      Food rationing coupons 1917-1918
8      Obituaries 1964
9-10      Short wave radio notebook 1933-1960
11      Union cards
12-22      Writings - Newspaper columns and some material apparently prepared for Cooperative Central Exhange audits 1958-1965, n.d.
3 DIARIES - Edith Koivisto anotated copies of Siirtokansan Kalenteri between 1957 and 1981 1957-1981
4 Unsorted English and Finnish language miscellany, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and artifacts
5 Art materials and unsorted publications


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