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Dates: 1916-1970s
Abstract: Collection consists of a copy of typed manuscript, "To Hell, Allegiance: Psychology of a Double Agent" written by Kaarlo Tuomi and Dr. Daniel Wiener, Psychologist. This is an English translation and version of Tuomi's memoir.
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Language: English
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Kaarlo Tuomi (Rudolph Robertovich Sastamoinen) was born in 1916 in a Finnish farm community in Ishpeming, Michigan. Tuomi's stepfather was a member of the Communist Party, and decided to move with his family to Russia in 1933, during the Great Depression. Tuomi worked in lumber industry in Soviet Karelia. Later, from 1939 until 1946, he served in the Soviet Army fighting against Finland. After demobilization he lived in the city of Kirov, graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, and worked as an English teacher in various schools until 1957. At the same time, he was working for the KGB. He became a spy for Russia and was shipped to the United States. There, he was picked up by the FBI, and he turned double agent, working under the direction of the FBI, while pretending to continue as a Russian spy. His family, wife, three children and sister, remained in Russia.



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The Tuomi, Kaarlo Papers, Finnish American Collection, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota

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