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IHRC #140
Daugavas Vanagi --- ASV Papers,
1.5 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
compiled by Astra Apsitis


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Historical Sketch

The Daugavas Vanagi organization (literally translated as "Hawks of the River Daugava," but having adopted the English title Latvian Welfare Association) was formed in 1945 by Latvian war veterans in Belgian displaced persons camps, for the purpose of uniting veterans and providing a system of social welfare.  The Daugavas Vanagi ideology is based on four basic principles: unity, loyalty, fraternity, and trus.  Membership in the organization consists of vanagi (hawks --- male members) and vanadzes (hens --- the ladies' auxiliary).

As Daugavas Vanagi members left the displaced persons camps and resettled elsewhere, local and national branches were founded, responsible to a central organization.  Local DV groups sent representatives to yearly meetings at which members were elected to national boards.  Those elected to the national boards then participated in the global DV organization.  Daugavas Vanagi is still active to this date.

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Scope and Content

This collection consists mainly of minutes from national and international meetings from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s.  Newsletters and periodicals have been removed from the manuscript collection and added to the IHRC serials collection; a detailed list appears at the end of this inventory.

The collection is arranged in the following series and subseries:


            1. Meetings
            2. Information Section
            3. U.S. Delegates


            1. Meetings
            2. Information Section
            3. West German Board

I. United States Board

    The materials in this series are meeting minutes and copies of speeches presented at Daugavas Vanagi meetings.  Subseries 1 consists of meeting minutes of the American Central Board and includes correspondence about meetings and agendas.  Subseries 2 contains selected records from a two-year period concerning the activities of the Information Section of the organization.  Subseries 3 has minutes from United States' General Committee meetings.

II. Central Board

    This series contains materials that document Daugavas Vanagi activities on a larger scale, reaching beyond the United States. Subseries 1 and 2 --- minutes of Central Committee meetings and its Information Section --- are similar to those in Series 1, but on a level higher.  Subseries 3 consists of meeting minutes of the West German Board.

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Container List

Box Folder Folder Title and Dates
Subseries 1 --- ASV valdzu sedes (meetings)
        ASV valdes sezu protokoli (Minutes)
1 1               1956-1958
2               1959-1964
3               1965-1967
4 Correspondence
Subseries 2 --- Informacijas dala (Information section)
5 1961
6 Runas un diskusijas (Speeches and Discussions), 1961-1963
Subseries 3 --- ASV delegati (U.S. Delegates)
        Pilnsapulcu protokoli (General Meeting Minutes)
7               1956-1964
8               1965-1967
Subseries 1 --- Centrala valzu sedes (Meetings)
        Centralas valdes sezu protokoli (Minutes)
9               1957-1963
2 1                1964-1966
2 Correspondence, 1963-1966
Subseries 2 --- Informacijas dala (Information section)
3 1964
Subseries 3 --- Rietumvacijas valde (West German Board)
4 Sezu protokol (Minutes), 1965-1966
5 Rietumvacijas delegatu kopsapulcu protokoli (Delegates' General Meeting Minutes), 1963-1966

The following materials have been removed and placed in the IHRC monographs and serials collection:

Stavoklis Latvija (Conditions in Latvia, publication of DV West German Board's internal           information bureau)

1962 July - December
1963 January - December
1964 January - December
1965 April - June, October - December
1967 January - December
1968 January - March, July - December

DV ASV valdes Apkartraksts


DV Centralas valdes Apkartraksts

           1963 (4/52) - 1966 (4/80)

DV Rietumvacijas valdes Apkartraskts

           1963 (7/112) - 1966 (8/150)

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