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Nambangi, Nyango, Oral History

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Immigration History Research Center, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota

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Creator: Nambangi, Nyango
Dates: 2009

Collection consists of three DV tapes containing a video recording of the interview (124 minutes), 4 DVDs containing its digital version, a CD-R with a transcript of the interview, and a printed version of the transcript (27 pages). For a brief clip from the interview, please see the links below:
Flash Video: "Nambangi.Award"

Quicktime: "Nambangi.Award"

Quantity: 2.5 linear in.
Language: English
Collection ID: IHRC3888


Collection acquired by the IHRC in January 2010. Interview recorded on November 16, 2009, by Daniel Ott and Andy Wilhide at the IHRC.


Nyango Nambangi grew up in Cameroon in west Africa. Worked as journalist in Africa before coming to Minnesota in 1992 as a Hubert Humphrey International Fellow to study at the University of Minnesota. Later she was a co-founder of the Minnesota African Women's Association (MAWA).


INDEX OF SUBJECTS DISCUSSED (transcript page/video time)

P.1/ (0:00:59) Nyango Nambangi's Hubert Humphrey Fellowship
P.2/ (0:04:55) Journalists as teachers in Cameroon
P.3/ (0:09:55) Women's Studies and Women's Issues
P.3/ (0:12:00) Cameroonian response to her journalism
P.4/ (0:14:28) Opportunities in the Immigrant Community in Minnesota
P.5/ (0:18:10) African Women's Immigrant and Refugee Issues in Minnesota
P.6/ (0:25:17) Organizing the Minnesota African Women's Association (MAWA)
P.7/ (0:31:55) MAWA Adds African Girls Initiative for Leadership and Empowerment (AGILE)
P.8/ (0:35:02) School Navigators Program for Immigrant Parents
P.8/ (0:37:04) Refugee Services
P.9/ (0:39:44) Sewing Program
P.9/ (0:41:57) Health Programming
P.11/ (0:48:46) Different African Communities Within MAWA
P.12/ (0:54:51) Community Outreach
P.13/ (1:01:27) Lasting Connections to the Community
P.14/ (1:03:35) Who MAWA Serves
P.15/ (1:07:20) Sunday Meetings and Njange
P.18/ (1:23:00) African Patriotism
P.19/ (1:26:51) Issues Surrounding Repatriation to Countries of Origin
P.21/ (1:38:03) Keeping Up On Current Events in Africa
P.22/ (1:40:35) Cultural Differences
P.23/ (1:44:21) Immigrant of Distinction Award
P.24/ (1:47:31) Future Goals for MAWA
P.25/ (1:53:20) Developing Sustainable Services and Fundraising Strategies
P.25/ (1:56:56) Concerns About the Recessions Effects on MAWA

Flash Video: "Nambangi.Award"

Quicktime: "Nambangi.Award"


The Nambangi, Nyango collection is available for public research.


The Nambangi, Nyango collection is the physical property of the Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota.

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The Nambangi, Nyango Oral History, General/Multiethnic Collection, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota

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