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Yaremko, Alexander W.
Papers, 1924-1969
10 linear inches


A journalist born in Pennsylvania, Yaremko was organizer, founder, and director of the Ukrainian Cultural Center, a youth organization.  He also co-founded and edited the Ukrainian Chronicle, was involved with the Ukrainian Youth League of North America, and was active in many other Ukrainian American organizations.

Papers contain biographical information, personal correspondence, materials pertaining to Ukrainian American organizations and cultural activities, and historical material on Ukraine and Ukrainians in America. Included are papers, programs, clippings, and yearbooks pertaining to the Youth League; Ukrainian participation in the Chicago and New York World's Fairs; Ukrainian Catholics; art, ballet, music, and film in the United States and Canada; and poetry.  Mainly in English.  Inventory available.

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The papers of Alexander W. Yaremko were deposited by the donor in the Immigration History Research Center in January, 1970. The collection is predominately in English, and consists of 10 linear inches of papers, correspondence, programs, yearbooks, and newspaper clippings. The collection was processed by Marina Korchynsky, a volunteer research assistant during the summer of 1976.  Inventory prepared for the Internet by Student Assistant Jessica Roskoski and Assistant Curator Heather Muir in 2001.

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Biographical Sketch

Alexander Wallace Yaremko was born in Pennsylvania. He attended high school in Northampton, Pennsylvania where he won recognition as an all-around athlete. Subsequently, Mr. Yaremko moved to Philadelphia and attended Pierce School and Lincoln Prep. He attended evening school at Temple University where he studied journalism, and eventually was employed by the United States government.

Mr. Yaremko is known for his contributions to Ukrainian organizations in Philadelphia, particularly youth and sports groups. He was organizer and founder, supervising director and president of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Philadelphia, a youth organization established around 1935. He also co-founded and edited the Ukrainian Chronicle, a newspaper published with support from the Ukrainian Cultural Center. Actively involved with the Ukrainian Youth League of North America (UYLNA) since its inception in 1933, he served as its Sports Director from 1934-1936, and continued to organize local and national sports events in later years.

A recognized figure in the Philadelphia Ukrainian community, Mr. Yaremko has lectured and published articles about Ukraine and Ukrainians, including material regarding Ukrainian contributions in amateur and professional athletics. In addition to his work with youth organizations, Mr. Yaremko co-founded the Ukrainian Information Bureau, served as vice-president of the United Ukrainian Organizations of Greater Philadelphia, and participated in the Ukrainian Institute of Philadelphia.

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Scope and Content

The papers of Alexander W. Yaremko have been divided into seven major categories:
I. Biographical Information (folder 1)
II. Personal Correspondence (folder 2)
III. Ukrainian American Organizations (folders 3-23)
IV. Ukrainians in America (folders 24-29)
V. Ukrainian American Cultural Activities (folders 37-38)
VI. Ukraine, Historical Material (folders 37-38)
VII.  Miscellaneous Published Material (folders 39-47)
Section I
    This section contains items with biographical information, which were published by the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Philadelphia, Pa. As publicity releases.

Section II
    Correspondence in this section consists of originals and copies of letters, mainly pertaining to political issues concerning Ukraine and Ukrainian American organizations.

Section III
    The material in this section contains papers, programs, yearbooks, and newspaper clippings pertaining to youth organizations such as the Ukrainian Cultural Center and the Ukrainian Youth League of North America with which Alexander Yaremko was associated. Also included are materials Yaremko collected pertaining to various Ukrainian fraternal, professional and political organizations.

Section IV
    Programs, newspaper clippings, and some scattered correspondence re Ukrainian Americans' participation in the Chicago and New York World's Fairs, Ukrainian social and commemorative events in Philadelphia and elsewhere in the United States, and information re Ukrainian Catholics in American make up the content of this section.

Section V
    Contained herein are newspaper clippings, brochures, programs and published booklets re Ukrainian folk ballet, opera, music, art, and film in the United States and Canada.

Section VI
    This section consists of newspaper clippings, photos, political cartoons and some published materials dealing with Carpatho-Ukraine and Ukraine, 1934-1960.

Section VII
    Folders in this section contain miscellaneous newspaper clippings, and publications, including press bulletins from Ukrainian bureaus in London and Paris, ca. 1940, as well as issues of The New Canadian Business Leader. One folder contains two unidentified and undated handwritten pieces of poetry in Ukrainian.

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Partial Subject Inventory

The following is a guide, not a complete index, to certain persons, subjects and associations prominent in the collection.

Avramenko, Vasil
 Folders 16, 30, 31

Bureau de Press Ukrainien, Bulletin
 Folder 44

Carpenko, Nikita
 Folder 35

Chicago. World's Fair, 1933
 Folder 24

Chutro, Dimitri
 Folder 32

Granovsky, Alexander A.
 Folders 16, 23, 38

Kanadii'kyi Farmer
 Folder 48

Karpats'ka Zoria
 Folder 48

Konovalets', Evhen
 Folder 39

Koshyts', Oleksander Antonovych
 Folder 35

Kostyshyn, Matthew
 Folder 41

League of Ukrainian Clubs of America
 Folder 14

Narodna Syla
 Folder 48

Nash Shliakh
 Folder 48

Nash Stiah
 Folder 48

New York. World's Fair, 1939
 Folder 25

 Folder 22

Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine
 Folder 16

Ouglitzky, Paul Pecheniha
 Folder 35

Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals (Professional Soccer Club)
 Folder 29

Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics
 Folder 9

 Folder 48

Sichovyi Klych
 Folder 48

 Folder 18

The Trident
 Folder 15

Tryzub (Trident)
 Folder 43

Ukrainian American Citizen's Association
 Folder 20

Ukrainian Chronicle
 Folder 5

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
 Folder 23

Ukrainian Cultural Center, Philadelphia
 Folder 4

Ukrainian Institute, Philadelphia
 Folder 3

Ukrainian Museum and Library, Stamford, Connecticut
 Folder 2

Ukrainian National Association
 Folder 18

Ukrainian Professional Association
 Folder 21

Ukrainian Workingmen's Association
 Folder 19

Ukrainian Youth Congress, First, 1933
 Folder 10

Ukrainian Youth League of North America
 Folders 11-12

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee
 Folder 17

United Ukrainian American Youth Organizations
 Folder 13

Young Ukrainian Nationalists
 Folder 15

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Container List

Folder Contents
1 Biographical Information, 1940
Biographical information, printed by the Ukrainian Cultural Center, publicizing Yaremko's candidacy for president of the Ukrainian Youth League of North America. 
2 Correspondence, ca. 1935-1950
This folder contains copies of correspondence with the United States officials and editors protesting the misrepresentation by the United States media of Polish and Soviet policies in Ukraine. Also included is material from the Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford, Connecticut, a letter from the president of the Ukrainian Athletic Club of New Jersey re organization of a Ukrainian Football Team, and an item pertaining to the publication, Ukrainian Chronicle.
3 Ukrainian Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ca. 1935
Newspaper clippings and a program re the Ukrainian Institute of Philadelphia make up the content of this folder.
4 Ukrainian Cultural Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1935-1940
This folder includes materials describing the activities and policies of the Ukrainian Cultural Center (U.C.C.), a youth organization founded in Philadelphia in June, 1935. Also included are program announcements of various U.C.C. activities (1936-1945), a newspaper clipping (October 3, 1944) re the U.C.C., a copy of a letter sent to President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Hull by Alexander Yaremko protesting the lack of any mention of Ukrainians throughout the war, as well as miscellaneous notes and letter heads. 
5 Ukrainian Chronicle, 1937-1938
This folder contains general correspondence, subscription information, and descriptive material re the Ukrainian Chronicle, a nationally-circulated, youth controlled newspaper published by the U.C.C. The folder also contains miscellaneous notes, subscription blanks, and a letterhead.
6 Ukrainian Catholic Youth League, 1936-1941
This folder contains newspaper clippings and editorials pertaining to Ukrainian Catholic Youth League conventions, activities, and program goals, including the development of a youth press. Most of the clippings are from the "Junior America" section of Ameryka, a newspaper published by the Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America.
7 Ukrainian Catholic Youth League, 1939-1940
Programs and a Proceedings Book from Ukrainian Catholic Youth League conventions and Philadelphia Regional Rallies.
8 First National Ukrainian Catholic Field Day, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1936
Entry blank and program events for the Field Day, of which Yaremko was chairman, held in conjunction with the Third Congress of the Ukrainian Catholic Youth League, July 18, 1936.
9 Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics Sports Department, 1938
Folder contains newspaper clippings re the establishment of a sports department for Ukrainian Catholic Youths, and the appointment of Michael Elko as its director.
10 First Ukrainian Youth Congress, 1933
Folder contains minutes of the First Ukrainian Youth Congress of the United States and Canada held on August 16-17, 1933, and to which Alexander Yaremko was a delegate from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
11 Ukrainian Youth League of North America (U.Y.L.N.A.). 1935-1947
Contained herein are program booklets from various congresses, rallies and conventions of the U.Y.L.N.A.
12 Ukrainian Youth League of North America, 1950-1958
Folder contains the 1956 Directory of the U.Y.L.N.A., as well as various program booklets, including the souvenir program from the 1958 U.Y.L.N.A. National Sports Rally.
13 United Ukrainian American (Youth) Organizations, 1932-1939
Programs of a Youth Day held in Philadelphia under the auspices of the United Ukrainian American Organizations, and four other concerts make up the content of this folder. 
14 League of Ukrainian Clubs of America (L.U.C.), 1937
Leaflet from the Sixth Annual Youth Congress of the L.U.C. held on September 4-6, 1937 in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.
15 Young Ukrainian Nationalists (M.U.N.), 1935-1937
Folder contains newspaper clippings re the history and goals of M.U.N., a politically oriented youth organization, established as a branch of the Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine (O.D.W.U.). Folder also contains the July-August 1937 issue of The Trident, the official publication of the Young Ukrainian Nationalists. 
16 Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine (O.D.W.U), 1936-1939
Folder contains newspaper clippings, including a statement by Alexander A. Granovsky, re the Dies Investigation Committee of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, with specific references to O.D.W.U. The folder also includes announcements and programs sponsored by O.D.W.U. such as the Ukrainian American Women's Day held on September 12, 1937 in New York City, and a "Heroes Day" concert, held October 11, 1936.
17 United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, ca. 1951
Folder contains the Report of the United American Relief Committee, September 30, 1951, outlining the organization's history, accomplishments, statistics, and plans. Folder also contains programs and announcements re the Seventh Anniversary commemoration of the organization on October 13, 1951.
18 Ukrainian National Association, (U.N.A.), 1938-1944
Folder includes a page from a concert program re the history, programs and developments of the U.N.A., established in 1894 as a mutual benefit society in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. The folder also contains a program from the U.N.A. Youth Rally held on November 26-27, 1938 by the New York and New Jersey branches, and a program booklet from the November 3, 1940 Banquet and Ball of the Ukrainian American Youth Association of Northampton, Pennsylvania, a member of the U.N.A.
19 Ukrainian Workingmen's Association, 1957
Program re the dedication of the Ukrainian Workingmen's Association Home and Community Center, with a history of the Ukrainian Workingmen's Association. 
20 Ukrainian Professional Association, 1937-1938
Program of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Ukrainian American Citizen's Association, established in 1909 for the purpose of "blending good Americanism in a Ukrainian background."
21 Ukrainian Professional Association, 1937-1938
Folder contains a program and directory from the Ukrainian Professional Association's Fifth Annual Congress, 1937; a program from the Sixth Annual Congress, 1938; and an application form to the Association.
22 Obyednanye, 1936-1940
A program from the organization's Seventh Congress in New York, 1936, and a financial statement for 1938, of Obyednanye, make up the contents of this folder.
23 Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, 1944- ca. 1950
Material contained herein consists of an article by Alexander A. Granovsky "Problems Before the Third Ukrainian Congress"; a Memorandum on the Reorganization of Eastern Europe for the Purpose of Eliminating the Russian Aggression; a brochure Khrushchev- Hangman of Ukraine; and programs for the Second Congress of Americans of Ukrainian Descent, January 22-23, 1944.
24 Ukrainian World's Fair Exhibit, Chicago, 1933
Folder contains a form letter to Alexander Yaremko re soliciting contributions for the Ukrainian Pavilion at the Chicago World's Fair, and a form letter with references to the Ukrainian World's Fair Exhibit, and requesting contributions for the monthly publication of Ukraine.
25 New York World's Fair, 1939
Folder contains a copy of an address presented before the New York State Legislature by Assemblyman Stephan J. Jarema (May 18, 1939) re the refusal of the World's Fair Corporation to permit Ukrainian participation in the Dance Festival. Folder also contains a copy of a letter from the "Lodge" Herald president John Slobadin to Grover A. Whalen, President of the World's Fair Corporation, re the above mentioned issue; a program for the American Ukrainian Folk Festival at the New York World's Fair, June 18, 1939; and a newspaper photo of child violinist Donna Greshko.
26 Ukrainians in Philadelphia, ca. 1940-1955
Folder contains newspaper clippings and photographs re Ukrainian social and commemorative events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
27 Ukrainian Catholics, General, ca. 1937-1941
Folder contains a souvenir program booklet from the Tenth Ukrainian Day sponsored by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Parishes of the Anthracite Region, Lakewood Park, Pennsylvania, July 27, 1941; a 1937 Directory of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Diocese; and three newspaper clippings pertaining to Ukrainian Catholics.
28 Ukrainians in America, General, 1936-1948
Newspaper clippings, newsprint photos, and editorials pertaining to Ukrainian cultural life in the United States make up the content of this folder. Also included is a pamphlet promoting Ukrainians in the United States by Wasyl Halich, and a program booklet of the Third Annual Ukrainian Radio Day, held in August 29, 1948 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
29 Ukrainian American Athletes, 1937-1969
Folder includes a 1969 Souvenir Program re the Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals, a professional soccer club, and a program from the U.S. Soccer Championships, featuring an article re the Ukrainian Nationals by Alexander Yaremko.
30 Ukrainian Folk Dance, Vasile Avramenko, 1931-1933
Folder contains a commemorative brochure Vasile Avramenko's Ukrainian Folk Dance, 1921-1931; a poster pertaining to Avramenko's Folk Ballet performance at the Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia in a tribute to Ivan Maseppa Tricentenary; as well as other program booklets and announcements. 
31 Ukrainian Folk Dance, Vasile Avramenko, 1946-1948
A published booklet by Avramenko entitled Ukrainian National Dances, Music and Costumes, 1947, and other program booklets and announcements make up the content of this folder. 
32 Ukrainian Folk Dance, Dimitri Chutro, 1932-1940
Folder contains programs, announcements, and other materials dealing with Dimitri Chutro's school of ballet.
33 Ukrainian Folk Dance, General, ca. 1935-1940
Folder contains miscellaneous newspaper clippings re Ukrainian American dancers, and a program announcement.
34 Ukrainian Opera, 1933-1937
Program and newspaper reviews re Tschaikowsky's opera "Mazeppa", performed by the Ukrainian Art Theater, March 24, 1933, in Philadelphia. Folder also contains a published booklet entitled Cossacks Beyond the Danube, a comic opera by Simen Artemowsky, 1937.
35 Ukrainian Music and Art, General, 1932-1942
Contained herein are programs, announcements, and newspaper clippings re Ukrainian American choral and orchestral performances. Other materials pertain to the Ukrainian Festival in tribute to George Washington, featuring Alexander Koshetz's Ukrainian Chorus and Vasile Avramenko's Folk Ballet, in Philadelphia, May, 1932; and a program from the First Ukrainian Symphony Concert, January 8, 1939.
36 Films, Ukrainian, 1937-1945
Folder consists of a newspaper clipping re "Natalka Poltavka," a Ukrainian film operetta produced by Avramenko Film Productions, Inc., and a photo of the Chicago theatre which showed the film in 1937. Also included is a program booklet of the Ukrainian musical screenplay "Marusia."
37 Carpatho-Ukraine, ca. 1938-1945
Folder contains newspaper clippings and some published material re Carpatho-Ukraine. Published materials include a booklet entitled Karpats'ka Ukraina (Carpathian Ukraine), published by the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of America, 1939; "Ukraine-Fate, Says Hitler, Seems to Beckon Him Thither," an article from the magazine Pathfinder, January 21, 1939; "Will Ukraine be a Nazi Puppet State?" in the American Hebrew, June 9, 1939, and the U.S.S.R. Embassy Information Bulletin, Vol. 5, No. 67, July 7, 1945.
38 Ukraine, ca. 1935-1960
Folder contains newspaper photos, cartoons, and articles re Ukrainian history, ca. 1935-1956; a mimeograph copy of facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians compiled by Alexander Yaremko; and the script of a radio address on Ukraine delivered by Alexander Yaremko over station WHAT in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 6, 1945. Folder also includes a statement by Alexander A. Granovsky, president of the Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine, entitled "Ukraine, Battleground for Freedom," published in the Appendix of the U.S. Congressional Record, December 18, 1944; and a published copy of an address by Secretary of the Interior Oscar L. Chapman at the Fifth Triennial Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, July 5, 1952, The Spirit of Independence: American and Ukraine.
39 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings, 1938- ca. 1940
Folder contains miscellaneous newspaper clippings and cartoons primarily re Ukrainian history and Ukrainians. 
40 Miscellaneous, 1933- ca. 1950
Folder contains miscellaneous materials, including advertisements for Ukrainian American magazines, newspapers, maps, encyclopedia and books, etc.; a commemorative ribbon and a mimeograph copy of an Ethnographic Map of Europe.
41 Ukrainian American Poetry, n.d.
Included are two handwritten poems (in Ukrainian) by Matthew Kostyshyn.
42 The New Canadian Business Leader, 1937
Folder contains issues of The New Canadian Business Review (Vol. 2, No. 6-12, 1937), which make references to Ukraine and Canadian Ukrainians. 
43 Tryzub (Trident), 1938
Material in this folder consists of issues of Tryzub (Trident), a weekly published in the Ukrainian language in Paris.
44 Bureau de Press Ukrainien, Bulletin, 1937-1938, 1940
Folder includes Bulletins of the Bureau de Press Ukrainien published in Paris.
45 Ukrainian Bureau, London, 1938-1939
Included in this folder are Ukrainian Bureau Bulletins with extracts fro the world press re Ukraine and Ukrainians.
46 Miscellaneous German Publication, 1938-1939
Folder contains the October 1938 issue of Heimatglocken Weida, and the October, 1938 issue of Bilder-Bote.
47 Ukrainians in North America: Business Yearbook 1950-1951, 1950
A work compiled by F.A. Macrouch, and published by the Ukrainian Business Directory, Winnipeg, Canada. 
48 Miscellaneous Ukrainian Newspapers and Periodicals, 1924-1951
Folder contains various issues of Kanadiis'kyi Farmer; Sichovyi Klych; Nash Stiah; Narodna Syla; Karpats'ka Zoria; and Prozhektor.

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