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Archives (VITRAGE)

Search all IHRC archival collections using the box above (powered by Google), or browse the collections listed alphabetically below:

Aa Am Ba Bo Ca Co Da Do Ea Em Fa Fo
Ga Go Ha Ho Ia Im Ja Jo Ka Ko La Lo
Ma Mo Na No Oa Om Pa Po Q Ra Ro Sa
So Ta To Ua Um Va Vo Wa Wo X Y Z

Archival collections are listed alphabetically by title (each box has its own subdirectory of collections with titles starting with the given letter[s]). The level of description in the present finding aids differs according to the degree to which the materials have been processed:

  1. At least a basic record (examples) is provided for all collections.
  2. For the majority, a collection level description (examples) derived from a MARC record is available (and all MARC records for IHRC archival collections can also be searched - along with records for catalogued print holdings - in MNCAT),
  3. Detailed finding aids with descriptions (inventories) including container lists (examples) are provided for selected collections.
  4. Some inventories contain links to digital images of items (examples) selected from the individual folders.

All items that have been selected from the IHRC collections (both archival and print holdings) and have also been digitized can be searched in the IHRC online database of images COLLAGE.

For those finding aids where sufficient descriptive information has been compiled to meet the University of Minnesota Libraries Best Practices requirements, fully searchable EAD files will be submitted to the future U of MN Libraries central EAD site.

On this page, all IHRC archival collections as of now (over 1,600) can be searched by keyword (or browsed), see above.

(On-line version of the published "IHRC: Guide to Collections" from 1991(and reflecting the IHRC holdings as of then) is available here. Includes about 800 collections.)

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